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File 157686450753.jpg - (59.54KB , 372x337 , animes.jpg )
277322 No. 277322
You know the drill by now: Movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.
Expand all images
No. 277323
Added as many flags as I could find, let me know if I forgot any.
No. 277324
No. 277325
File 157686580297.jpg - (1.38MB , 3264x1836 , 20191216_194011.jpg )
Oi oi oi
What's all this then
No. 277332
File 157686799735.jpg - (68.20KB , 767x1000 , 1539378483564.jpg )
aww yeah
No. 277333
File 157686805386.png - (387.78KB , 600x675 , 03f96cdcf6bd1e33eec48e4d50fee13b0646f1d02af952e22a.png )
No. 277336
She's a pretty good lay aswell
No. 277338
File 15768686183.png - (38.14KB , 657x527 , 1575638507043.png )
Bunkerchan's back online rn so I'll keep a tab open but my main focus will probably still be there unless there's another DDOS attack, which forces a more permanent move. I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that though
No. 277339
RIP spoilers
No. 277340
oh shit the spoilers
No. 277341
This is just a temporary solution.
No. 277342
File 157686910540.png - (175.73KB , 492x345 , Sheev is back.png )
Alright time for my Episode IX Review.


Alright so Palpatine IS back, they literally just ripped him being cloned on Biss and building super weapons in secret from the books, except Biss is renamed to Exfil or Exposition or something cause royalties. Other than that the movie is shit. Seriously Palpatine was the best part. Apparently all Star Destoyers have deathstar lasers stuck on them(what), Kylo Ren sticks that shitty mask back on which he just takes off whenever(Imagine how shit Vader would be if he just took off his mask randomly). Rey turns out to be Palpatine's granddaughter(Despite Palpatine canonically never even having a son but OK) and the reveal is literally just another "I am your father moment" with Rey saying it's not true and then jumping off the platform to land on the millennium falcon. Also there's no driving force for anything, no consequence for anything: Chewbacca died? Nope he was on another transport. C-3PO had his memory wiped? Nope R2 had a backup of his memory. Poe's girlfriend got blown up? Nope she got off the planet somehow and they don't even bother explaining how. Nobody of consequence dies, there's no sacrifice or anything and you should feel that a fleet of 10 000 star destroyers would be threatening except guess what they all have a critical weakness that the Rebels managed to get the exact plans to, and guess what Rey fights Palpatine and manages to save the plan when it goes to inevitable shit. Oh also Rey dies but doesn't cause space magic healing. Oh and Kylo Ren switches to the light side after losing to Rey and then being healed(cause even though they did exactly that in the last 2 movies I guess third time's the charm). Only redeeming parts of the movie is the fact that Palpatine is back as I've said, and that it retcons Rian Johnson's fuckup a number of times which is slightly gratifying.

Also did I mention Palpatine's the best part? God I fucking love how they present him.

Basic plot summary: Palpatine is back, turns out to be the Star Wars Illuminati and responsible for everything, Rebels need to stop him by finding the map to where he is(Just like Episode 7 all over again), they go to a bunch of places for no real reason even though they're on a 16 hour deadline, manage to find the coordinates by accident and the plans to Palpatine's secret fleet, Rey and Kylo Ren fight on the Deathstar II's wreckage and Rey finds out she's Palpatine's granddaughter and he wants her to kill herself so his soul can pass into her out of his dying clone(wtf is the point of that clone then?), they go to Palpatine and fight together while the Rebels die until the rest of the galaxy shows up(despite this being told as not going to happen in Episode 8) and the whole Empire fleet can't move cause uhhhhhh plot reasons with the atmosphere. Then palpatine gets healed, Rey throws herself at him to sacrifice herself to save everyone, Kylo Ren sacrifices himself to save Rey, everyone celebrates the end.

3/10 Only good part was Sheev
No. 277343
One day I'll get it right.
No. 277344
No. 277345
oi shush you.
No. 277346
I'm sorry I can't hear you, could you please speak in Bold?
No. 277347
I speak in fursuit.
No. 277348
Oh btw how is it going with your fursuit?
Hope it was worth the 2 years of wait
No. 277349
Damn fucking straight it was. And you ain't getting pics.
No. 277350
>Damn fucking straight it was.
Good for you
>And you ain't getting pics.
I didn't even ask for them, rude
No. 277351
I know you wanted it for mehmehs.
No. 277352
Why are you so perverted?
No. 277355
its too fuckin cold out tbh
No. 277356
words can't describe how much I hate rodent
No. 277357
File 157687381147.jpg - (27.17KB , 400x400 , amancandream.jpg )
I have to admit that Nico is kinda cute in terms of looks, if only she didn't have such an underdeveloped body. Anyone know any Doujinshi where she's more... mature in terms of body proportions?
No. 277358
Edited this post because the misuse of tags is gross.
No. 277359
File 157687438842.jpg - (78.21KB , 800x600 , 1451099118333.jpg )
No. 277360
The fuck is going on with Bunkerchan this time, it was working a couple hours ago
No. 277361
Space was talking about maintenance earlier so it might be related to that. or it might be the same people from before doing it again.
No. 277362
a mix of trying to migrate features specific to bunkerchan to a new version of lynxchan and some lolbert fash wasting their time and energy
No. 277363
File 157687472130.gif - (57.87KB , 250x250 , 490c4a26c0affe59e19f87b5d89749d5d2807ee2.gif )
at least we got a bunker from the bunker here
No. 277364
bunkers inside bunkers inside bunkers inside bunkers.
truly, the sun itself is revisionist.
No. 277365
Bunkers within bunkers.
Bunkers all the way down.
No. 277367
this board software is better looking and seemingly more stable than bunkerchans and leftypol.org(the worst software and so ugly)

