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150319483527.png - (4.46MB , 1500x2125 , 3 chans united against idpol.png )
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Recently I have seen posts on other chans requesting the return to "old GETchan". Some of these are recent, while others are several years old. What this means is not entirely clear, but it seems to be tied in with the communist elements of the chan that have been on the rise since February of 2012. If this is the case, then "old GETchan" would have to mean Tymoon GETchan, or the first month of independent GETchan which was really mostly just setting up the whole thing. This idea that there was a golden age before communism is inherently flawed, as our golden age was during the transition to becoming a communist chan. However, I will admit that it has been becoming more and more prevalent through the years. As such, I feel the need to explain my reasoning behind the change.

As mentioned, the whole thing started in early 2012 with the independence of GETchan. This was not long after 4chan /pol/'s creation and was around the time of the beginning of the subversion of 4chan by fascist elements. Initially GETchan's switch to a communistic system was for a desire to grant more rights to the users, including elections and limits on the moderation team. However, this all changed as the fascists continued to gain ground. This was the reason behind the 2-year conflict with efchan and the support for /ref/'s anti-fascist uprising on /int/ as well as the failed uprising on /sp/. The subversive tactics of the fascists and later on full invasions of other boards eventually spread to other chans. While there was resistance, the chanverse was becoming increasingly politicized. For GETchan it was either fall to the fascists or continue resisting. And of course we resisted. There were small victories like the /int/ uprising, the victory over Oniichan, and the efchan crisis, but overall by 2014 there were few chans that had yet to be engulfed by the fascist tide.

This is where /leftypol/ comes in. With them in the picture, GETchan and /ref/ were no longer the sole resistance to these fascist barbarians. Despite being on an overwhelmingly fascist-infested chan, they have managed to ward off the subversive forces that have made their home on /pol/. As /leftypol/ continue
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No. 254998
I just want Spirit Shine and Iara

150282989237.png - (6.35KB , 406x458 , Visit the Link.png )
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No. 254950
150283487551.jpg - (37.23KB , 590x350 , Join the Angel Alicorns.jpg )
No. 254961
thy Republicans of Czech shall convert commies into the light & prepare for monday

by makin a alicorn
No. 254999

150328173548.gif - (201.68KB , 255x249 , 1420055815308.gif )
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I'm depressed right now, /GET/. Come shitpost with me.
No. 254987
150328980345.jpg - (534.07KB , 815x1000 , 40835884_p0.jpg )
Sorry to hear. I hope it passes.
No. 254990
150329141110.png - (419.45KB , 795x720 , 1415430846835.png )
Eh, it happens sometimes. I'll live.
No. 254997
Lol im not

150308827361.jpg - (162.22KB , 790x1402 , 1496385285099.jpg )
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what kind of natural disasters do you have to deal with sometimes lads?
>Sever northern storms
>wild fires (currently happpening)
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No. 254969
Oh fug, is that you, Fag Fairy?
No. 254978
Haha I get how he feels. Hurricanes you can tell in advance when they are coming, but quakes just happen all of a sudden. Like imagine getting one in the middle of a poop.

Aren't people scared about whole mountains sliding off into the water and fucking shit up like in that one movie?
No. 254980
Still would be nice if he visited once in a while instead of me having to go there all the time. I've seen Old San Juan enough times already. :v

1502583120722.webm - (1.32MB )
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Owarimonogatari Season 2 Episode 1 and 2 are out!
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No. 254971
Lolis are for petting. Not fucking.
No. 254972
Heavy petting?
No. 254979
Hardcore petting?

149992194410.jpg - (378.80KB , 1060x1300 , 1486053842106.jpg )
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This is Kanna the dragon loli. Say something nice about her!
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No. 254951
Don't ravioli the dragon loli!
No. 254952
150285763593.jpg - (54.81KB , 780x439 , FB_IMG_1486798350102.jpg )
No. 254970
She has her moments in the show. But she does seem like a bit of a overused meme.

150276129928.jpg - (317.32KB , 1650x1760 , my-little-communist-dictator-cant-be-this-cute.jpg )
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My communist dictator cant be this cute!
No. 254936
150277380366.jpg - (244.51KB , 1200x1635 , young stalin.jpg )
Stalin was a handsome fucker.
No. 254942
Gee i dunno
No. 254964
15030928814.jpg - (59.28KB , 600x743 , ecd15cb5568f5cf8487cab66b947bb00247054011de8a1dc42.jpg )

150283259053.jpg - (7.19KB , 275x183 , images-2.jpg )
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Zonks Scubby, it is a gost
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No. 254957
And i wuld hav gotens away with at tu if it wassun for yu medly kips
No. 254959
Gedchan ded
No. 254960

150289516098.jpg - (106.74KB , 689x741 , 1502299459029.jpg )
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No. 254955
No. 254956
Das hawt
No. 254958
She has a big tongue

for you

150278565785.jpg - (83.26KB , 736x667 , 1501168319919.jpg )
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I'm sick of living in south ameican shithole, how do I move to Europe?
No. 254941
Live with Pipes Iara
No. 254953
150285984349.jpg - (314.27KB , 3465x1950 , 1401890849204.jpg )
Become a magical girl.

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