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File 158540527144.png - (377.78KB , 798x448 , jcvTt01.png )
277714 No. 277714
I think Bunkekrchan is down
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No. 277735
looks like it
No. 277737
i think nobody can post
No. 277743
"topology is destroyed"
every fucking time
No. 277744
now its completely down lol
No. 277750
its back up now
No. 277755
I think it's having some problems right now
No. 277756
Yeah, I can't post as well.
No. 277757
same here. (also, my first time checking out the site! how d'ya do, GET?)
No. 277758
Yeah, weird since you can still acces the page
Doing pretty well myself, quarantined at home. How about you?
No. 277759
Everything's fine.
Also I've just heard that the site is currently rebooting
No. 277761
would the reboot be due to some kind of bugfix? I can only hope so
No. 277762
also quarantined. pretty chill
No. 277763
No they tried to fix the problem that you can't post with a reboot
The reboot didn't cause this.
No. 277764
Do you know how long will this take?
No. 277765
nope, I only know that they're looking into it.
No. 277766
alright, thanks anyways
No. 277767
It's back
No. 277802
File 158733913748.png - (10.73KB , 230x200 , kuma_cats.png )
down down down?
No. 277803
I killed bunkerchan. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to, by bantz made Comatoast have a meltdown and he deleted the whole site in a fit of retard rage.
No. 277805
Space doesn't let anyone else have access to the site files. That's precisely the reason why it always takes so long for the site to come back up. Any other admins on Bunkerchan are admins in name only.
No. 277806
They still have a lot of privileged access to the site's files. Comatost was absolutely seething and scripting all kinds of word and IP filters to keep me from calling him out on his bullshit. No doubt he scripted something that took the whole thing down.
No. 277808
File 158734009782.jpg - (98.57KB , 1024x1024 , tumblr_pj6b19ERQQ1r61c38_1280.jpg )
Bunkerchan is down, stay tuned for updates that we'll receive at about the same time as you cause we don't know what's going on either.
No. 277809
File 158734032191.png - (371.16KB , 633x758 , cec4d6c33e0ff04b59adcf001aef6f499bf5b744a3acf18b87.png )
is this what happened to my comfy board??
No. 277810
No. 277811
File 158734044261.jpg - (279.88KB , 1266x1280 , 1564787793245.jpg )
understandable have a great day.
No. 277812
File 158734049749.gif - (316.36KB , 326x326 , 58179adf5903b68c99f1e70841501f55-imagegif.gif )
No. 277814
I'm telling you Comatose broke the site with his autism. I'm starting to think he's the wrecker that Freudposter was talking about and not Pyongyang
No. 277815
File 158734088066.jpg - (32.61KB , 720x1108 , kuma_butbut.jpg )
Don't get too conspiratorial bud. We don't know whats up, and we just have to wait
No. 277817
noo colatoast is a cool guy and he doesn't afraid of anything
But seriously I've only had pleasant interactions with him on /leftypol/ and /gulag/, he's very receptive of user feedback. Anything I'm missing?
No. 277818
I'd bet you dollars to doughnuts it was Comatose. He was furiously putting in wordfilters, IP blocks and god knows what else all to keep me from saying he deletes posts to look like he's won arguments just like Mark from 8 chan's /v/ did.
Then in the middle of all that the site crashes? A lot of strange things have been going on, like leftypol.org just disappearing off the face of the earth.
The clique that runs bunkerchan has always been sketchy.
No. 277819
No, my interactions with him have been very bad. I'll admit I don't suffer fools kindly, but even other people that have approached him more diplomatically have been treated pretty badly by him.
No. 277820
File 158734141285.jpg - (504.69KB , 3518x2476 , 1564798078109.jpg )
Spill the tea on this history. I don't really follow the admin bs beside the pyongpingpong affair
No. 277821
While I agree with the fact that leftypol.org just disappeared was really strange I'm not sure this level of paranoia is warranted. It sounds like you're implying that the Stalin'd the sysadmin?
I mean I'll grab the popcorn, cause that would warrant a bit more clues for me to start considering it.

