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File 157686450753.jpg - (59.54KB , 372x337 , animes.jpg )
277322 No. 277322
You know the drill by now: Movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.
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No. 277323
Added as many flags as I could find, let me know if I forgot any.
No. 277324
No. 277325
File 157686580297.jpg - (1.38MB , 3264x1836 , 20191216_194011.jpg )
Oi oi oi
What's all this then
No. 277332
File 157686799735.jpg - (68.20KB , 767x1000 , 1539378483564.jpg )
aww yeah
No. 277333
File 157686805386.png - (387.78KB , 600x675 , 03f96cdcf6bd1e33eec48e4d50fee13b0646f1d02af952e22a.png )
No. 277336
She's a pretty good lay aswell
No. 277338
File 15768686183.png - (38.14KB , 657x527 , 1575638507043.png )
Bunkerchan's back online rn so I'll keep a tab open but my main focus will probably still be there unless there's another DDOS attack, which forces a more permanent move. I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that though
No. 277339
RIP spoilers
No. 277340
oh shit the spoilers
No. 277341
This is just a temporary solution.
No. 277342
File 157686910540.png - (175.73KB , 492x345 , Sheev is back.png )
Alright time for my Episode IX Review.


Alright so Palpatine IS back, they literally just ripped him being cloned on Biss and building super weapons in secret from the books, except Biss is renamed to Exfil or Exposition or something cause royalties. Other than that the movie is shit. Seriously Palpatine was the best part. Apparently all Star Destoyers have deathstar lasers stuck on them(what), Kylo Ren sticks that shitty mask back on which he just takes off whenever(Imagine how shit Vader would be if he just took off his mask randomly). Rey turns out to be Palpatine's granddaughter(Despite Palpatine canonically never even having a son but OK) and the reveal is literally just another "I am your father moment" with Rey saying it's not true and then jumping off the platform to land on the millennium falcon. Also there's no driving force for anything, no consequence for anything: Chewbacca died? Nope he was on another transport. C-3PO had his memory wiped? Nope R2 had a backup of his memory. Poe's girlfriend got blown up? Nope she got off the planet somehow and they don't even bother explaining how. Nobody of consequence dies, there's no sacrifice or anything and you should feel that a fleet of 10 000 star destroyers would be threatening except guess what they all have a critical weakness that the Rebels managed to get the exact plans to, and guess what Rey fights Palpatine and manages to save the plan when it goes to inevitable shit. Oh also Rey dies but doesn't cause space magic healing. Oh and Kylo Ren switches to the light side after losing to Rey and then being healed(cause even though they did exactly that in the last 2 movies I guess third time's the charm). Only redeeming parts of the movie is the fact that Palpatine is back as I've said, and that it retcons Rian Johnson's fuckup a number of times which is slightly gratifying.

Also did I mention Palpatine's the best part? God I fucking love how they present him.

Basic plot summary: Palpatine is back, turns out to be the Star Wars Illuminati and responsible for everything, Rebels need to stop him by finding the map to where he is(Just like Episode 7 all over again), they go to a bunch of places for no real reason even though they're on a 16 hour deadline, manage to find the coordinates by accident and the plans to Palpatine's secret fleet, Rey and Kylo Ren fight on the Deathstar II's wreckage and Rey finds out she's Palpatine's granddaughter and he wants her to kill herself so his soul can pass into her out of his dying clone(wtf is the point of that clone then?), they go to Palpatine and fight together while the Rebels die until the rest of the galaxy shows up(despite this being told as not going to happen in Episode 8) and the whole Empire fleet can't move cause uhhhhhh plot reasons with the atmosphere. Then palpatine gets healed, Rey throws herself at him to sacrifice herself to save everyone, Kylo Ren sacrifices himself to save Rey, everyone celebrates the end.

3/10 Only good part was Sheev
No. 277343
One day I'll get it right.
No. 277344
No. 277345
oi shush you.
No. 277346
I'm sorry I can't hear you, could you please speak in Bold?
No. 277347
I speak in fursuit.
No. 277348
Oh btw how is it going with your fursuit?
Hope it was worth the 2 years of wait
No. 277349
Damn fucking straight it was. And you ain't getting pics.
No. 277350
>Damn fucking straight it was.
Good for you
>And you ain't getting pics.
I didn't even ask for them, rude
No. 277351
I know you wanted it for mehmehs.
No. 277352
Why are you so perverted?
No. 277355
its too fuckin cold out tbh
No. 277356
words can't describe how much I hate rodent
No. 277357
File 157687381147.jpg - (27.17KB , 400x400 , amancandream.jpg )
I have to admit that Nico is kinda cute in terms of looks, if only she didn't have such an underdeveloped body. Anyone know any Doujinshi where she's more... mature in terms of body proportions?
No. 277358
Edited this post because the misuse of tags is gross.
No. 277359
File 157687438842.jpg - (78.21KB , 800x600 , 1451099118333.jpg )
No. 277360
The fuck is going on with Bunkerchan this time, it was working a couple hours ago
No. 277361
Space was talking about maintenance earlier so it might be related to that. or it might be the same people from before doing it again.
No. 277362
a mix of trying to migrate features specific to bunkerchan to a new version of lynxchan and some lolbert fash wasting their time and energy
No. 277363
File 157687472130.gif - (57.87KB , 250x250 , 490c4a26c0affe59e19f87b5d89749d5d2807ee2.gif )
at least we got a bunker from the bunker here
No. 277364
bunkers inside bunkers inside bunkers inside bunkers.
truly, the sun itself is revisionist.
No. 277365
Bunkers within bunkers.
Bunkers all the way down.
No. 277367
this board software is better looking and seemingly more stable than bunkerchans and leftypol.org(the worst software and so ugly)

why isn't this bunkerchan?
No. 277368
just like 2012
No. 277369
leftypol.org was like, an 8chan era project, so it was already known by the time bunkerchan became the main site of leftypol, and as such most leftypol peeps know it as the other site to go to. plus up until like, today, GETchan had not been up for a while, since GET merged with bunkerchan a while ago.
No. 277370
File 157687628676.png - (3.52MB , 1632x2500 , Yusuf Popelin_downsized.png )
On Tomoko's suggestion I'm sharing the final render on my 2D Character Design course assignment.
The criteria for the design were:
>18th century France
>It has to have some "oriental" features, meaning anything east of Europe.
>It has to include a fantasy element of some kind
>It has to have proper shading & lighting and an interesting pose

How this design filled that was:
>By having him be a revolutionary during the events of 1789
>By having him originate from French-occupied Mesopotamia and wear the clothing traditional to that region of the world
>By having the world he inhabits be an alternate timeline where for some reason the French decided to colonize the Middle-East region way before they stepped foot into Syria following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire
>By taking several photos of myself dressed up in a bathrobe and striking up a few poses until I found one that was suitable to use as reference

The actual drawing process was just making the silhouette, adding in detail based on the reference pose image and moodboard until I had a fully shaded grayscale-version. After that I experimented with various colors by painting over the existing grayscale until I found a point I was satisfied with. Once the character itself was done I added some background elements like the burning flag and then played with the brightness and contrast values. All in all it was quite the interesting experience and I feel like I learned quite a lot during the whole thing.
No. 277371
I was hoping you would find your way here, it's just like old times. Though this is a later backup, so there are features here we didn't have in 2012 like flags and WEBM support.

