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File: 1609398431946.png (165.71 KB, 1823x1289, europe%2Bmap%2Boutline.png)

CLAY WAR - Euro Edition AnonymousCountry code: ref/eu.png, country type: custom, valid:   138

Copying most from the OP of the thread on bunker/ref/

>come up with a country
>have autistic relations with other countries
>stealing clay is allowed (but not recommended in the early stages)

>the level of technology allowed is that of the current year, because it is the current year for all practical purposes
>the history of the world is different from real-life history, although there may be varying degrees of correspondence; it's not important why things are different or the same, but assume a blank slate outside your country

Post the following:
>updated map with your country
>flag (using FlagMaker is recommended)
>name of the country
>political system
>head of state
>capital city
>ethnic and religious composition
>military capabilities
>economy (how industrialised it is, etc.)
>foreign policy (immigration, etc.)
>future goals of the government
>what life is like for the average citizen

I decided to limit this to just Europe so that its more compact, which would mean more interactions with other players and because there won't be as much players as lets say on /int/, the entire world would be too spacious. Not only that, but Europe is just made for border disputes, wars, and tension. Also because you can only post one image at a time, so post your flag onto the map to identify who you are
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Anonymous  139

File: 1609407330536.png (171.85 KB, 1823x1289, Najerbi Map.png)

>The name of the country is Najerbi
>Is is a parliamentary system, that is based on a proportional federal system. There is 5 states, however they don't have a head of state.
>The Monarch is the head of state, with the Prime Minister serving under them. The monarch actually has considerable power and can overrule laws and will do if they think its not best for their country. The prime minister deals a lot with domestic affairs, along with the Assembly House, the legislative arm. Currently, there is 5 parties in parliament, the People's Party, the Democratic Conservatives, the National Alliance, the Party of the Flower, and the New Frontier
Peoples Party: The main centre left-wing party
Democratic Conservatives: The main centre right wing party (current ruling)
National Alliance: The minor right party
Party of the Flower: The minor left wing paty
New Frontier: The main centre party (current ruling party), much like Macron, they focus heavily on neoliberalism with moderate social views
>The Capital City is Rijan
>The language they speak is known as Najibu, a mix of Arabic and Mongolian
>The ethnic composition is mostly made up of Arabic and Asian descent. >They mostly follow the religion Zen Immahnism, a mixture of Buddhism and Islamic traditions.

Anonymous  140

>It started off as 5 feudal states, each led by warlords before the feudal lord of Rijan Mae, conquered all the land under his rule and formed Najerbi. For most of its rule, it was an absolute monarch state, where the king was the sole ruler. however, after the Flower Rebellion, an uprising for democratic ideals which was crushed, more reforms were enacted that included a parliament. However, unlike most countries with a monarch, this one has actual political power, and thus less liked (must still mostly liked) compared to the other monarchs. Through alliances, and treaties, it has been able to not be invaded and get into major conflicts.
>It is not the most impressive military compared to the superpowers, however with regional powers, it can succeed if led correctly. It has a decent amount of 21st century tech, however, a portion of it is still from the late 20th century.
>It is not fully industrialized yet, still relying on the export of raw material as it's main part of its economy. It also has a strong agricultural scene, which it uses for both domestic and foreign revenue.
>The current currency is the Nii
>Overall, the foreign policy is that they don't really have border, in the sense that anyone can come in, however you do need you passport for flights. They are generally neutral to all conflicts. They try to get by using words rather than weaponry.
>The current government, a coalition of the Democratic Conservatives, and New Frontier, are working on modernizing the country even more and trying to get it integrated into the global trade that it can gain more investment funds. They are starting this off by trying to get IMF loans, which forces the ruling government to begin the process of austerity.

Anonymous  141

>Life for the average citizen is not to the level of the first world, and at the disposal of luxury like them. However, to claim it is a backwater shithole would also be a bad representation. Its a decently modern society, with children going to school, people having some civil rights and so forth. Overall, its not the worst condition, at least for those who live close to the big cities. The further you get away, the less developed it becomes.