Also, if you think Comatoast is bad then wtf about the other ones? There's been some seriously incompetent newbies that got mod positions lmao. Like, seeming as if they've never used a chan before.
No. 277823
Leftypol.org disappeared for a bit cause the guy who runs the place went afk for 6 months or something and cause it's now a forum
No. 277824
File 158734162361.png - (530.36KB , 2100x1500 , jannieapril1.png )
Look buddy, I've had my fair share of bad interaction with the guy (created this image based on an interaction) . And I saw the world filters in the hotpockets, and him acting like a general dick/ trying to troll you with the "I suck cocks". But I don't think there is a secret cabal of leftypol admins trying to stop leftist rival chans from forming. Seems rather stupid. Could they be incompetent. Most definitely. But shutting down the chan to win an argument? IDK, sounds way out there
No. 277827
I thought I outlined it already. Comatose has had numerous fights with lefty anons, not reactionaries or incels as he constantly labels them.
Just before the Pyongyang incident, Fruedposter who was a pretty prolific post, outlined a secret admin that everyone agreed later was Pyongyang. This was weeks before the Pyongyang incident.
But when I read it, it sounded like Coma to me. Also Coma has always severely over moderated. To the point that it's obvious that it's to his own prejudices and not any kind of real leftist politics.
There's other things to, like mod vote counts being kept from the public. Mods letting obvious wreckers shit up threads they don't like, then later anchoring the thread "because it was shit" even though they had the power to prevent it.
And mods not pruning obvious bait threads from reactionaries but being able to delete posts and ban anons in seconds for things they don't like.
Also there's the fact that mods delete posts AND all their links so to a passerby there's no clue that any mod action was taken in the thread at all.
I had had enough of it and started spamming the mod thread, and Coma kept deleting my posts, that's when the site crashed.
No. 277828
Adding wordfilters isn't something you need file access for, it's just something mods can do. Space holds all the power. Every other staff member wanted Pyongyang removed, but Space just said no because ultimately he's the only one with file access and he can just rule Bunkerchan like a dictator if he wants to. It was the users that forced Pyongyang to step down, though Space takes credit for it now.
No. 277829
None knew about Pyongyang until he revealed himself and he had site administration powers, that's how he was able to create the /troon/ board. So the idea that Coma had more admin power than you are aware of is more than plausible.
>It was the users that forced Pyongyang to step down, though Space takes credit for it now.
Lol, Pyongyang voluntarily stepped down. All the triggered shit posts on his anti-tran board didn't force him to do anything.
No. 277830
Do you consider deleting threads about killing homosexuals with /pol/ bait as OP pic as unwarranted?
Also Pyongyang was obviously an asshole.
I'm getting the impression you're frustrated they deleted your right-wing IDpol or something.
No. 277831
Hey Bois, what happend to the bunker?
No. 277832
No. 277833
No. 277834
and now we have to suffer through this broken board too
No. 277835
>Lol, Pyongyang voluntarily stepped down.
Yes, due to pressure from the userbase. He also deleted his Twitter because /leftypol/ discovered it.
No. 277836
>Do you consider deleting threads about killing homosexuals with /pol/ bait as OP pic as unwarranted?
I have no idea what you are talking about. The threads he always anchors are the "idpol" threads that touch on sex and race. And then there's a bunch where I can't figure out why he anchored it. I'm by no means the only one to complain about his anchor happy behavior.
>Also Pyongyang was obviously an asshole.
I didn't think so but whatever.
>I'm getting the impression you're frustrated they deleted your right-wing IDpol or something.
'fraid not kiddo. It's anons like you and Coma that give platforming to Nazis. I'd like to see all Nazis banned. I'm far from right wing.
No. 277837
File 158734280860.gif - (1.26MB , 435x250 , TskTsk.gif )
>and now we have to suffer through this broken board too
Alright that's fucking it.
No. 277838
It was I that broke the bunker with my dank draft revision to the "Political Wings of Communism" thread on /edu/
No. 277839
>Yes, due to pressure from the userbase.
That didn't effect his admin powers in the least. Again, no one took his powers away. He didn't hold a political office where public pressure can force them to leave lol. He had admin privileges on a server.
>He also deleted his Twitter because /leftypol/ discovered it.
Jesus Christ who cares.
No. 277840
Pretty sure having to delete your online presence because people are spamming your social media counts as pressure, m8.
No. 277841
>Yes, due to pressure from the userbase. He also deleted his Twitter because /leftypol/ discovered it.
He just didn't want to deal with you guys. He could have just as easily kept the board up.
No. 277842
Works for me, as long as he's not fucking shit up anymore.
No. 277843
>I'd like to see all Nazis banned.
Oh don't get me wrong I'm wholly with you on this one. I've been advocating for this ever since 8chan went down.
> The threads he always anchors are the "idpol" threads that touch on sex and race.
This corresponds with our anti-idpol policy dude. Mods are supposed to do that.
No. 277844
You can create as many Twitter accounts as you want. It's trivial to delete them and recreate them. It;'s not his "online persona" unless he was a big influencer or something.
None the less that information give me pause. It looks like bunkerchan will dox anons. I'll have to take that into consideration when posting. And devise way to doxx others as well.
No. 277845
The Chinese government subsequently DDoS'd the site for harboring the truth of their anti-Marxist revisionism.
No. 277846
>This corresponds with our anti-idpol policy dude. Mods are supposed to do that.
It's not my policy, and dissecting idpol is anti-idpol. The idea that the threads turn to shit is just an excuse. You're on a goddamn chan, get thicker skin. It's obvious that it's because the anti-racist talk bothers the ex-Nazis on the board, which is the majority of the anon popuatlion.
No. 277847
Cloudflare would protect against that. The error from cloud flare says the actual server is down.
No. 277848
So, Space is the only guy, who is in full control of /leftypol/, right? I'm not very familiar with the magic behind imageboards, but what would actually happen to the whole board, if he would suddenly "disapear"?
No. 277849
I was just jk'ing m80boy
No. 277850
File 158734349385.gif - (85.70KB , 299x320 , 3c0.gif )
Reminder that this is