Yeah, it's the first time we've been on this domain in a little over a year. It's a little nostalgic, ngl.
No. 277372
File 1560724982.webm - (18.00MB )
Webm test.
No. 277373
File 157687742222.jpg - (267.75KB , 800x1050 , 43315926_p0_master1200.jpg )
looks really awesome, nice job!
reminded me a bit of Cossacks
they should make webms behave like that on the bunker it's kinda cool
No. 277374
File 157687799920.png - (32.43KB , 300x100 , GET 2.png )
Daily reminder
No. 277375
I wonder, why does it refresh when I post?

Not to mention reset the UI settings
No. 277376
That's just how the software here works. Sorry, fam.
No. 277377
It could use autorefresh and a reply box on the foot but. Its fast. Also better mobile experience
No. 277379
No. 277380
File 157687844641.jpg - (69.57KB , 1280x720 , mein.jpg )
Oh, there he is.
No. 277382
Lmao what did you do to my name
No. 277383
Huh it didn't change this time?
No. 277384
File 157687889019.jpg - (262.10KB , 1200x849 , Do4-FzvVAAATGnw.jpg )
Can we stay here? It's much comfier than bunkerchan.
No. 277385
Oh, I see. My flag doesn't work.
No. 277386
Who the fuck is the dumbass posting random sets of letters on Bunkerchan?
No. 277387
File 157687945359.png - (405.46KB , 800x600 , __kuroki_tomoko_watashi_ga_motenai_no_wa_dou_kanga.png )
it's comfy
could get used to
but not sure of King wants to keep it for anything but a backup
No. 277388
Idk but it was all proxies.
No. 277389
Nah, this is merely a relic of the past.

I guess it doesn't take too kindly to GIFs. Added an animated PNG version, so hopefully that works.

It's a spambot, not a person themselves. Someone would have to be pretty autistic to do something like that manually.
No. 277390
helps adding more of those to the ban list
at least it's just letterspam
>Someone would have to be pretty autistic to do something like that manually.
i'd argue someone putting up a spambot for the job is rather autistic too
No. 277391
>helps adding more of those to the ban list
All the posts are behind different IPs. It'll be a hell of a lot to clean up.

>i'd argue someone putting up a spambot for the job is rather autistic too
True, but only autistic enough that they want to mess with some chan users. It's much less actual work to write a script for this than to do it yourself.
No. 277392
It's a pain in the ass. I can't even rangeban because the IPs are too different. I tried selecting all the posts at once but then the site went down again.
No. 277393
I liked it. 8/10.
No. 277394
No. 277395
File 157688036556.jpg - (275.12KB , 728x800 , 132720877002.jpg )
Fuck off or I'll ban you too.

Communism is dead. You're in my neck of the woods now.
No. 277396
>threating to ban me
are you dumb or something
No. 277397
communism is eternal
No. 277398
File 157688061212.gif - (0.97MB , 500x281 , Bonk!.gif )
No. 277399
No. 277400
File 157688107226.jpg - (168.61KB , 849x1200 , 41980160_p0_master1200.jpg )
stop making me like yui
No. 277401
File 157688122637.gif - (139.71KB , 162x120 , 132720761108.gif )
You'll never stop liking Yui.
No. 277402
File 15768814078.gif - (423.06KB , 500x500 , Yui_Maid.gif )
What is there not to like about Yui?
No. 277403
Oh, it's so great having last50 again.
No. 277404
File 157688172241.jpg - (154.00KB , 551x551 , 1550365495648.jpg )
some tripfag on leftypol used to avatarfag with her and i was rather against that sort of stuff on imageboards, so seeing a yui posted on chans kinda started to piss me off
also the posts seemed rather pretentious while being mostly just repetitive, so the avatar made it look like the poster was just attention-whoring and pretending to effort post by hiding it behind long winded paragraphs of nothing

but now that i started to post tomoko i understand why someone would do that
No. 277405
File 157688197390.gif - (1.16MB , 457x268 , yuitomoko.gif )
> pretending to effort post by hiding it behind long winded paragraphs of nothing
Of course, Yuiposter was a Hegel fan.
No. 277406
File 157688254660.gif - (2.41MB , 640x360 , succ.gif )
i've seen hegelians post and talk, and they can be a bit much at times, yet always at the least interesting, but yuiposter was the only one to just annoy me
i don't even think that i cared much about what they posted about, just the way it was the same thing repeated in several paragraphs just felt so spammy
maybe i'm wrong though and it was just the avatar and tripping that made me perceive it negatively
No. 277407
Welp I guess that spammer got the 4 GET on Bunkerchan not that I can even tell if he got it with the site flickering faster than a pulsar. Can't be helped with that timing lel.
Oh Hai Mein-Senpai, how are you doing today?
That image is scary
No. 277408
File 15768826778.jpg - (4.00KB , 190x190 , 1575780648057.jpg )
glad we found a place to stay for awhile. was really starting to panick
No. 277409
> 5:55:55 PM

I'm fine. Slightly buzzed on moscato. How are you, friend? Have you finished your holiday shopping?

Who is this demon who misuses our lady's visage?
No. 277410
I didn't even notice the time GET, lel. Maybe this is the universe's IOU for the stolen 4 GET.

I'm doing fine though, been just playing vidya games today after running around doing chores, I haven't finished everything though gotta get some bath stuff for my grandma and some cards but that's it. What are you celebrating with that moscato?
No. 277411
I just sold my soul ,I think
No. 277412
Nothing at all. I've had it since September or October and wanted to finally drink it. It's making me hungry, though. I've been full most of the day since I overate yesterday and I've been trying to wait til tomorrow since my pants are tight but idk now. All I had was a few scrapple patties for breakfast.
No. 277413
>my pants are tight
I am having lewd thoughts
You planning on doing anything fun tonight in order to get the most out of it?
No. 277414
File 157688375364.png - (707.90KB , 871x1080 , ah.png )
Just shitposting on the internet. Now I want Taco Bell.
No. 277415
Well, the site will be up soon.
No. 277416
Just like my dick.
No. 277417
Shitposting is fun.
No. 277418
No. 277419
everyone gangsta till the south american picks a sniper rifle on halo
No. 277420
Email me, babe.
No. 277421
seems like bunkerchan is not coming back till tomorrow morning.