Anonymous  142

File: 1609429511939.png (202.34 KB, 1823x1289, 20201231clay.png)

>constitutional anarchy/monarchy
>head of state is king Ukkabikabi VII, but he has no legal power; the constitution says the only law is "be good"
>no capital city; no cities at all, but the royalty live in the largest (but still small) town, called Mihakazi
>only language is Xininnika, a language isolate
>only ethnicity is Xininni, a tall people with an 80% rate of albinism who practise headbinding to make their skulls elongated; those without albinism have tan skin and brown eyes
>only religion is ancestor worship
The population of Xininnizi has been cut off from the world for as long as they can remember, but their myths tell of peoples living outside the island. It is prophesied that one day they will conquer the world, but some say it has already been fulfilled since they've come to live in harmony on the island. Fishermen tell tales of other lands, but none have dared to explore them.
>no military
>economy is trade (no money), only simple agriculture, the royal family takes 10% of the catch of fishermen and the crops of farmers selected randomly each year
>foreign policy will be determined once contact with outsiders occurs
>the king is the only government and his only practical goal is to live a long life
>the average citizen lives a simple life of fishing or growing vegetables
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Anonymous  151

File: 1609535822860.png (155.01 KB, 1823x1289, map.png)

Anyone know if it is possible to find a link to the archive of this same thread but from Bunkerchan? I described my nation in detail there. For now, a very quick rundown:
>Name: Baltic People's Union (Baltijos Liaudies Sąjunga)
>Political system: One-Party Democratic Socialist Federative Republic
>Head of State: Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council
>Capital: Kernavė
>Official Languages: Lithuanian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian, Yiddish
>Unofficial Languages: Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian
>Ethnic and Religious composition:
>Lithuanian, Polish, Latvian and Estonian Republics are populated mostly by their respectful ethnicity. Jews form a large portion of the population in larger cities. A Belarusian ethnic minority populates South-Eastern rural areas of Lithuanian Republic, and a similar minority of Ukrainians populate the southern border of the Polish Republic.
>History: TLDR a backwards feudal power that has fallen to a socialist revolution, which then almost collapsed in the late 90's.
>Military capabilities: A sizable force, once well-maintained, which has fallen behind in terms of equipment over the last 2 decades. Possesses around 20 nuclear warheads, however most of these are in an unmaintained state.
>Economy: Almost fully-industrial state. Some less advanced rural areas remain, which don't posses the most advanced infrastructure.
>Currency: Baltas

Anonymous  152

>Foreign policy: Strict emigration and immigration control. Wants to expand influence over its neighbors and bring them into its sphere.
>Future Goals of the Government: Finalize the economic recuperation from the crisis in the 90's. Finish political reforms to curtail the power of entrenched Party elites. Expand sphere of influence. Pursue advancements in the field of electronics. If situation allows, export the revolution.
>Average Life of a Citizen: Universal social programs apply for many sections of life - housing, education, healthcare, transportation. Full-employment policy. Civil rights are relatively free, however there is are restrictions on foreign produce and cultural pieces. Restricted political freedoms. Most forms of opposition to the current system are punished more or less. Life quality is bellow first-world levels, but not impoverished. There is still a lack of some consumer goods, however less than a decade prior. Access to goods such as cars is limited. Around 43% possess access to the internet, which is cut off from a wide amount of foreign interaction, instead replaced with local platforms.

Anonymous  154

Here's a link to the archived thread

Anonymous  603

File: 1613682480809.png (164.12 KB, 1823x1289, europe1.png)

English Channel State
>political system
One-party presidential republic. The constitution of the English Channel officially asserts the rights of the people to form political parties, but in reality, the ruling Council for Peace and Progress (CPP) heavily restricts this freedom. The country is a unitary centralist state.
>head of state
Abraham Anderson is the mysterious figure at the head of the CPP who rarely makes public appearances. Most day-to-day political and government work seems to be done by his top ministers and advisors. Some speculate Mr. Anderson is only a figurehead who has no real power, and some ask whether he even exists.
>capital and largest city
Saint Peter Port
Official language of the government: English
Recognized languages: French, Yiddish
>ethnic and religious composition
Population: 190 000
45% Ashkenazi Jews
20% English
12% French
10% Roma
3% other

