Welcome to GETchan! by King - 09/28/15 @ 11:11 PM PDT

Welcome to GETchan, the nominally leftist imageboard that refuses to die! We have five public boards as of right now, each with their own unique purpose.

/GET/ - Random
/luna/ - New Lunachan
/pol/ - Leftist Politics
/ref/ - International
/meat/ - Site Issues

Enjoy your stay, however long it may be!

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Tracer Bullet
Try killing yourself.


Give smittons a medal for being himself


Wrima Aspting, Lore Keeper !oyxLDTDotI

I searched long and hard across the web for something to replace companionship outside of Ponyville and finally found exactly that, only for it to cost $9,999,99 , its as if fate has a sick sense of hum...


Anonymous Comrade
In this thread, yes. But this is the sticky.


Hi, New Lunachan. Looks like the last post was 9 months ago.