Does anyone want to know what I've been doing the last hours.
No. 277422
No. 277423
Watcha been up to today?
No. 277424
I've been dancing to "girls just wanna have fun"
No. 277425
Was not expecting that answer honestly.
No. 277426
Is there something wrong with it?
No. 277427
I took a nap and had a whack-ass dream, then I made cookies and hot chocolate to cool off a little. Now I am just kinda idling around figuring out what I want to do with myself.
No. 277428
Just Wendy's my shit up, fam.
No. 277429
Who's Joe Wendy?
No. 277430
No I just wasn't expecting it.
I'll frosty your chicken fingers.
No. 277431
A sexy redhead.

It was a chicken sandwich and I already ate it.
No. 277432
Since the Bunker is down, let me post this here.
Jimmy Dore live streaming now.
No. 277433
File Nai_Nai.webm - (2.80MB , Nai Nai.webm )
Bed time for me. Hopefully Bunkerchan is up and running again soon. Nai Nai, all.
No. 277434
sleep snug
No. 277435
File 157689106750.gif - (556.84KB , 480x270 , 7X0L.gif )
>that face
>that reaching hand
nai nai nii-sama
No. 277437
So the libs are mad butthurt over J.K. Rowling disrespecting trans people, and they're going over the books with a fine tooth comb to find problematic shit to be mad about. Never gave a shit about harry potter or cancel culture shit but it's funny how much genuinely bad shit they're only just now noticing.

These are the same wokies constantly talking about politics in terms of Harry Potter, and none of them realized it was fucked up that the books are full of racial stereotypes and makes a race realism argument justifying slavery.
No. 277438
Fuck, I forgot how mobile-friendly the old software is.
No. 277439
It is me. Usagi. Is everyone doing ok?
No. 277440
Lie awake, and listen. The wind speaks in the branches.
No. 277441
Ayyy lmao, based Sheev. I don't really care about starwars at this point, sort of like I don't care about christmas, but they both get annoying now when people uphold them as the greatest things ever, so I find amusement that this one turns out to be shit (Aside from Mr. Palpatine ofc). Both these things I used to enjoy quite a bit, so it's a little sad that I feel such apathy toward them now.
-t. Usagi
No. 277442
File 157689471721.png - (610.46KB , 1070x603 , 242.png )
shit is all ideologically connected and it's not surprising
i know like one person who's into HP but mostly fanfiction i think
told me about all the other shit that's in the book too before this (repeated) transphobe shit from her
also there was this one good old leftypol post taking the main character apart
the slavery thing and how the one character genuinely concerned about it being ridiculed was also brought up
the regular liberal is always slow with catching up
either way, nice to see that bitch get some heat, took long enough
good to see you made it here
doing alright, just tired as hell but watching game streams
how's it going?
also don't forget to visit >>277328 and draw something in
No. 277443
File 157689486351.jpg - (98.85KB , 296x600 , screenshot.jpg )
No. 277444
I'm doing ok I guess. Bummed that I'll be attending my dad's half of the family, milquetoast, petitbourg and boring af. Gotta eat now tho. brb
No. 277445
hp always seemed like the most generic shit to me, never got the appeal
No. 277446
File 15768961774.png - (288.96KB , 658x454 , 26.png )
would be even better if it had the posting date rather than "4 days ago", gives the impeachment statement some "prophetic" vibe
over christmas?
i'll be over at my brothers place
good kitchen, looking forward to it
aight, enjoy
the screencap above kinda shows that it does have potential, it's just that rowling is impotent and doesn't know how to do anything with it
No. 277447
...no I would never do that
No. 277449
File 157689819678.png - (63.99KB , 363x343 , Rin grrr.png )
Wasn't wanting to be in a rude mood today, but here we are.
No. 277450
File 157689822455.png - (70.95KB , 353x299 , retinking life.png )
I couldn't sleep knowing I forgot Usa's flag. Added it, please forgive me for my mistakes.
No. 277451
AHHHH! uwa. I didn't mean to reply to you. That was supposed to just be a normal post whining about myself. My apologies.
No. 277452
Got a higher res version of that pic?
No. 277453
Don't worry about it, King-sama. And thank you kindly. But please, sleep. I wish you a good snooze (unless you truly can't stay down.)
No. 277456
what's a rude mood?
No. 277457
Yeah, guessed so

Anyways I'm going to sleep now
No. 277458
Edited it for you, fam.

It's too late, I can never be forgiven for my crimes.
No. 277459
Ah, forgot frag.
No. 277460
Cat got a mouse today, she is a good gatto
No. 277461
Sleep tight.
Well my dad, meaning well, basically said exactly what I'd suspected. He suggested I go on a holiday, even a cruise lol (fuck that shit), but Santa forbid I take some time off of work to actually work on my game. Y'know, do something productive and meaningful to me? No, apparently that's the worst decision I could make in my life, but neither of my folks would hardly bat an eye at me spending a couple grand on a frivolous vacation.
No. 277462
Ur a cutie.
No. 277463
I forgive you of the unforgivable then. King-sama a good.
No. 277464
Guess I have to add my flag to every post.
No. 277465
Bwahahahah! im a dummy
No. 277466
so... they'd pay for it?
No. 277467
File 157690060434.gif - (511.79KB , 220x256 , 1c99c1fa19b089774fc2757a59c218a6ef60017ef30641f185.gif )
No. 277468
That's how it is, unfortunately. Flags aren't a feature in Kusaba X, which is an ancient software that hasn't been updated since 2012, iirc. That's why they're not really entirely integrated with the software, such as not appearing on the quick reply box and me having to go into the files and add them manually.
No. 277469
No, I'd pay for it. I do have the money. Just like I have the money to work part time and use the rest for my game. They just for some reason think that 6 months at half my hours is the worst thing I could possibly do. I've been saving most of what I earn for about 4 years now. Maybe I'll just buy a bunch of heroin, pile it on the table, and be like "well at least I didn't make a fukin' video game".
No. 277470
That's alright, I appreciate you for having included the flag you made for me at all.
No. 277472
I just appreciate you in general.
No. 277473
File 157690142299.jpg - (306.46KB , 1270x720 , 1539370065248.jpg )
so they're telling you how to spend your money and don't even want to put any weight behind their words in form of cash because talk is cheap
i'd be pissed too
No. 277474
File 157690155361.jpg - (151.43KB , 1200x675 , 3493722-anthem.jpg )
Can I get a pre-alpha off your game if I pay $90 and then have the content staggered in a confusing graph chart?
No. 277475
And I appreciate U
And I appreciate U 2
An ur cool as well!
And I like my whole /get/ crew a whole freaking lot! (rude mood eliminated)
No. 277476
Well, suggesting. Do spend 3000+ dollars on a dumb vacation, don't do something constructive and personally meaningful. I had a convo with my dev buddy and he agrees with my assessment. Basically when they pulled me from my depressive goblin cave, they were so shocked that now they relate my garbage years with leaving the nest and trying to make a game. So now when I suggest getting back into it (unless it's ungodly hours after a full day of work) they screech ever so autistically.
You're gonna give me 90 dollars?