Anonymous  604

The English Channel State was created when Jews fled the European mainland and settled on the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, two islands then still under the control of the British Crown. Following the war, the refugee population far outweighed the native population and soon noticed that political autonomy was in its best interests. Thus began the formation of the "Council for Peace and Progress", the future ruling party of what would become the English Channel State, among Jewish intellectual circles who envisioned a safe haven for victims of war and persecution and a final bastion of Jewish life in Europe.
>military capabilities
The country mainly relies on good diplomatic ties to its neighbours to insure its sovereignty and defend its interests. Due to its small size and insignificant population, the English Channel State does not have an official military force. Security is guaranteed only by two institutions: The English Channel State Police and the English Channel State Coast Guard.
The government is aware of an increasing threat of radicalisation and terrorism, especially within its native English population, and has therefore invested in police militarisation in recent years.

Anonymous  605

>economy (how industrialised it is, etc.)
The economy of the English Channel State exists in a state-capitalist system, where the state has stakes in all three major sectors of the economy: Fishing, tourism, and the service sector. The state-owned canned fish brand "''Guernsey Shore''", which exports all over the world, is by far the country's largest employer and responsible for 57% of the total fishing output of the country. Over the last two decades, the government has sought to diversify the economy and invest more into the service sector. The two largest cities in the country, Saint Peter Port and Saint Helier, have transformed into bustling cities with towering high-rise offices. Still, fishing remains the main source of income for most citizens.
The Channel Pound (C£) is pegged to the British pound.
>foreign policy (immigration, etc.)
The country is generally open to immigrants who are educated and talented in specific fields, but will also embrace refugees with open arms if necessary. Humanitarian aid is a big part of the ECS's foreign policy.
The English Channel State upholds especially amicable ties with the Baltic People's Union due to its shared Jewish culture. The ECS is heavily invested in the economic development of the BPU, routinely sending advisors and experts into the country to mentor economic development projects.
Being unaware of its existence, the ECS has no relations with Xininnizi.
Najerbi is the English Channel State's largest trading partner, with the ECS importing most of its raw materials as well as lots of food products from here. The government maintains a strategic partnership with Najerbi that is mainly founded on economic interests.

Anonymous  606

>future goals of the government
For the coming period, the government has outlined a plan to develop and increase the country's position in science and education. The St. Brelade Polytechnic, founded in 1997, is the country's top-ranking university and has quickly gained international renown in its short history for producing some of the most talented business managers and consultants. The government has just approved a budget of C£3,000,000 for official scholarships at the university along with heavy subsidies for its continued growth and development.
Despite no real threat for the security of the state existing, the government is still expanding the state police force and especially focussing on developing anti-terror capabilities.

>what life is like for the average citizen

>Wake up at 5:30
>Make breakfast, good old jam on toast
>Take a quick cold shower, bloody janitors still haven't fixed the boiler but you don't mind
>Step outside into the rain
>Catch the 6:28 bus, all your colleagues at the tinning plant are on it
>Arrive just in time at 7 to start your eight hour shift applying labels to tuna cans
>Take a smoke break at 12 just after you've had tuna for lunch, like always
>Return to your state-sanctioned four-bedroom apartment at 3:30 PM where your wife and two kids are waiting

Anonymous  608

File: 1613694792133.png (64.13 KB, 1823x1289, Clay War - Euro Edition - edit…)

Since the template had blurry outlines, I figured I'd edit it to be just two colours so it's easier to fill in. Hopefully it's fine.

Anonymous  610

File: 1613697184647.png (64.19 KB, 1823x1289, 20210219clay.png)

While I'm at it...
King Ukkabikabi VII endorses expeditions to all cardinal directions
One morning, the king of Xininnizi woke up and told his wife (Queen Mibaisunu) that he had a dream where his ancestors gathered around him and told him to send boats to the north, east, south and west in search of other lands and even people outside the island. The queen was really into the idea, and so it was decreed that the island's four most experienced sailors should lead fleets of four ships each (a total of 20 people per fleet). The king's decree would've been meaningless if the sailors hadn't agreed, but they thought "why not?" and went for it.

So far two of them reached land, one in the west and one in the east. Both sent one ship back to report to the king, informing him that while they had found land, they hadn't yet encountered any people. The ships then set sail back to where the rest of their fleets had docked for the time being.