A: Not /leftypol/

B: Not the /leftypol/ mod team

that means that if you followed the bunker link from /leftypol/ you may not know this but the GETchan staff is a lot less forgiving and a lot more heavy handed with their bans and we give 0 fucks and have no accountability. If you disagree with this please file a report over on our backup: MLPchan.

Carry on.
No. 277851
Maybe you should create your Maoist sectarian offshoot chan so you can talk about the anti-imperialist potentials of [ethnic group] nationalism without issue? :DD
No. 277852
He probably got spooked when his Twitter account and email started getting posted on /troon/.
The site would basically just be fucked.
Absolutely based.
No. 277853
You think you have power over me? I'm behind a billion proxies.
No. 277854
File 158734383343.jpg - (64.12KB , 618x597 , 1584756908077.jpg )
That's the real kicker here.
All these hold overs from 8ch complaining about the moderation style of the staff: You idiots don't realize how lucky you, really, have it. 277850 is how imageboards, normally, function, kek.
No. 277857
I actually like moments like these. It's give me this fuzzy feeling of fellowship. I mean, our home is no more and now we sit all together around a campfire... Ah, this reminds me of the destruction of 8chan, this was a similar situation....
No. 277860
I'm a /GET/ native, so this is actually more nostalgic than anything.
No. 277862
How is this similar what so ever? 501 errors mean the server borked itself speaking with the upstream provider (cloudflair).
8ch was literally taken down by the united states federal goverment, lel.
No. 277863
File 158734453110.jpg - (95.40KB , 761x792 , DCC037eU0AAiUuN.jpg )
Our userbase consists of nothing more than a bunch of number chasing masochists who we use as nothing more than just a means to artificially create posts so the numbers go up, so we the staff do whatever the fuck we please. Spammed for a GET?Perma-banned. Stole a GET? Perma-banned. Got a GET? Triple Perma-banned.

We don't care about some fuckers that come here cause their shiny site went down, you're just more numbers for the number god.
No. 277864
Well now I need a version of this image featuring Rodina and it saying "NUMBERS" instead of "BUNKERS" in the back.
No. 277865
Or maybe cirno
No. 277866
Omfg what happened to the server I am so sorry for the cockiness earlier (I do have a lot of proxies tho) but I seriously love you fucks
No. 277868
Tons of things. Something as benign as deleting the bootloader could crash the site. And I don't get the impression that the lynxchan software is very secure. So there's actual attacks that could probably be successfully pulled off as well.
No. 277869
File 158734573581.png - (17.70KB , 262x632 , serrver.png )
in the riot-chat

krates said:
"Yep, site is down and we are waiting for space to fix it but it's the middle of the night where he lives."
No. 277870
So in other words, you're no different than bunkerchan mods. I can see why you all get along so well.
No. 277872
File 158734593798.jpg - (134.09KB , 827x1169 , 1585237017461.jpg )
You are so transparent.
Everyone can see, directly, through you.
No. 277873
Yes we seriously need to increase security.
1. How have there gone several months with no addition of an .onion server since 8cjan went down? It's crazy, actually.
2. The site should also be HTML+CSS only, no Javascript.
3. Federated backups like NNTPchan.