On that note. I must leave my comfy adoptive family, for I am going to watch the Mega64 Christmas Special 2019 with my dev buddy. Have a splendid night /GET/! Love you peeps.
No. 277477
File 157690222882.png - (314.14KB , 1187x2403 , Harry Potter liberalism.png )
No. 277478
Aw shit, I don't have the /get/ > /GET/ wordfilter on here. Apparently only the Getchan > GETchan one.
No. 277479
File 157690259937.png - (314.14KB , 1187x2403 , magic people.png )
>would be even better if it had the posting date rather than "4 days ago"
Sorry, I forgot to turn off relative dates when I took it, original screencap files are dated from 6/11/2017. Note that, while I thought the post was brilliant enough to screencap for its genius takedown of ideologically null libs like Rowling, its common criticism of the take on slavery in Harry Potter is IMHO unfair. Rowling wasn't apologizing for slavery, but pointing out that spur-of-the-moment individual acts against it and similar issues can be less ineffective or even harmful, compared to well thought out acts, especially against the system rather than individual instances. I would compare it to Mark Twain's commentary on slavery in Tom Sawyer, where Sawyer's intentions are good, but his actions are at best childish and ineffective.
No. 277480
The slavery thing might be exaggerated, but not by much. Nobody takes the concept of abolition seriously except Hermione who keeps trying to start a dialogue about slavery and everybody treats her like a bleeding heart lib (including the narration). The truly insidious part, though, is that the house elves are always depicted as naturally servile to the point of masochism. Dobby's self-harm is outright played for laughs, even in the movies, which otherwise avoid the nastier parts of the house elf situation. Dobby's story might be tragically heroic in that he sacrifices himself out of "free choice," but it ultimately reinforces the thesis that he was destined to serve. And in reality he didn't exactly sacrifice himself intentionally. It was luck that the knife hit him, which again reinforces the sense that his fate is out of his hands. I think his loyalty to Harry is even discussed as fulfilling his need to serve, but in any case he functionally becomes Harry's servant upon being "freed." Harry's just a "benevolent" master who commands Dobby to go do his own thing.
No. 277481
let's appreciate us all in here i guess
No. 277482
Ok Google: cute subby traps in my area.
No. 277483
File 157690699459.png - (467.32KB , 1064x596 , 8734.png )
and what would you need those for, hm?
No. 277485
File 157690715377.jpg - (1.62MB , 2000x2783 , 157132028358.jpg )
Oh, I missed having different NSFW and spoiler tags.

No. 277486
>that spoiler image
i recognize it
No. 277487
Post it.
No. 277488
No. 277489
File 157690843539.gif - (1.29MB , 695x615 , 36aaf88fde2f7a82cc4554b63f40fd10.gif )
you post it
like i'd have something like that saved
No. 277490
Asanagi fan?

Do it, lmao.
No. 277491
File 157690948434.png - (4.33MB , 2500x2967 , Rodina Pregnant Part 1 by GY.png )
it's Loli
No. 277492
Asanagi pretty good.
hmm hmm. pretty good, I must say. My fav is 1guy 1 girl looking passionately at one another tho, as u must know.
Preg is top tier tho.
No. 277493
oops, no flag. :p
No. 277494
i'm not much for this level of lewdness myself, i am rather tame, i just recognized the picture because it is really wild
No. 277495
>Part 1
Go on.

Yeah, he has some good stuff. Didn't think you'd be into that sort of thing, though.
No. 277496
It's the kind of thing I typically pass over and admire, before fawning over a gorgeous digital painting of a qt loli looking really intimate (love to Feral Lemma), and then busting my nut to a moneyshot.
No. 277497
Thought so, your heart is too pure for Asanagi doujinshi.

>Feral Lemma
No. 277498
File 157691117286.jpg - (122.91KB , 707x1000 , FM.jpg )
I like his artwork
He also goes by another name that I don't recall at the moment.
No. 277499
Bruh, wrong tag.
No. 277500
:( I am not used to this chan. I just clicked both options (though I did mention content type just for safety)
No. 277501
Okay, went into the files and changed it. Sadly there's no other way for me to do it.
No. 277502
Thankyou. I will remember this for next time.
No. 277503
D: I keep forgetting to flag myself after you went all the way to add my flag. Here we go!
No. 277504
I don't blame you, the flag system here isn't ideal. But it'll have to do for now.
No. 277505
Only takes one lesson.
No. 277506
I really should try to get a little more rest, Usa. I'm gonna get going now. Nai nai, hope to see something from you in regards to the GETmas card.
No. 277507
Nai nai. I will make something for that card. Sleep good, my sweet king.
No. 277508
;_; I keep forgetting to add my flag, and King-sama went to the trouble of adding it and felt bad for having forgottern.
No. 277509
>WaRnInG iT's LoLiTa CoMpLeX!1!1!
It absolutely blows my mind there are shithole countries **and a few shithole states in burgerstan** where you can actually get thrown in the partyvan for drawings right now
No. 277513
File La_Patata_(Definitive_Edition)_compressed_into_a.webm - (7.10MB , La Patata (Definitive Edition) compressed into a.webm )
Posting la patata because it has to be uploaded at least once to GETchan's servers
No. 277514
File 157692705730.png - (4.39MB , 2500x2967 , Rodina Pregnant Part 2 by GY.png )
since you're asking so nicely
i keep forgetting too
don't worry about it
as long as we do remember and appreciate it, it should be fine
people care about the most ridiculous things in an attempt to make themselves feel morally superior
i suggest daydreaming about a time we get to take revenge on those who wronged us in the most colourful ways you can imagine