The fleets sent north and south haven't yet reached land. It's unknown whether Xininnizi boat-building technology is sufficient for such long voyages, or if they'll sink before they do...

Anonymous  614

File: 1613722328240.png (52.38 KB, 1823x1289, peninsula_newclay.png)

The current government of Najerbi, known as the Grey Coalition, are currently in talks of purchasing the Peninsula which was taken away from another maritime kingdom a long time ago. However, times have not been well to the kingdom and so Najerbi has taken this opportunity to snatch the peninsula back from them. They however, don't want to cause any scenes from any other countries, so they try and use diplomatic approaches to getting it back, which they plan to use to make a better, new official port city

1. >5: Talks continue with a high chance of them not being able to purchase the peninsula
2. 5-10:Talks continue with both sides at a stalemate on the issue.
3. 10-15: Najerbi is able to purchase the peninsula at a fair price and talks will continue on the process
4. 15-20: Najerbi is able to purchase the peninsula at a dirt cheap price and the kingdom has no leverage in the say on how the peninsula will be taken back
Roll: Roll 1d20 = 14

Anonymous  652

File: 1614183759619.png (65.07 KB, 1823x1289, padredefamilia.png)

The Paganic Empire
>political system
Stratocracy. members of the army participate every 6 years on a presidential election, exactly like liberal democracy, but only members of the army can participate. all males of 15 years old of age must do the military service (and therefore join the army). woman can not join the millitary.

>head of state

the now leader of the empire is Jupiter Levi, a conservative general that was elected 4 years ago, his aproval rate is of 38 percent and has been in decline for the last 2 years, starting from the formation of various radical armed groups looking to overthrow the goverment, which his goverment has not handeld well.

>capital city


>official languages

the one that is officially used is Mediterriano (a descendant of latin), but due to the large wave of jewish inmigration in the 20th century, hebrew is also used commonly

>ethnic and religious composition

most mediterranians adhere to roman paganism, making up roughly 70% of the population, 10% of the population identifies as jewish, 8% catholic, and 2% muslim

Anonymous  653

File: 1614185457512.png (25.21 KB, 712x474, flag.png)

the empire starts off as a small cult in the roman empire, but as it is collapsing descides to wage war against them, and gains auonomy, after centuries and centuries of endless wars, gains the territory that it has now. the millitary goverment was imposed as a counter insurgance policy, and has been effective until now, when in 2018, new groups of armed revolutionaries, mostly composing of communist women, restarted the threat of popular revolution
>military capabilities
its millitary is huge, but heavily decentralized, most of its armaments are from the second half of the 20th century
>economy (how industrialised it is, etc.)
the country has heavily industralized metropolises, but most of the country is still rural, the goverment recently started a campaign to bring electricity to all of the country
the empire uses junos as its currency
>foreign policy (immigration, etc.)
the empire has historically welcomed inmigrants, but in the more recent years with the threat of civil war, the empire has ceased all inmigration projects
>future goals of the government
destroy the revolution, at all costs

Anonymous  654

the government launches an offensive to the largest insurgent group,
mulieres operarios exercitus
, expecting to debilitate them
>5 = the national army is humiliated, ending up at an even worse spot, it appears that
mulieres operarios exercitus has been getting supplies from sorveign communist nations, and is prepering for an offensive.
5 - 10 the army is defeated, this leaves time for mulieres operarios exercitus to start their international propaganda campaign to gather support.
10 - 15 the national army wins, giving time to prepare another, better offensive.
15< the national army is victorius, and has forced mulieres operarios exercitus out of the east, and back to resume their operations in the center of the countrñy, giving us time to import new armament
Roll 1d20 = 13

Anonymous  656

Cool to see this starting to pick up. Might try to make an update for BPU tomorrow. One question, how do I use the roll function? Like this:
Roll 1d20 ?