^^^These are all things the commnuity has been in agreement on since as long as I can remember (8/leftypol/ 2016?)!^^^
No. 277874
Talking about the ideas and implementation of those ideas are two different things. You need javascript so you don't have to constantly refresh the site and setting up an .onion is not easy task. There's also the issue that cloudflair basically has a monoply on their service to my knowledge.
No. 277875
What do you mean?
No. 277876
No. 277878
File 158734710127.jpg - (16.04KB , 426x269 , 546gtz.jpg )
server is down
No. 277879
No. 277880
No. 277881
>setting up an .onion is not easy task
Don't know what you're referring to here since far smaller chans are able to do this easily, but here's the official guide for future reference that you can paste around:
Tech can look daunting but it's actually fairly easy when you think of it as just following a step of procedures and on the off chance quoting the error-message into a search engine, or the org's support line.
>You need javascript so you don't have to constantly refresh
Not a real problem when we're talking security for an international, quasi-autonomous thought crime network.
No. 277882
Your mom
No. 277892
Comrades, bunkermachine broke
lmfao gottem
No. 277894
Love you all too bb💕
C'mere and give me kith
No. 277896
It feels like a mid season cliff hanger. Will we get cancelled? Will we get renewed for another season?
Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!
No. 277916
File 158735749597.jpg - (186.83KB , 847x793 , 1585445621590.jpg )
We back, faggots.
No. 277917
It's still not working for me.
No. 277921
Try now.
No. 277935
Bunkerchan is down yet again
No. 277938
yo stop dying bro
No. 277941
Why doesn't that faggot space give server access to Comrade Rat so he can fix that shit so we don't have to depend on a lazy, egotistical and passive-agressive site owner.
No. 277948
down again
No. 277957
File 158766712872.jpg - (28.67KB , 487x261 , minecraf.jpg )
No. 277964
File 158766753470.png - (397.14KB , 1600x1424 , 1455-381.png )
game penis
No. 277968
game penis
No. 277969
File 158766852967.png - (342.51KB , 817x717 , Yui100.png )
I think Bunkekrchan is down
No. 277972
My sadness very big
No. 277974
File 158766875123.jpg - (20.05KB , 400x294 , vectorbunker.jpg )
it 's still down
No. 277976
Ohyo Mein-Senpai
No. 277988
File 158767092570.png - (21.42KB , 960x540 , bunkerdown.png )
it's working again
No. 278000
I think Bunker is down?
No. 278002
Looks like it
No. 278003
shit bunker is dead again
No. 278005
No. 278006
No. 278007
based backup bunker
No. 278009
fellas is it bad praxis for bunkerchan to be down?
No. 278010
File 159097582256.jpg - (242.17KB , 800x600 , SOCORRO.jpg )
No. 278011
No. 278014
File 159097595947.jpg - (31.49KB , 600x550 , bugs_stalin.jpg )
may bunker have a quick recovery
No. 278015
File 159097600654.png - (113.26KB , 413x600 , afeast.png )
Cumming until bunkerchan is back
No. 278016
Are glowies straight up trying to kill the Bunker or some shit? Saw there was apparently hundreds of unique IPs, Gamergate trying to get it shut down, non-stop /pol/ raids
Fucking rightoids, it doesn’t matter what they do, a process has begun that renders their end inevitable, fucking disgusting cockroaches, losing their fucking minds, shitting themselves with fear.
No. 278018
mod theorize that people upload too much riot porn.
No. 278020
tbh its more all the extra traffic, especially high quality riot porn coming on our smol server plus a little bit of brigading from chuds
No. 278021
Why is the server so trash
Just get a better one
people can donate and shit
No. 278025
Oi Oi people, there's no raid or anything just a lot of activity on /leftypol/ so the only bad thing is that you fuckers posted too much you fucking activists.
No. 278026
I'll be suing Bunkerchan LLC for emotional distress caused by this unscheduled disruption to my shitposting and pointless argument schedule
No. 278027
Tbh I’m okay with that then, guess it’ll be usable again in a few hours, this is just a mega habbening
It’d be bad if feds were directly fucking with the site to shut it down
Tbh I really thought it was some less retarded /pol/ user doing a DDoS
No. 278028
sort of figured the site would break under all that load.
Will yinz be upgrading for the comebackonlineing?
No. 278029
nah, it was so unstable for so many hours before, we knew shit was breaking down soon. and so it did.
No. 278076
Lmao you people were raiding the general in the first place
No. 278085
File 159098308944.jpg - (58.03KB , 850x400 , external-content_duckduckgo_com.jpg )
No. 278091
File 15909849573.jpg - (25.79KB , 620x349 , potato-pc-620x349.jpg )
Is the problem inherent to the Lynxchan, or would a server upgrade be enough to kludge around it?
No. 278094
well never know until space upgrades
No. 278096
I thought it was glowies that took bunkerchan down, but you comrades are saying it was just the load. It just seems suspicious given that I saw so many glowies posting there the past day or two.
No. 278097
Who has the cytube livestream link still, we can chill on there for now
No. 278098
The very top post has a link
No. 278099
Which one?
No. 278100
It’s somehow disappeared. Anyways, here you go
No. 278101
I had the stupid cytube riot stream open on my tabs but closed it earlier. I wanted to shoot the shit today on the riots
No. 278103

Thanks comrade
No. 278104
No. 278130
girl on the right seems cute :3c
No. 278134
Haven’t seen that one yet

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