kinda cool how the card is looking so far, quite a few entries
also looks like i'm gonna getting comfy here, the bunker still isn't back yet, feeling bad for poor space_
No. 277515
i was talking about flag in that post and i still forgot, darnit
No. 277517
It's from the booru right? I remember seeing it there.
>i keep forgetting too
>forgets it
>also looks like i'm gonna getting comfy here, the bunker still isn't back yet, feeling bad for poor space_
Yeah espacio_ said yesterday that it should have been onlie this morning, let's hope he finds a way to fix it.
Also when we get back, king make colgate the default css of the board I like it and besides, youtsuba is an option so people who like it more can choose
No. 277518
File 157692853460.png - (1.50MB , 822x1079 , d57cb8c057b0897b5288eb17e480d656a4e9b330.png )
So cold...
No. 277519
File 157692917429.png - (153.47KB , 636x708 , sip.png )
it's on the booru, yes, but probably "hidden" because downvoted
and yeh, i read that it should be back about now but i guess it's bigger trouble than anticipated
glad we have this place for now
have some tea
No. 277520
File 157692944197.png - (1.32MB , 1003x1415 , fa9b1aa8f00ed7c8955a15b68f114f14b688f422.png )
Still not lovin' tea
No. 277522
File 157692987766.png - (14.56KB , 266x220 , 1455964749787.png )
time 4 coffe
No. 277523
File drink-mo-wata.webm - (6.61MB )
time 4 water
No. 277524
File 157693237169.png - (502.26KB , 1004x653 , rodina nwio.png )
>it's on the booru, yes, but probably "hidden" >because downvoted
I can see it at least (pic related)
>glad we have this place for now
coffi tiem
No. 277525
File 157693339470.png - (122.90KB , 283x576 , 423t25h.png )
herbata jest bardzo dobra dla twojego zdrowia
just put sugar in it or something
No. 277526
File 157693391282.png - (75.17KB , 894x868 , me selling my soul to freech.png )
I did something stupid and wanted to share it
No. 277527
File 157693527415.jpg - (133.35KB , 717x1000 , 0f96d18457fb2781eee8b0b2b7650f7e.jpg )
I see Bunkerchan is still down

Anyways, how ya'll mofo's doing


No. 277528
Post vid
pretty well
btw there's a special spoiler tag for nsfw
No. 277529
I'm fine

>Post vid
It's cringy and has terrible video / audio quality.
Do you really want to see it?
No. 277530
File 15769356954.png - (500.44KB , 960x1280 , 53032086_p3.png )
>btw there's a special spoiler tag for nsfw


No. 277531
>Do you really want to see it?
No. 277532
File flossin_for_freech3.webm - (16.12MB , flossin for freech3.webm )
No. 277533
File 157693713479.jpg - (20.83KB , 400x400 , nice.jpg )
No. 277534
We had Colgate 3 as the default theme for the board until around the time /leftytrash/ came over. Updating the Lynxchan software kept breaking the CSS, so we just switched to Yotsuba instead. It also puts us more in tune with the other boards anyways since we won’t have an exclusive theme.
No. 277535
>We had Colgate 3 as the default theme for the board until around the time /leftytrash/ came over.
yeah I know.
I was the second one to complain in the CSS change thread in fact jej
>Updating the Lynxchan software kept breaking the CSS, so we just switched to Yotsuba instead.
oh, thought you changed the theme because it might break the CSS not because it already did, my bad.
No. 277536
what's going on there?
doing alright here, could be better but i'll have to work on that
No. 277537
>Be me
>go to Freech.net to ask them to stop attacking bunkerchan.
>Rodent (the guy behind it) sais that he will stop if I flossed to "girls just wanna have fun"
>I did it >>277532
>he stopped his attack
>10 minutes later
>Space_ makes a tweet saying that bunkerchan will be down till tomorrow morning (changing servers)
No. 277539
not to berate you, but you should leave that kinda stuff to the people in responsible positions, basically space_ as the owner, for your own sake
No. 277540
bunkerchan is back
No. 277541
bunkerchan is back
No. 277542
It's down again
No. 277544
And now it's up again
No. 277545
File 157694632139.jpg - (30.79KB , 500x367 , up down up down.jpg )
and now it's down again
No. 277546
something feels off
might just me being depressed
No. 277547
And it's up again.
No. 277548
What do you mean?
Still down for me
No. 277549
Am I the only m0d who can't access the /GET/ mod panel?
No. 277550
File 157695014630.jpg - (605.48KB , 1081x922 , 1576885005907.jpg )
It's down again.
No. 277551
File 157695046128.png - (191.66KB , 594x718 , 892470.png )
beats me, not one of you guys

imma stay here until things work for sure
i'll assume it will be like that for a while longer so i wont bother
just kinda sad we can't get the GETmas card finished up in the bunkers
No. 277553
good morning comrades
No. 277554
Works fine for me right now.
No. 277557
It's fixed
No. 277559
File 157696840273.png - (30.28KB , 277x287 , 158021.png )
i guess everyone went back
No. 277560
I'm still here, well, I'm in both places at once. I am a dimension spanning being.
No. 277561
I'm having trouble posting.
No. 277562
Bunkerchan's still 50% there for me, it's there but half the stuff is missing or broken, the flags are just JPEG file symbols and I think gifs and webms are broken.
No. 277563
File 157699959850.gif - (760.88KB , 400x400 , 1505599659652.gif )
it still feels a bit lonely here though
would like to just post with everyone like before
hope bunker will run normally soon
No. 277564
it's "normal" for me
No. 277565
Same. People ignore my posts most of the time anyway.
No. 277566
have some notice from me, i'm sorry i have nothing better to give
No. 277567
No. 277568
File 157733689364.jpg - (230.37KB , 600x450 , fBDnQv.jpg )
I might post some drawings here and there for GETchan and Bunkerchan.
No. 277569
No. 277573
I see you survived the nuclear holocaust.
No. 277578
It went down
No. 277582
Hopefully only temporarily, in the meantime let's comfy this place up a bit. I don't like seeing it so barren.
No. 277600
I see Bunkerchan has shit itself again
No. 277601
This is a shame; I was having a good time being miserable in the usathread
No. 277602
What are the super tuesday results looking like now
No. 277604
No. 277608
Welp. Unless Bernie can landslide win in Texas and California, its ogre.
No. 277611
File 158328987290.jpg - (61.27KB , 619x570 , 1389647013755.jpg )
>implying it wasn't ogre from the get go
No. 277612
File 158328987564.jpg - (61.27KB , 619x570 , 1389647013755.jpg )
>implying it wasn't ogre from the get go
No. 277614
Got a feeling day later we will find out there were shenanigans in the vote counting
No. 277616
Mongo Topology rekt.
No. 277617
File 158329112296.jpg - (432.03KB , 2250x1500 , TG_ALIVEFNL-8.jpg )
Mommy's Back in the race.
No. 277619
No doubt they will change the rules to exclude her
No. 277620
What is this place.
Why are the colours different.
Why are the posts weird.
I'm scared. Help. Help.
No. 277621
Cali's initial results are coming in 20 mins and I can't relish in the cluster fuck on the other board

