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144722527839.png - (88.45KB , 550x375 , computer on fire.png )
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Alright, so for those of you who don't know, since I was the admin of Lunachan, I am now an admin here to continue working with /luna/, and to help with the move to gochan.

After talking with KoG, we've decided that since GETchan, /luna/, /ref/, and the rest of the gang are in desperate need of a makeover, now would be the best time to switch over to gochan, the imageboard server that I've been working on for some time now. For more info on gochan, see

For those of you who are too lazy to skim the OPs of the threads, gochan is written in Go and is designed to be fast and easy to use and run, yet easy to read and work with on the development end. Unlike Kusaba, which has a fugly UI, gochan as designed with ease of use in mind. At the moment, gochan doesn't have some features, like pagination (splitting boards into pages), but that should come pretty soon. Unlike most imageboards, instead of having a +50, gochan will have optionally have multiple pages for any given thread, in addition to the boards.

You can see how it looks right now at http://gochan.org
The gochan daemon isn't running there, so you can't post, but you can see what it looks like.

Any objections to the move?
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No. 253203

147227064961.jpg - (77.68KB , 483x589 , 1471673336002.jpg )
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41444444 is coming up soon on /oat/
No. 253236
It came.

No. 253237
I came.

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  Soviet win


146839442517.png - (132.00KB , 610x475 , WHY.png )
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What the fuck?
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No. 253230
For those of you who like /leftypol/'s version of Rodina, there's going to be a stream here in about 15 minutes:

No. 253232
>Western art catgirl

Oh my god, fucking end it already.
No. 253233
14719831571.png - (242.99KB , 920x1080 , Gopher girl 2.png )
>still using Rodina
>not using Gochan-chan

147133145773.jpg - (32.88KB , 377x334 , 16-08-09.jpg )
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I used to be the best GETter in the world

I still am, but I used to be, too.
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No. 253226
I'll pick your bone, fuccboi.
No. 253227
Part of me doubts we had two people online at the same time but I'm not logged in so eh.
No. 253231
147173932214.jpg - (293.90KB , 600x1724 , 16-08-18(2).jpg )
Heard you were talking shit, >>253227.

Wanna go lad?

147157626490.gif - (14.29KB , 275x300 , slowpoke.gif )
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>>222222 GET!

147066688925.jpg - (332.35KB , 1053x1063 , 1469407882957.jpg )
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What's your favorite type of cake?
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No. 253216
the type of cake where you don't have any cake and just feel sad
No. 253217
that's a non-cake
No. 253228
that's anon cake

147127351468.jpg - (102.17KB , 735x799 , hawk GF.jpg )
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No. 253219
2 hawkish 4 me )))

147026742472.jpg - (104.29KB , 602x602 , what-a-feminist-looks-like.jpg )
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Is /GET/ a zombie board?
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No. 253210
No. 253211
Now we just need everybody else.
No. 253212
No, all the cool kids post on GETchan's gochan beta server.

146704880564.jpg - (82.00KB , 640x640 , 142072625973.jpg )
253175 No. 253175 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
*breath in*

No. 253209
normie memes get out


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