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144722527839.png - (88.45KB , 550x375 , computer on fire.png )
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Alright, so for those of you who don't know, since I was the admin of Lunachan, I am now an admin here to continue working with /luna/, and to help with the move to gochan.

After talking with KoG, we've decided that since GETchan, /luna/, /ref/, and the rest of the gang are in desperate need of a makeover, now would be the best time to switch over to gochan, the imageboard server that I've been working on for some time now. For more info on gochan, see

For those of you who are too lazy to skim the OPs of the threads, gochan is written in Go and is designed to be fast and easy to use and run, yet easy to read and work with on the development end. Unlike Kusaba, which has a fugly UI, gochan as designed with ease of use in mind. At the moment, gochan doesn't have some features, like pagination (splitting boards into pages), but that should come pretty soon. Unlike most imageboards, instead of having a +50, gochan will have optionally have multiple pages for any given thread, in addition to the boards.

You can see how it looks right now at http://gochan.org
The gochan daemon isn't running there, so you can't post, but you can see what it looks like.

Any objections to the move?
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No. 253203

148326664743.gif - (74.87KB , 305x281 , parity time.gif )
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Happy new year, fags <3
No. 253399
148326923479.jpg - (69.01KB , 400x600 , ICnewyear.jpg )
Happy new year
No. 253401
148380565568.jpg - (72.17KB , 1280x720 , 1329708187569.jpg )
This is late but Happy New Years everyone.
No. 253405
Yikes, I'm late to the party.

148384564568.png - (755.71KB , 655x921 , spicy makhno.png )
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join lads https://discord.gg/nWvsMtv
No. 253404
What is?

148269408838.png - (3.37MB , 1600x1980 , GETmas tree.png )
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Merry GETmas, everyone!
No. 253396
u too famrade
No. 253397
148276425493.jpg - (36.16KB , 640x427 , 423_n.jpg )
Merry Christmas everyone!
No. 253402
148380570260.jpg - (53.64KB , 256x256 , 1363991635786.jpg )
A beautiful tree!

148066276431.png - (94.59KB , 880x810 , 2113.png )
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So did the GoChan thing flop?

I guess I'm happy this place is still around like I remember it being.
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No. 253387
I've honestly never used it, that anon just keeps bugging about it.

Ultimately, I have no idea how I'd copy the database over to gochan because gochan's database schema is very different from Kusaba's, so I might do what Ponychan did and just set this to read-only, set it to archive.getchan.net, and have gochan be on getchan.org

As long as I can verify that things wouldn't explode, we could hypothetically move it over without question. There were some concerns of things failing to post after a while, but efchan's gochan has been running just fine. I don't remember when I last messed with it, but I just checked and I can post fine.
I'm having some issues posting on my local development version, but if you guys reeeaaally want, we could hypothetically migrate now.

The way gochan is set up, 90% of spambots wouldn't be able to get through because of the security measures I've put in. gochan.org's sysadmin set up Akismet support, which would knock out the last 10%.
While the ban page isn't working quite yet, I can insert bans into the database manually.
No. 253391
148245787287.jpg - (12.78KB , 230x255 , rarekaren.jpg )
It's as alive as dynchan

How different. I've hacked on vichan and even wrote a vichan to lynxchan importer.
No. 253394
it really wouldn't be that bad, I was actually able to import some of Lunachan's /chat/ board into Gochan running on my desktop, just by hand. A script would do much better.

148178532275.jpg - (221.44KB , 1920x1080 , Comrade.jpg )
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Sounds like GETchan used to be quite the place, back in the day.
I'd love to be active here but it looks as though there is little to no activity other than the youtube channel...
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No. 253389
148239938414.gif - (35.21MB , 720x720 , dd9706c.gif )
Give smittons power
I believe he is trustworthy and possible a cute girl
No. 253390
Sounds great. Do you even have access to the ussc.su domain, though?
No. 253393
148254755460.gif - (198.40KB , 317x266 , 1431975493043.gif )
A new glorious age dawns for /GET/!

148137074564.png - (9.88KB , 259x224 , 3.png )
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lol no.
No. 253385
I'm a bit sad today.
No. 253386
Can't view any of your links but I hope you feel better bro

14820352671.jpg - (0.98MB , 924x2937 , JNFX3xj.jpg )
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Greetings /GET/, I'm part of a group over on /leftypol/ who are working to establish a non-sectarian socialist organization with the goals of establishing an international network and platform for lefties to share expertise and information, leftist solidarity focused on practical action, making socialism more appealing to the common working class, and Making the Left Great Again™. We're holding a group chat tomorrow at 2PM EST (7PM UTC), where we will discuss preliminaries such as naming, flag design, website design, recruitment, and short-term direction. We hope our comrades here at GETchan will come join the chat and maybe stick around for a little while. Hope to see you there!

The Chat: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#leftypol:matrix.org

The Thread: https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/1139992.html
No. 253382
>Working at that time


148086736351.png - (314.12KB , 576x566 , angry porky.png )
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What the fuck do you think you're doing? You claim copyright over a video (Which is bourgeois as fuck to begin with) that you dont even fucking have the legal rights to. In turn, I can't use my fucking account.

So much for comradery, I guess. I just upload fucking videos i find, the more visibility these videos have, the better it is for the cause.

Fix this shit or kill yourself
t. Disgruntled /leftypol/ user

Also, to anyone else, nice day.
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No. 253329
148086789830.png - (51.24KB , 1032x748 , firefox_2016-12-04_17-11-19.png )
No. 253331
Thanks for clearing it up, getchan youtube guy.

How do i delete shit here?
No. 253333
Button next to the name/subject and then "delete" at the bottom of the page.

146921258316.jpg - (171.50KB , 1205x768 , Julius-Caesar-Find-Dutch-Battle-Site-Where-Roman-E.jpg )
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Magna etiam Romam!
No. 253321
Roma mors est.
No. 253322
148044122419.png - (178.88KB , 253x550 , 2342.png )
I don't remember making this thread...

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