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Welcome to GETchan! by King - 09/28/15 @ 11:11 PM PDT

Welcome to GETchan, the nominally leftist imageboard that refuses to die! We have four public boards as of right now, each with their own unique purpose.

/GET/ - Random
/pol/ - Leftist Politics
/ref/ - International
/meat/ - Site Issues

Enjoy your stay, however long it may be!

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Anonymous Comrade
so for lack of a better term I've always been sort of a Darwinist. not so much of the traditional racism but more of the idea that man is not truly separate form animals. and that we shouldn't look at each other as so much more than the mo...


Wrima Aspting, Lore Keeper !raVHbRi62Y
I wish ponychan could understand how sorry I am and how much I miss them, I still keep the optimistic attitude that they'll forgive me and let me back on one day, this time alone has given me time to bond with my dog, latly I've been lettin...


Anonymous Comrade


Anonymous Comrade US


Anonymous Comrade