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Bunkerchan is back!


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157686000652.png - (1.04MB , 1602x1920 , Rodina We're Back.png )
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Bunkerchan is back! This board will now be locked until we have a reason to return here.

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No. 277558
Bunkerchan is back online boyos, dunno for how long tho

157686450753.jpg - (59.54KB , 372x337 , animes.jpg )
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You know the drill by now: Movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.
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No. 277566
have some notice from me, i'm sorry i have nothing better to give
No. 277567
No. 277568
157733689364.jpg - (230.37KB , 600x450 , fBDnQv.jpg )
I might post some drawings here and there for GETchan and Bunkerchan.

157689116782.png - (517.64KB , 1152x648 , bckpck.png )
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This thread is dedicated to our glorious BPGoD.
She has made herself apparent again, although he has not shown us her true presence, as it happened in the day she came down from [REDACTED] and graced us with her true presence in the original refugee camp.
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No. 277516
oh right
there's no /ref/ on here, huh?
No. 277521
of doom!
No. 277552
PB, how can I contact you to give you your mod account for this site? You’re the only one who doesn’t have one yet, but I also don’t have a way to contact you.

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Continuing from the last thread
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No. 277455
Take the latest edit (in this case Mein's) and draw something for the card. We'll be posting it on boards we're friendly with. If you're not feeling up to drawing something, you can just add an image. But of course a drawing is more personal.
No. 277510
157692016224.png - (1.61MB , 2700x1500 , Untitled.png )
uwa, stayed up too late. But here is my addition, friendos, AND I'm next to a cool person!
No. 277512
157692428868.png - (1.39MB , 2700x1500 , Merry_Getmas tonto quien lo lea.png )
Since everybody is making drawings I decided to re-make mine, Im not that good at drawing but I quite like it

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