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144319857096.jpg - (63.29KB , 638x480 , 1443051524265.jpg )
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So /ref/ is officially kill now. Here's a place for our /ref/ comrades to post. I'll make some changes to this board a little later.
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144722608155.jpg - (18.59KB , 197x320 , 9f2.jpg )
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Alright, so for those of you who don't know, since I was the admin of Lunachan, I am now an unoffical admin over on /GET/ to continue working with /luna/, and to help with the move to gochan.

After talking with KoG, we've decided that since GETchan, /luna/, /ref/, /pol/, and the rest of the gang are in desperate need of a makeover, now would be the best time to switch over to gochan, the imageboard server that I've been working on for some time now. For more info on gochan, see

For those of you who are too lazy to skim the OPs of the threads, gochan is written in Go and is designed to be fast and easy to use and run, yet easy to read and work with on the development end. Unlike Kusaba, which has a fugly UI, gochan as designed with ease of use in mind. At the moment, gochan doesn't have some features, like pagination (splitting boards into pages), but that should come pretty soon. Unlike most imageboards, instead of having a +50, gochan will have optionally have multiple pages for any given thread, in addition to the boards.

You can see how it looks right now at http://gochan.org
The gochan daemon isn't running there, so you can't post, but you can see what it looks like.

MAIN THREAD http://www.getchan.net/GET/res/252292.html
No. 11148
145050444667.gif - (972.92KB , 312x213 , it's happening.gif )

148236502428.png - (7.81KB , 375x396 , (.png )
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>tfw /ref/ is still ded

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14786443175.jpg - (48.14KB , 561x561 , kadarcimer.jpg )
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How are you doing?
No. 11487
Heyo, comrade. You don't need a name, email or subject here, just so you know. You can leave them blank.
No. 11489
TOP IMAGEBOARD ☾ http://imageboard.spybb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=2

147264064717.png - (54.17KB , 108x216 , move.png )
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>tfw no /ref/ revival

kinda sad.

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