Welcome to GETchan! by King - 09/28/15 @ 11:11 PM PDT

Welcome to GETchan, the nominally leftist imageboard that refuses to die! We have five public boards as of right now, each with their own unique purpose.

/GET/ - Random
/luna/ - New Lunachan
/pol/ - Leftist Politics
/ref/ - International
/meat/ - Site Issues

Enjoy your stay, however long it may be!

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Anonymous Comrade

You're that ancap fucker, aren't you?


anonymous not a fag
i have a few suggestions
One hour or Australian communist music
One hour of South African communist music
One hour or Haitian communist music
One hour of Tibetan communist music
One hour of Hawaiian communist music´╗┐...


Anonymous Comrade
It's not even Cirno de Mayo yet.


Anonymous Comrade
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Anonymous Comrade