Anonymous  657

You put what you want to roll into brackets
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  660

Expanded details on BPU:

>Council Republic
>The electorate votes for local candidates from the VSKP (All Union Communist Party) for the ST (Council of the Union) lower house and the TT (Council of Nationalities) upper house, which forms the BLSAT (Supreme Council of Baltic Peoples Union) - the highest legislative branch of government. BLSAT in turn appoints the Council of Ministers and the Premier of the Union, who act as the executive branch.
From 1999 on, many measures limiting the individual influence of party officials and BLSAT councilmen were implemented, including term limits and right of recall, but most importantly a process that would choose the nominees to the elections by lot, as well as a yearly lottery that invites new party members which currently is the only way to join the VSKP.
>BPU is a federation, composed of Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Polish council republics.

>A good segment of Lithuanian population is Orthodox, however due to the earlier anti-religious policies that lasted up to 1958 and due to the current trend towards secularism, just as much identify as irreligious. Practicing Hebrews are common in urban Jewish communities, and Catholicism and Protestantism being present in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and West Prussia.

Anonymous  661

11th Century:
>An ambitious duke from Kernavė unifies the Lithuanian highland (Aukštaityja).
>With the death of Yaroslav the Wise and fracture of the Kievan Rus, the dukes of Aukštaityja lead an incursion into Belarus, ending with the principalities of the Belarusian lands swearing fealty to the Aukštaityja Grand Duke.
>First Orthodox preachers enter Lithuanian lands, but don't find much success.
12th Century:
>The Duchy of Aukštaityja expands west into the Lithuanian lowland (Žemaityja). Most defeated dukes swear fealty to the Grand Duke. The realm begins calling it self Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
13th Century:
>Livonian Crusade conquers the Estonian and northern Baltic tribes. A small crusader expedition to Lithuania gets ambushed and routed. No further hostilities erupt with the Livonian Order.
>Prussian Crusade causes existential crisis for the Prussian tribes. Western Prussia becomes the staging ground for the Teutonic Order. The eastern part pleads for help form the duke of Lithuania, who promises aid if they swear fealty, which the Prussians accept. A conflict breaks out with the Teutons, which ends indecisively.

Anonymous  662

>BPU sees Najerbi as a slightly backwards neutral regional power. A limited amount of trade exists between the two states. Occasionally this, along with the lax border policy of Najerbi, has lead to some issues with defections from the BPU, however this hasn't caused any major incidents.
>The primitive micro-nation of Xininnizi isn't viewed as anything more than an interesting factoid which the more attentive geography students sometimes remember.
<English Channel State
>BPU holds cordial relations with the ECS. While BPU has a reasonable fishing industry of its own, ESC provides as a trading partner for fish that are not native to the Baltic, but are to the English waters. Economic development help is appreciated, especially concerning the IT field specialist assistance.
<The Paganic Empire
>BPU has openly denounced the Paganic Empire on the global stage for warcrimes and alleged crimes against humanity. While no material support was sent to Paganic revolutionary groups, they have BPU's diplomatic endorsement.

Anonymous  663

The VPK (State Planning Committee) is finalizing the results of the 5 year plan. The primary focus of it was to further implement modern technology into the national infrastructure.

>5 Complete failure of the primary goal. Much of the new infrastructure was found to be faulty and large territories have been completely looked over during the implementation.

5 - 10 The infrastructure has been upgraded, however there are still regions that lack any internet access. Efforts to invigorate the IT industry have shown only slight signs of success.
10 - 15 The plan was mostly successful. While gaps remain, internet access should be now available to around 80% of the Nation. The IT sector has started to pick up the pace from where it was before.
15< The 5 year plan has been a complete success. Most regions now posses full high-speed internet access. The IT industry is now booming, promising an opportunity to become fully independent from foreign technological imports in the future.
Roll 1d20 = 20

Anonymous  676

File: 1614361847632.png (65.57 KB, 1823x1289, 20210226clay.png)

The western Xininnizi fleet, who had camped at the coast, suddenly saw people approaching one day. As soon as they did, they went into a state of panic and packed up their camp and sailed south along the coast until they no longer saw any sign of human activity. Then, they set up a new camp at the tip of a small peninsula. They forgot that one of the reasons they'd set out on the voyage was to find other people, but by the time they remembered that, they had already set up camp. They had no idea they'd earlier camped in the Paganic Empire's territory, and still don't know it even exists. Feeling shameful over their panic, they didn't send a ship back to inform the king of their very brief encounter with foreigners.

