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File: 1611301382416.png (433.88 KB, 860x929, moe_leninpng.png)

AnonymousCountry code: ref/california.png, country type: custom, valid:   358Sticky[View]

Was going to remake the thread, but since we can't upload more than one pic, I decided too instead take the thread King made and just make a pdf out of it, so that its better to preserve. If anything seems off, please comment down so I can try and fix it. Anyways, enjoy.
Link to PDF: http://libgen.li/item/index.php?md5=898E2F3E23970FA3ECC1086AF7433B16

Here's a link to the preset materials:

File: 1609152946191.png (Spoiler Image, 535.65 KB, 970x568, 1609109443600.png)

中华 ・ 无聊贴 !!YLq/NB+UUzCountry code: ref/redflag.png, country type: custom, valid:   82[View]

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relevant Anonymous  713

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Anonymous  714

Anonymous  731

File: 1614807784955.mp4 (10.42 MB, 720x480, show_ref.mp4)

File: 1610475419304.jpg (505.9 KB, 900x900, 0_1659d7_51695d48_orig_full.jp…)

AnonymousCountry code: ref/california.png, country type: custom, valid:   261[View][Last 50 Posts]

good morning /ref/
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Anonymous  723

File: 1614708472407.jpg (62.42 KB, 543x400, 1DA6F19A-BE26-413A-B461-7E354B…)

Morning /ref/
Morning fellas

Anonymous  729

File: 1614755820650.jpg (93.11 KB, 1280x720, rise and shine.jpg)

Anonymous  730

File: 1614795825742.jpg (48.14 KB, 402x600, 6ABF0B3D-1241-46F6-9F30-8442E7…)

Morning /ref/
Hell yeah

File: 1608978747723.jpg (28.65 KB, 632x416, brot.jpg)

Deutsch Anonymous ComradeCountry code: gb, country type: geoip, valid:   34[View]

Sagt einfach mal "Hallo"
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Anonymous  724

the left has caved on core issues before and bend the knee, their state level coalitions show th at they're eager to get in power for powers sake and get their hands on that lobby money
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Anonymous  727

There once was a red-green coalition it was the worst government of all they started the first aggressive war after WW2

Anonymous  728

So basically Tony Blair’s Labour Party but for Germany

File: 1609000547311.jpg (373.29 KB, 777x500, his.jpg)

REF HISPANOCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 39[View]

La imagen solo representa a lo que se teorizó como Indoamerica, pero los hermanos de España son tambien parte de esta comunidad.
Al final, el internacionalismo es eso, internacional.
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Anonymous  664

Adulto mayor acusa a Banco Azteca de vaciar sus ahorros y se suicida
>Un adulto mayor del Estado de México se suicidó luego de acusar a Banco Azteca de cometer fraude y vaciar su cuenta de ahorros, que ascendía a poco más de un millón de pesos.
>Por último, además de a Banco Azteca el hombre acusó al presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) de quitarle sus apoyos del Seguro Popular. En su carta el sujeto pidió que sus restos fueran enviados a una fosa común, al no tener hijos, familia, amistades o dinero para un funeral.

Anonymous  717

File: 1614625115069.jpg (208.34 KB, 1919x1244, DA519832-CD5B-41E9-820F-60610B…)

Saben que paso con el anon Mexicano que reciebo un pollo de el gobierno?

File: 1612728476530.png (646.94 KB, 800x447, food of the gods.png)

Culinary Adventures around the World AnonymousCountry code: hu, country type: geoip, valid:   494[View]

Post tasty food from your country. It does not have to be unique to your region, but something that people there usually eat.
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Anonymous  690

File: 1614457845389.gif (50.5 KB, 220x124, DD1FA8E4-2514-48F0-849E-2BAD0F…)

What kind of cheese do you lot have?

PB  693

We don't have many.
But the cheese I really like is Queso de Hoja (en. Leaf Cheese).

Anonymous  703

>crab cakes on east coast
They can be had on the other coast, too, unless this is some other kind of item.

File: 1609143157420.jpg (78.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-17.jpg)

AnonymousCountry code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   79[View]

Presidente Chavo
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Anonymous  667

I’m reading this right now and she says she almost outright lost one of her breasts. That poor woman

Torrent boy  674


PB  692

why is Vaches Chaves so popular in Brasil?

File: 1609398431946.png (165.71 KB, 1823x1289, europe%2Bmap%2Boutline.png)

CLAY WAR - Euro Edition AnonymousCountry code: ref/eu.png, country type: custom, valid:   138[View]

Copying most from the OP of the thread on bunker/ref/

>come up with a country
>have autistic relations with other countries
>stealing clay is allowed (but not recommended in the early stages)

>the level of technology allowed is that of the current year, because it is the current year for all practical purposes
>the history of the world is different from real-life history, although there may be varying degrees of correspondence; it's not important why things are different or the same, but assume a blank slate outside your country

Post the following:
>updated map with your country
>flag (using FlagMaker is recommended)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous  684

23 killed, over 100 wounded in terrorist attack
On Tuesday, a bomb that was placed on a bus detonated in Saint Helier's town centre in a terrorist attack that killed 23 citizens and wounded 108 others. Twenty passengers were killed immediately and three more died later at the hospital.
An antisemitic motive for the attack was quickly identified. A group known as the "National Freedom Party", an underground French ultranationalist organisation active in the English Channel State, claimed responsibility for the attack. The group released a statement claiming the act was to retaliate against so-called "Jewification" of the islands, which "belongs to the children of France", according to the group.

70 homes raided, undisclosed number detained in police "show of force" on Alderney
Residents of St Anne got a rough awakening on Wednesday morning after tactical police units busted down doors and detained scores of citizens throughout the town. Alderney is one of the five main islands of the English Channel State and the only one with a French majority population. In a press conference, the Chief General of Police, Louise Kurtzmann, mentioned that police had "definite leads" suggesting that "a sophisticated criminal network" exists in the area. The number of citizens that have been detained by police has not been disclosed.

Anonymous  685

PM Andersen makes TV appearance condemning attack, promises "we will do everything to ensure citizen's security"
PM Abraham Andersen addressed the public in a rare intermission on television regarding recent events. It was a short broadcast with a strong statement: "The government and people of the English Channel State will not tolerate terrorism." It was announced that the total budget of the state security apparatus would be increased by 200% and capabilities of law enforcement will be "drastically increased where necessary" as a part of "temporary measures to guarantee the cohesion and safety of our country".

Citizen's groups express concern over increase of police power
Perhaps the recently decreed changes to the state's budget and to police powers have been warranted in the face of recent events, however some groups among the population are concerned with this development. Some newspapers have published rousing criticisms of the government policy, which have been accused of leading to the volatile situation in the first place by paying too little attention to the needs and rights of national minorities. Student groups in different universities across the country have staged pickets warning of "creeping authoritarianism" and "fear mongering".
Other voices by politicians have decried the protests as being "insensitive" toward the victims of tuesday's attack.

Anonymous  686

jews everywhere...

File: 1609656200298.jpg (82.94 KB, 936x936, 30fbea055c818ad85373529cf7efd8…)

AnonymousCountry code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   159[View]

What up Jack, you ready to return to normalcy?
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Anonymous 423

Anonymous  675

File: 1614361526378.png (75.55 KB, 750x483, Return to Normal.png)

Anonymous 682

File: 1614434318685.jpg (41.34 KB, 960x556, media_EvIBJB0XUAAGBPS.jpg?name…)

File: 1611549036611.jpg (102.05 KB, 1080x1080, cd991c.jpeg)

AnonymousCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 371[View]


Anonymous  666


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