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141383854651.jpg - (111.56KB , 425x282 , 6a00e5540194f088340154348c1473970c-800wi.jpg )
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Now that I have all the medals, all I need to do is order the stamps. To do this, though, I need to know where I'm shipping. As such, everyone who has been awarded or who has ordered a medal must email me their shipping info, their country, and the medal they are to receive. For reference, here they are:

Honorary Titles:

>Hero of GETchan - Steven Magnet
>Hero of Socialist Labour - Iara


>Order of Solidarity - Cross Breeze (efchan), Doc Lee (efchan)
>Order of Cirno - MeinFlank
>Order of Victory - Chaptor


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No. 206464
holy shit this thread

141472744163.gif - (933.76KB , 449x425 , 1414541434309.gif )
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>Both gay marriage and polygamy are allowed in South Africa

Why haven't you applied for South African citizenship and gotten your harem yet?
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No. 206657

>Piss off harem to make them angry

>They take turns being the S

No. 206658

I'm dumb AND a shit.


No. 206661
141472995879.gif - (573.65KB , 250x164 , 1414178360774.gif )

141409423781.jpg - (88.33KB , 736x1040 , 1407426603613.jpg )
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bump this thread whenever you cum
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No. 206648

Pfft. Not even three of ya.
No. 206655
No. 206660

A mouth needs to come into play at some point

141472150128.png - (53.30KB , 133x270 , ttktryhgqfqaf.png )
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How was your day, /GET/?

I got to watch my class get derailed when a guy asked some mexican dude to say his name with an American accent. Later, I had a panic attack because my life is falling apart.
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No. 206642
141472865797.jpg - (155.52KB , 798x1038 , a65e1fa867db8fcbc8d28be0c4ebe0df2a24efb1.jpg )
dumb as usual
No. 206645

You sound like you just need to plow your magic stick into the honey pot bae.
No. 206659
141472959761.jpg - (6.05KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )
It was fine.
Lonely as always.

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together we stand
divided we fall
No. 206621
141472260343.jpg - (84.59KB , 1440x900 , 1413680471071.jpg )
/GET/ is asleep, shut up.
No. 206622
141472304361.png - (0.96MB , 1400x1000 , do it for 'get'.png )
No. 206624
141472743982.gif - (122.52KB , 911x536 , p1318952.gif )
I hunt alone.

141468356384.jpg - (100.98KB , 750x750 , 1414434913422.jpg )
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Who /awoo/ here?
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No. 206611
141471916828.jpg - (67.45KB , 640x670 , 1413959625478.jpg )
I'm not seeing an upside.
No. 206612
I don't.
No. 206623
141472640727.png - (191.50KB , 400x500 , 24aabd24e35476a3c8bc71e9bc87f2648f1798c4.png )
I don't get it guys. Is it water or not?

141461098615.jpg - (1.71KB , 125x95 , psst.jpg )
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Mein a fag
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No. 206585
I hate you. :^)
No. 206586
141467557668.png - (39.77KB , 528x536 , 56b.png )
No you don't.
No. 206591

141454077544.jpg - (120.64KB , 766x1024 , Royal_Canadian_Mounted_Police.jpg )
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No. 206580
Greenland is self-governing, though, so it could potentially have different laws. On the other hand, I found nothing when I looked its loli laws up online.
No. 206581
Also, Guyana and Belarus have weird fucking pornography laws. It's apparently illegal to make or distribute any kind of porn there, but possessing any kind of porn (including CP) is legal.

>Third worlders
No. 206582
Some kind of prohibition shit. We were the same way with alcohol for awhile. You couldn't sell it, produce it, or distribute it, but you sure as fuck could own and drink it.

141454053948.png - (224.46KB , 519x725 , comrade pinkie - lets go destroy some fascists.png )
206407 No. 206407 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
sup comrades?
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No. 206511
141463493424.gif - (1.32MB , 245x184 , 1413512939817.gif )
Maybe they thought it was bait.

Who the hell cares anymore, we always end up derailing things anyway.
Maybe because Mikie Pie posts on /ef/, goes to /ef/, is a regular on /ef/ and something related to /ef/ should go into the thread made by the "/ef/" user. And we have to identify ourselves like rival clans of yore who have always fought one another since the beginning of time even our ancestors knew each other when traveling in the meteorites that were heading to heard to plant the seeds of life and it's just always been a part of the "grand plan" some advanced being has made and it'll always continue.
No. 206526
Stop making so much sense, comrade, you'll upset their applecarts and spill their spaghetti.
No. 206530
141463652230.gif - (474.39KB , 500x532 , 1413742191287.gif )
>Making sense
I don't even understand what I'm saying anymore.

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i found the path to nirvana in the middle of a really really cold bath
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No. 206490
Don't fuck bees, comrade.
No. 206491
none of your bee's knees
No. 206492
141462494186.png - (59.92KB , 790x700 , a62633f2a69fe98d32c016fbaa6982ae6999d026.png )
who are you to tell me what to fuck?

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