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140268893278.png - (134.98KB , 2000x2000 , GETchan Sings Volume 1.png )
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I haven't given up on GETchan Sings quite yet. There's still a bunch of people who have yet to submit their recordings.

Record yourself singing the song without background music. You can do this by listening to the music with headphones to keep yourself on track. You can either submit the recording in this thread or submit it anonymously to getsings@yahoo.com. If you're worried about people hearing your voice, don't worry! Your voice won't be distinguishable in the final product.


Hitler has only got one ball
Göring has two but very small
Himmler is somewhat similar
But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all

Hitler has only got one ball
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No. 192241
>everyone is terrified someone might figure out what they sound like and laugh

140651537297.jpg - (87.86KB , 768x768 , 139830407586.jpg )
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Two of the ideas that were being discussed had to do with either more adamant advertising to get more people here, or to have a merge with several other sites.

There were people who had quips with both, particularly a merger, because people didn't want /GET/ to go from being it's own thing to a quick link at the top of another sites page.

What if there was a central hub site that neatly profiled each site on it directly? Like the home page on any Chan, there would be a clean cut introduction, along with the United Chans Symbol, and the appropriated links. The result would be less of /GET/ being a link, and just being able to move traffic here through a hub.

Most people know /GET/ exists, but it's hard to remember it when people become habitual to where they visit, I think a proper merge would work as long as no one involved would become stripped from their own website directory.

In my head, the existing participants might have a slightly edited website URL to match the united chans, such as a tucked /UC/ right before the /GET/

At the top banner of each website, in the same United Chans color of the emblem, would be a few small links to the other sites, that would literally just be URL directories. I think even just by having a presence, it might help.

...But this all sounds silly and stupid, and I don't quite know what I'm doing, but I figure it's something that still needs to be discussed otherwise.

Also, as another side note, I would like to hear the final result of /GET/ sings at one point. Don't make me grovel and suck peoples dicks to get it done, anyone who's willing to contribute, please do so!
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No. 193670
14066272355.png - (127.88KB , 243x362 , e81ac2b52f4138c9f388a99759d60b4f.png )

Couldn't promise that either way, I seem to be going downhill as of late.
No. 193671
140662797614.png - (55.57KB , 320x354 , 1406544057712.png )
I hope it's just a slope with a ascending path ahead.
No. 193672
140663261532.png - (131.80KB , 383x251 , e370e19e09fc233a43064a0760290ddb.png )

Me too

14008589244.png - (107.00KB , 432x446 , Dr__Piccolo.png )
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getchan + mlpchan + lunachan = merge into giant soviet bloc chan and enter cold war with fascist murrican ponychan.
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No. 193654
It could prove to be a quite successful interchan event, though, which would mean good things for all chans involved.
No. 193662
140662444355.png - (118.72KB , 188x292 , 1c7ec11f39a701168a276b75e49b5a5a.png )

Well, try it.
No. 193665
I don't have the means to. Besides, it would require quite a few people.

140662092590.jpg - (134.83KB , 1280x720 , FUCK YEAH MELTED CHEESE.jpg )
193628 No. 193628 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I got the last word in, that means I win. Get rekt.
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No. 193655
140662404877.png - (226.97KB , 400x309 , 518b6661269e6c05d8b20989fccfb301.png )
No. 193658
140662421140.gif - (2.83MB , 541x304 , 1405612604668.gif )
No. 193660
140662441539.png - (139.62KB , 309x241 , 117410e1fa2c75f73fc11616e1bc73e3.png )

I don't have a favorite anime anymore.

Because as I age, I look at everything objectively through different views.

Like music. People ranking music to me is so laughable, each song and album has a place and time, with an emotional attachment to it for me.

140658313517.jpg - (199.25KB , 980x660 , 1406554834545.jpg )
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Dr.Pavel, I'm CIA
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No. 193614
I'm CIA.
No. 193625
140661559334.png - (225.19KB , 553x441 , fbi.png )
No. 193626
Get this hothead outta here.

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this website is now brazilian property
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No. 193619
never 4get the 6 brazillion.
No. 193622
Top lel.
No. 193624
Never forget the Brazilian Decimation.
German nationalism on the rise.

140658442237.gif - (1.01MB , 480x270 , 1406581079371.gif )
193612 No. 193612 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
No. 193616
9.9/10, it's ok.
No. 193617
140659217937.jpg - (47.69KB , 225x350 , 128090.jpg )
No. 193621

140658270827.jpg - (546.68KB , 923x1034 , 1406310082899.jpg )
193604 No. 193604 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Standing on the edge of the crater
Like the prophets once said
and the ashes are all cold now
No more bullets and the embers are dead
Whispers in the air tell the tales
Of the brothers gone
Desolation, devastation
What a mess we made, when it all went wrong

Watching from the edge of the circus
For the games to begin
Gladiators draw their swords
form their ranks for Armageddon

I'm nuclear
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No. 193613
140658448125.jpg - (13.85KB , 320x180 , !!!!!!!.jpg )
>implying i'm not going to invade your motherbase
No. 193615
140658564791.gif - (1.78MB , 265x257 , 1406521266414.gif )

140658343554.gif - (943.23KB , 353x210 , Black Manta tries to fly.gif )
193608 No. 193608 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
funny gif
No. 193610
140658363947.jpg - (144.86KB , 480x479 , http%3A%2F%2F38_media_tumblr_com%2F3e0c6fd15e4221d.jpg )
This pic is for you.
No. 193611
140658413225.png - (586.48KB , 1280x828 , 1406289140587.png )

14060624619.png - (252.59KB , 929x915 , 1376425568867.png )
193029 No. 193029 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
This is a pony thread. Post and discuss cute ponies doing cute things.
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No. 193599
they look pretty cute to me
No. 193600
140657944887.jpg - (395.14KB , 1944x2592 , u is fine.jpg )
you look pretty cute
No. 193602

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