Three members of the crew have developed depression and anxiety as a result of the realisation that the land they've been sailing along is vastly larger than their home island, thinking "this is the edge of the world" since they believe the Earth is flat.

Meanwhile, the northern and southern fleets have still not reached land yet.
Taxamuzi Colony is established
The eastern fleet has continued exploring the island they found and more people have moved in, creating the Taxamuzi Colony. They haven't yet realised it's bigger than the island they've called home...
(Hope you don't mind that I cleaned up the blur of your borders. Just trying to keep the map clean easy to fill in for later. I assume those small things are exclaves?)

Anonymous  684

23 killed, over 100 wounded in terrorist attack
On Tuesday, a bomb that was placed on a bus detonated in Saint Helier's town centre in a terrorist attack that killed 23 citizens and wounded 108 others. Twenty passengers were killed immediately and three more died later at the hospital.
An antisemitic motive for the attack was quickly identified. A group known as the "National Freedom Party", an underground French ultranationalist organisation active in the English Channel State, claimed responsibility for the attack. The group released a statement claiming the act was to retaliate against so-called "Jewification" of the islands, which "belongs to the children of France", according to the group.

70 homes raided, undisclosed number detained in police "show of force" on Alderney
Residents of St Anne got a rough awakening on Wednesday morning after tactical police units busted down doors and detained scores of citizens throughout the town. Alderney is one of the five main islands of the English Channel State and the only one with a French majority population. In a press conference, the Chief General of Police, Louise Kurtzmann, mentioned that police had "definite leads" suggesting that "a sophisticated criminal network" exists in the area. The number of citizens that have been detained by police has not been disclosed.

Anonymous  685

PM Andersen makes TV appearance condemning attack, promises "we will do everything to ensure citizen's security"
PM Abraham Andersen addressed the public in a rare intermission on television regarding recent events. It was a short broadcast with a strong statement: "The government and people of the English Channel State will not tolerate terrorism." It was announced that the total budget of the state security apparatus would be increased by 200% and capabilities of law enforcement will be "drastically increased where necessary" as a part of "temporary measures to guarantee the cohesion and safety of our country".

Citizen's groups express concern over increase of police power
Perhaps the recently decreed changes to the state's budget and to police powers have been warranted in the face of recent events, however some groups among the population are concerned with this development. Some newspapers have published rousing criticisms of the government policy, which have been accused of leading to the volatile situation in the first place by paying too little attention to the needs and rights of national minorities. Student groups in different universities across the country have staged pickets warning of "creeping authoritarianism" and "fear mongering".
Other voices by politicians have decried the protests as being "insensitive" toward the victims of tuesday's attack.

Anonymous  686

jews everywhere...

Anonymous  793

The monarch turns 73!
The monarch of Najerbi, the Despotyn Cairo Rijan, is turning 73 soon, and is inviting the neutral and allied powers of the Najerbi state to come join him in a feast in celebration of the occasion. He's hoping to further strengthen ties with the countries and to continue the growth of Europe. Not only that, but he's trying to further introduce his heir to the throne, Ali Rijan, so that he's able to continue to build the relationship the father has cultivated during his reign.

Anonymous  826


>the paganic army prepares for a new offensive against MOE.

> 5

the army fails to execute any plan, giving MOE time to unify and make a comeback

5 - 10
the army launches a midly succesful attack on various MOE bases, destroying coordination for them for a few weeks. the war continues to be unpopular

10 - 15
the army succesfully begins a millitary campaign against MOE. the campaign is heavy on the use of field artillery. the campaign lifts the popularity of the war

15 <
the millitary launches a COINTEL campaign. it divides MOE a lot, leaving it unarmed for a month or two

Roll 1d20 = 2

(nah that rocks brother)

Anonymous  842

Terrorist leader to be tried for heinous criminal acts
Jules de Moulinsart (61), known under the codename Montlouis, was among the people detained in raids on Alderney. He's now been identified as one of the masterminds behind the extensive underground criminal network that exists on Alderney and beyond. He is facing life imprisonment for charges of conspiracy to commit murder in 23 counts and numerous other charges. Police and state officials are expecting justice to be delivered swiftly.