No. 277622
File 158329334980.png - (180.30KB , 1200x760 , Democratic_Party_presidential_primaries_results,_2.png )
/USApol/ theme ( Just replace Snoop Dog with the guy from Despacito.)
No. 277623
ment to reply to
No. 277624
Meaning of the colors?
No. 277625
Bernie is fucked.
No. 277626
Fuck Warren
No. 277627
Fuck em all.
No. 277628
No ya dum dum. You're like the Megapedes posting maps about counties which vote for Trump. It doesn't matter, even the uneven weighting of the electoral college and that kinda shit is not enough, what matters is the big population centers, Cali, Tex, and Florida. The black states have done their damage already, there aren't any more. Hispanics will win this for Bernie.
No. 277629
I'm not saying give up, I'm saying Bernie is fucked.
No. 277630
Seems like old people are kinda epic fail tbh
No. 277631
I forgot NY, Bern gotta fight that out with Bloomburg.
No. 277632
I'm voting for Nader
No. 277633
If Bernie can't take cali and texas it's over. The only good thing about this is watching Biden get humiliated by Trump and lose.
No. 277634
why it down
No. 277635
Biden won Mass lmao
No. 277636
File 158329473750.png - (278.02KB , 464x276 , Capture6.png )
No. 277637
File 158329487739.jpg - (240.81KB , 837x935 , 1560703691169.jpg )
why does warren have delegates? why is biden leading? what is this shit i'm waking up to? fuck, i'll go back to sleep
No. 277638
Well he's leading in Texas and (hopefully)California, so he'll probably come out with the most but not by a huge margin, which is disappointing since he needed to take it all in order to get a majority otherwise the Super Dels are gonna fuck him.
No. 277639
Warren wants to screw over Bernie and the moderate dems ritually sacrificed themselves to give Biden a power up.
No. 277640
He's not gonna get Texas or Cali.

Smart move, I did that for 2016 and to this day don't regret it.
No. 277641
File 158329551456.png - (41.04KB , 525x325 , 525px-Democratic_Party_presidential_primaries_resu.png )
Compare to 2016. when he won none of them, Not Cali not Tex not Florida not NY. And still made it to the convention.
No. 277642
put it back
No. 277643
so I gueds no heathcare and cribbling debt for me :::DDD
No. 277644
File 158329648848.jpg - (20.91KB , 498x370 , why can't I hold any of these oranges.jpg )
God, I almost forgot how much of a trash pile Kusaba X is.
No. 277646
Still not as bad as leftypol.org
And illegal pot, and the worsening of climate change...... plz nuke America daddy Kim.
No. 277647
Can't argue with those board styles, though.
No. 277648
what's wrong with it? i miss a few things but overall seems nice
No. 277650
What imageboard software does that use?

Gochan has a Burichan theme.

It leaves a lot to be desired, the UI sucks, it's buggy, etc.
No. 277652
I have returned. Gf wanted to sleep through this nonsense, so I aided her. Is America facing a terminal decline into fascism or is Bernie getting in his chance to keep this mess together for 4 years before it all collapses?
No. 277653
File 158329938041.jpg - (161.41KB , 850x1202 , __original_drawn_by_kawakami_masaki__sample-267f67.jpg )
fuck burgerstan politics, post butts.
No. 277654
File 15832994264.png - (205.85KB , 440x625 , nendoroid_rin_tezuka_by_mewewewewewew-d4w1tw9.png )
The phrase "Make America Great Again" has been associated with the Cult of Trump and the alt-right, but I do hope and want to believe that Sanders will truly make America great, at least reasonably so.
No. 277655
name fucked up.
No. 277656
File 15832995151.png - (171.43KB , 467x413 , 1386903117896.png )
>mfw someone else knows of god of butts Kawakami Masaki
No. 277657
File 158329953372.jpg - (59.08KB , 500x721 , 140495729991.jpg )
Maybe when I get around to shaving.
No. 277658
Depends on Texas for now I suppose
No. 277659
File 158329969721.jpg - (72.88KB , 648x1200 , __kuroeda_san_elf_san_wa_yaserarenai_drawn_by_syne.jpg )
>Maybe when I get around to shaving.
No. 277660
File 158329979162.png - (8.43KB , 500x400 , btw.png )
I'm really bad about procrastination though, and kinda private, so I wouldn't hold your breath.
No. 277663
I see now the extent of things.
Today is the day that reformism was killed. We operate on a new set of praxis now.
No. 277664
File 158330128465.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
Related to Bunkerchan/GETchan or the elections?
No. 277667
the elections
also goddamnit flag stay on
No. 277668
File 158330170687.png - (175.61KB , 253x523 , 140422603447.png )
Unless I'm uninformed, Bernie's campaign isn't dead yet.
>also goddamnit flag stay on
You have Kusaba to blame for that. Honestly, I wouldn't even bother with the QR.
No. 277669
I guess Bunkerchan is back up
No. 277673
Is this a totally seperate thread from the one on bunkerchan or a mirror?
No. 277674
it's a backup.
No. 277675
File 158341936394.jpg - (352.87KB , 700x484 , 17687f478ed02bdeafa9bf9e849d50ce-imagejpeg.jpg )


But GETchan is so comfy, tho.
No. 277678
the catalog is horrid
No. 277679
>Using a catalogue
No. 277700
There's a catalog?
No. 277701
No. 277715
not the topology oh no no no
No. 277716
What the hell happened?
No. 277717
bunkerchan ran out of server space again lmao
No. 277718
No. 277720
Are the images going to be restored at least? Also this shit wouldn't happen if we had an archive system so that old threads wouldn't be lost but wouldn't clog up the fucking catalog.
No. 277721
File 158553282782.png - (781.67KB , 1042x1590 , 1506099764094.png )
well when satan-kun gets here:
chastity is more about control outside of the bedroom - the idea of giving up sexual agency to a gf or bf as a sign of submission to their sole sexual whims. most chastity porn is more about humiliation than it is about their actual application in sub/dom relationships. part of this is because it is hard to convey teasing foreplay in most media, so chastity is a good visual shorthand for "haha you can't cum!"
No. 277722
>Are the images going to be restored at least?
mmmmm, good question, but I doubt so.
>Also this shit wouldn't happen if we had an archive system so that old threads wouldn't be lost but wouldn't clog up the fucking catalog.
Eh, it'd only help if we cut down on the number of pages per board and only save the text of threads, not images. But this would also mean slow-burn generals like the /dprk/ thread and the /prc/ thread would die a lot more often.
No. 277723
Then simply move those over to /ref/ or another less active board would be a solution
No. 277724
File 158553320795.png - (30.49KB , 970x56 , Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 6_52_22 PM.png )
Also how does this play into bunkerchan coming back online
No. 277725
all the boards use the same server space - you can't really fix it by moving stuff around. we either need more server space or less images on site at any given time - which would mean cutting down on the number of posts viewable at any given time. we could make threads bumplock/cyclical at 300 rather than 500 posts, for example.
Who knows, I don't trust space after that whole /troon/ debacle.
No. 277726
Pls NSFW tag.
No. 277727
What I meant was put those threads into lets say /ref/ a less active board, therefore less likely to die. And then cut down the number of pages by half in leftypol, freeing up more space while not letting threads like /dprk/ and /prc/ die out
No. 277728
I did, but I guess spoiler overrides nsfw. whoops.
No. 277729
Is server-chan going to be okay?
No. 277730
That would do some good, you should suggest that to the mods when bunkerchan unfucks itself.
No. 277731
File 158553367271.png - (60.78KB , 597x227 , Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 6_59_57 PM.png )
lmao the motherfucker
No. 277732
Imagine all those poor faggots who were duped by incel gang into thinking that leftypol.org was the backup, the fucking site isn't even up anymore lmao
No. 277733
When did it bomb?
Or am I thinking of leftypol.com or something.
No. 277734
literally a couple of days ago, it randomly linked back to bunkerchan catalog and the owner deleted his blog
No. 277736
File 158553487654.png - (366.59KB , 640x768 , Picture.png )
No. 277738
Oh, it happened again ! Oh my!
No. 277739
Yep, apparently
No. 277740
Shaving is really nice ! Do it.
No. 277741
What the hell is the name ?
No. 277742
Is Zeke here?
Is this leakage?
No. 277745
That is me. Do not know what happened. It does that every time now, I worry it is some kind of doxible number thing, have to make sure now that it says Étienne in the name box.
No. 277746
File 15855358584.jpg - (39.98KB , 800x450 , elfpractice.jpg )
Topology=Destroyed tiem to nut party
No. 277747
Seems to be back up, but you never know
No. 277748
Session ID shouldn't be vulnerable, but session data leaking can be very bad depending on what and if it's accessible externally. I dunno how this framework works though, hence why I was asking if Zeke is around since they're the expert.

A wild cuddlefox appears...
No. 277749
Shush cuddleslut.
No. 277760
Hey don't bully cuddlesluts they are meant for cuddles and non lewds. Just nuzzles.
No. 277787
No. 277804
now what exactly happened to bunkerchan. having a host error
No. 277813
File 158734056957.jpg - (67.67KB , 492x489 , 603c80aa8d3d9d9f6b583d26e502c201-imagejpeg.jpg )
No. 277816
No. 277825
No. 277855
File 158734386521.png - (8.47KB , 240x240 , kuma_dance.png )
No. 277883
No. 277884
Hey everyone.
Are we being DDoSd? Lol
No. 277885
Bunkerchan broke.
No. 277886
File 158735398332.jpg - (174.52KB , 1687x1488 , aco.jpg )
y'all want some Posadist kitty tiddies?
>boost in dick, boost in morale
No. 277887
No. 277888
File 158735469788.png - (145.11KB , 200x387 , c60.png )
COMRADES OF GETchan! how goes it?
No. 277889
Well well well well well well well lookie who we have here
No. 277890
File 158735533082.jpg - (25.98KB , 352x550 , 1577679357439.jpg )
sup dude?
big boobies
No. 277891
what up Yugo
No. 277893
I'm eager for bunkchan to be back up so I can post my translation draft. you know about the Kautsky translation project we started up recently?
No. 277895
Fucking name
No. 277897
No. 277899
the what? what is that?
No. 277901
Why shit
No. 277902
on /edu/ yes
No. 277903
Karl Kautsky's book on the French Revolution, "Die Klassengegensätze im Zeitalter der Französischen Revolution", second edition, 1908. we have the original German as well as a French translation. I know French so I proposed a project: for the board to work together and write an English edition. if it goes through, this will be my first real contribution to the body of Marxist literature! (°♡°)
No. 277904
File 15873561998.jpg - (18.99KB , 500x331 , kuma_nerd.jpg )

>his will be my first real contribution to the body of Marxist literature!
haha, nerd
No. 277905
File 158735624583.png - (250.42KB , 557x561 , pngfind_com-astolfo-png-5519427.png )
Forget bunkerchan, this is your new home, GETchan 2.0 is the new 3.0, we love it here and you will too.
Ohyo, MIA baby.[spoiler][/spoiler]
No. 277906
Fucking name again.
No. 277908
That's pretty damn neat. Are there no projects or groups of leftist literature translation of certain obscure or hard to find books etc?
what do u mean MIA? ive been here and there all day.
No. 277909
Ahhhhhhh name broke.
No. 277910
dude what did u do
No. 277911
I typed on my keyboard and deleted system 32 like I was told.
No. 277912
I typed on my keyboard and deleted system 32 like I was told.
No. 277913
Nvm fixed it
No. 277914
baka moment
No. 277915
It's not a baka moment if it's a baka lifetime.
No. 277918
that's an admirable life choice.
No. 277919
i like the flat spoiler more