A glance at the full extent of French underground terrorist network
The raids on Alderney have uncovered the full extent of the criminal happenings within our islands for the first time. It was revealed that a sinister group known as the "New French Army" is operating as the military arm of the extremist National Freedom Party with "extensive ties" to the European mainland, as described by a new report released by state police. The new information includes evidence for extensive smuggling of illegal arms, ammunition and explosive material between the New French Army and elements of the Mulieres Operarios Exercitus, a militia group active in the war-torn Paganic Empire. While the actual goals and motives of these groups are unclear, it is believed that more terrorist attacks would have followed had the state not cracked down on the situation. It has caused a public uproar and a call for the government to take swift measures on the international stage.

Anonymous  843

Letter to the editor: Military struggles of Paganic Empire a call to action for European governments
The following letter was written by a citizen to the editor of The Saint Helier Times
A deteriorating situation in the Paganic Empire has made security in the rest of Europe more volatile, with insurgent groups demonstrably possessing extensive networks and cells throughout Europe. Therefore, leaders of European nations cannot afford to look on while our neighbour descends into civil war; looking away from the conflict will drag us right down with them. Najerbi can no longer rely on its policy of neutrality and diplomacy to guarantee the security of its citizens, but must rather commit to ensuring peace by taking appropriate measures. A unanimous and clear response to terrorism is needed, while at the same time efforts must be made to strengthen democracy in the country.
Our government is in a uniquely good position to facilitate an agreement to this end between Najerbi and the Baltic People's Union. We must come together and aid the struggling people of the Paganic Empire to restore peace and security to our continent.

Deputy foreign minister attends Najerbi monarch's birthday celebrations
The deputy Foreign Minister of the English Channel State, Mr. René Demander, has flown to Rijan to attend celebrations of the monarch's 73rd birthday. His Excellency Cairo Rijan met his distinguished guests not just to celebrate the occasion, but to celebrate the friendly and productive partnership European countries enjoy with each other. The event was a great success, apart from a small incident where a member of the minister's entourage accidentally spilled a glass of wine on the monarch's son Ali.

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Government moves toward increased global cooperation in science & technology
A decision reached by the State Department of Science and Education aims to facilitate greater ties in scientific research and technological development with the English Channel State's international partners. Especially the great success of the BPU's IT industry serves as a role model for the country. It is planned:
>to facilitate partnerships between universities and institutions in the ECS, BPU and Najerbi to allow the exchange of knowledge, students and researchers
>to provide aid and consultancy to Najerbi for the development of the industrial sector to create jobs and economic growth in the country.
>to help in the Paganic Empire's programme of electrification of the countryside
The plans have been circulated to the respective countries' diplomatic missions in the ECS, and representatives of the BPU, Najerbi and the Paganic Empire have all been invited to discuss the ideas for cooperation.

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Who is MOE?

Anonymous  907

mulieres operarios exercitus, insurgent group

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Exploration continues
The Xininnizi fleets sent to the north and south have begun to noticeably drift from their courses, but they don't really care if it's not exactly north and south as long as they're going somewhere. Neither has reached land yet, but they catch enough fish to survive (because of their long history of inbreeding and living in an environment with little to no fresh water, they've developed a genetic resistance to high salinity and rudimentary desalination techniques are sufficient for them to drink seawater).
King Ukkabikabi VII has another dream...
The king had a dream where he saw Xininni people living in faraway lands in prosperity and himself sitting on a shiny throne with a hundred concubines. Following this dream, he encouraged people to have as many children as possible and declared that he "did his part" by having sex with twenty different women (in exchange for the title of "lady" and five free fish per month for a year); his wife was a bit suspicious, but reluctantly accepted the explanation that it was only for the purpose of procreation and making the dream come true faster.
Colonies grow
The western fleet finally sent a ship back to inform of their discovery of land. Fifty people joined them on their way back to the new and exciting land. One man went insane on the way, screaming "there's no land!" before jumping off the ship. There was a rescue attempt, but it's assumed he drowned.

Meanwhile, Taxamuzi Colony grows as more people move in and children are born there. The crown prince relocated there with his wife and children.

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