just as i get up fun times are over, huh?
No. 277920
Yeah, Bunkerchan is up up up
No. 277925
No. 277926
>King leaves
>bunkerchan goes down
Damn, even the servers are sad
No. 277927
And we're back.
No. 277928
The bunker's still down 4 me
No. 277929
No. 277930
I mean back in here
No. 277931
File 158766549161.png - (113.28KB , 300x300 , sad(1).png )
Oh, ok.
No. 277932
No. 277933
what happened, were you trying to do post an effortpost or something?
No. 277934
No. 277936
no lmao I am just an impatient hoe who am super bored
No. 277937
Nah ur just a hoe
No. 277939
File 158766582886.jpg - (45.35KB , 550x700 , d968dfc036dc5809b7fa06c50465ddee-imagejpeg.jpg )
t. revisionist
No. 277940
Oh ok then lul
No. 277942
T. Subby slut who begs to get big dicky in his ass
No. 277943
You forgot your flag
No. 277944
Oh shit thanks comrade
No. 277945
np bby
No. 277946
File 158766622733.png - (613.35KB , 1000x1000 , 1459744527304.png )
ur definitely a hoe
No. 277947
Based flag
Comrades, we're all sluts here
No. 277949
File 15876664778.jpg - (34.95KB , 600x400 , ece82b0b4df2409a4b59ed8dd2b11a0dd4c8d749r1-600-400.jpg )
why would me being a hoe make me any worse than a revisionist? at least I'm a hoe who loves my uncle.
No. 277950
File 158766653488.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
Fair enough. Better a hoe than a revisionist, or even worse, a reactionary.
No. 277951
File 158766659251.png - (109.07KB , 500x500 , d67.png )
Yeah but you don't suck uncle's cock, you suck revisionist cock.
No. 277952
ah, but for me, lewd relations and theoretical struggle aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. what if you fucked me from behind while I read to you Hoxha's critique of Titoist revisionism?
No. 277953
Didn't know you could talk with a fat cock in your mouth.
No. 277954
I very specifically said "fucked me from behind". blowjobs are nice and all, but a good buttfucc is what I'm really a slut for.
No. 277955
You act as though those are mutually exclusive :^).
No. 277956
Alright I made it here. To answer patataposter's question on which song we should base Comrade King's tribute on. I'd personally like "You fell victim." mostly because of the way it gradually progresses from somber to triumphant.
No. 277958
No. 277959
But he's not
No. 277960

what? king died?
No. 277961
File 158766746375.png - (128.65KB , 1871x913 , Comrade King's Final Farewell.png )
Nah, he just left after saying his goodbyes.
No. 277962
File 158766749097.jpg - (72.02KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
No. 277963
Cool, found some instrumental here https://youtu.be/OQSSktcYXUs tomorrow I'll do the strawpol and we can decide
He decided to go outside basically the same
No. 277965

goodbye sweet prince
No. 277966
File 158766756929.jpg - (501.68KB , 900x900 , 1401853284372.jpg )
He retired.
No. 277967
File 15876676105.jpg - (26.19KB , 104x124 , Tito face.jpg )
No. 277971
Fuck i want to do things about things that are happening but I can't do anything I can't even leave home ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
No. 277980
File 15876694152.jpg - (22.08KB , 476x350 , ok.jpg )
>write post
>accidentally close tab
>oh well i will just open again
>bunker says no
No. 277981
File 158766954275.png - (202.45KB , 800x600 , 3a451df8349f3a84c336d2c9236d9402-imagepng.png )
Maybe when tourism porky gets too nervous about the lack of profits and opens the national borders back up again ya'll can fly over here and live in my family's lakeside sauna for the summer, I mean there's certainly enough space there to house like a whole family.
No. 277982
No. 277986
File 158767004386.jpg - (394.03KB , 1200x800 , outside.jpg )
Dunno how longs that going to take, heard that they were considering closing the borders untill December
No. 278017
Wake up
No. 278022
File 159097632311.png - (85.68KB , 333x292 , 412093.png )
this site is trash
No. 278024
Perfect for you
No. 278030
Think I might get a name or a flag or something when Bunkerchan is back seeing as I post in /GET/ pretty constantly now but eh
No. 278033
File 15909767607.png - (258.67KB , 503x539 , ?.png )
who r u
No. 278036
no ur trashe
business aidia: using /ref/ namefig conventions.
No. 278037
That guy that posts
Like this?
No. 278038
> /ref/ namefig conventions
No. 278039
Yeah. What's NI stand for?
2 capital letters as your name, may or may not stand for anything. it was also used on /crab/
No. 278041
File 159097754373.png - (128.32KB , 424x236 , ??.png )
wack and trapped in /GET/

ショボ━(`・ω・´)━( `・ω)━(  `・)━(     )━(・`  )━(ω・` )━(´・ω・`)━ン…
No. 278042
I thought it was meant to be your location?
No. 278043
Gonna need more info than that fam, got a lot of people claiming to post, yet if that were true everyone here would be posting.
No. 278045
I do:
Bike posts
Horny posts
Geopolitics posts
Sober posts
Anti-Anglo posts
Shit posts

But nobody knows because I just post, I have no name
No. 278046
Well, you could make it that too. It's your choice.
No. 278047
Youch! It seems you doxxed yourself. Imma send so manny pizzas to your house
Everyone was posting. That’s why bunker be down
No. 278048
tf is bunkerchan down
No. 278050
No. 278053
Whom else /pingas/ gang?
No. 278057
you also give a lot of running advice
No. 278058
Ye, that was like twice though
I'm more /Alicia/ myself

Feels kind of narcissistic having a name ngl
No. 278059
File 159097931890.png - (915.35KB , 960x713 , 4Z5i7uG.png )
tbf tho

you have a lot of identifiable traits that trace back to you even if youre not posting with a name
No. 278064
ur all gay heh
No. 278065
Well yeah but there's a difference between having traits that a regular can piece together as being all one person rather than just having a name
Also like all /GET/ posters I post some really weird shit occassionally and I'm not sure about having that associated with my normal posting activities
No. 278066
I mean, you can always post that anonymously
No. 278067
File 15909809604.png - (1.52MB , 1218x1240 , f3b8014b7e24edd678d6e4b6b25f292d-imagepng.png )
Embrace the weird shit. The weird shit is good.
No. 278068

No. 278069
bros is it happening
No. 278070
I'm flattered you think I'm so competent
No. 278092
Wake up
No. 278108
Too busy being horny to post
No. 278109
Dubua Dubya Dubya dot the kid from Brooklyn dot com
No. 278110
File Quaaludes_[REUPLOAD].webm - (4.79MB , Quaaludes [REUPLOAD].webm )
Post horny then.
No. 278111
>You'll never be off your fucking face on disco biscuits in a new york bar having unprotected sex with a motown girl free of the worry of HIV in the mid 70's
Is there any point in living really?
No. 278112
bunkerchan is back up.
No. 278120
We are down my fellow edgy revolutionaries
No. 278121
File 159114032125.png - (78.38KB , 676x792 , wokechadpital.png )
"I think that Sabisky’s ideas are right and accurately reflect reality. If they’re “repulsive,” that’s because reality is repulsive. But the left doesn’t care about the accuracy of Sabisky’s ideas, because the left is interested in power, not in truth. The left’s settled policy in these matters is not to debate but to defenestrate. It has been destroying the careers and livelihoods of stale pale male crime-thinkers like James Watson, Jason Richwine and Noah Carl for decades."
- Tobias Langdon
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