why isn't this bunkerchan?
No. 277368
just like 2012
No. 277369
leftypol.org was like, an 8chan era project, so it was already known by the time bunkerchan became the main site of leftypol, and as such most leftypol peeps know it as the other site to go to. plus up until like, today, GETchan had not been up for a while, since GET merged with bunkerchan a while ago.
No. 277370
File 157687628676.png - (3.52MB , 1632x2500 , Yusuf Popelin_downsized.png )
On Tomoko's suggestion I'm sharing the final render on my 2D Character Design course assignment.
The criteria for the design were:
>18th century France
>It has to have some "oriental" features, meaning anything east of Europe.
>It has to include a fantasy element of some kind
>It has to have proper shading & lighting and an interesting pose

How this design filled that was:
>By having him be a revolutionary during the events of 1789
>By having him originate from French-occupied Mesopotamia and wear the clothing traditional to that region of the world
>By having the world he inhabits be an alternate timeline where for some reason the French decided to colonize the Middle-East region way before they stepped foot into Syria following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire
>By taking several photos of myself dressed up in a bathrobe and striking up a few poses until I found one that was suitable to use as reference

The actual drawing process was just making the silhouette, adding in detail based on the reference pose image and moodboard until I had a fully shaded grayscale-version. After that I experimented with various colors by painting over the existing grayscale until I found a point I was satisfied with. Once the character itself was done I added some background elements like the burning flag and then played with the brightness and contrast values. All in all it was quite the interesting experience and I feel like I learned quite a lot during the whole thing.
No. 277371
I was hoping you would find your way here, it's just like old times. Though this is a later backup, so there are features here we didn't have in 2012 like flags and WEBM support.

Yeah, it's the first time we've been on this domain in a little over a year. It's a little nostalgic, ngl.
No. 277372
File 1560724982.webm - (18.00MB )
Webm test.
No. 277373
File 157687742222.jpg - (267.75KB , 800x1050 , 43315926_p0_master1200.jpg )
looks really awesome, nice job!
reminded me a bit of Cossacks
they should make webms behave like that on the bunker it's kinda cool
No. 277374
File 157687799920.png - (32.43KB , 300x100 , GET 2.png )
Daily reminder
No. 277375
I wonder, why does it refresh when I post?

Not to mention reset the UI settings
No. 277376
That's just how the software here works. Sorry, fam.
No. 277377
It could use autorefresh and a reply box on the foot but. Its fast. Also better mobile experience
No. 277379
No. 277380
File 157687844641.jpg - (69.57KB , 1280x720 , mein.jpg )
Oh, there he is.
No. 277382
Lmao what did you do to my name
No. 277383
Huh it didn't change this time?
No. 277384
File 157687889019.jpg - (262.10KB , 1200x849 , Do4-FzvVAAATGnw.jpg )
Can we stay here? It's much comfier than bunkerchan.
No. 277385
Oh, I see. My flag doesn't work.
No. 277386
Who the fuck is the dumbass posting random sets of letters on Bunkerchan?
No. 277387
File 157687945359.png - (405.46KB , 800x600 , __kuroki_tomoko_watashi_ga_motenai_no_wa_dou_kanga.png )
it's comfy
could get used to
but not sure of King wants to keep it for anything but a backup
No. 277388
Idk but it was all proxies.
No. 277389
Nah, this is merely a relic of the past.

I guess it doesn't take too kindly to GIFs. Added an animated PNG version, so hopefully that works.

It's a spambot, not a person themselves. Someone would have to be pretty autistic to do something like that manually.
No. 277390
helps adding more of those to the ban list
at least it's just letterspam
>Someone would have to be pretty autistic to do something like that manually.
i'd argue someone putting up a spambot for the job is rather autistic too
No. 277391
>helps adding more of those to the ban list
All the posts are behind different IPs. It'll be a hell of a lot to clean up.

>i'd argue someone putting up a spambot for the job is rather autistic too
True, but only autistic enough that they want to mess with some chan users. It's much less actual work to write a script for this than to do it yourself.
No. 277392
It's a pain in the ass. I can't even rangeban because the IPs are too different. I tried selecting all the posts at once but then the site went down again.
No. 277393
I liked it. 8/10.
No. 277394
No. 277395
File 157688036556.jpg - (275.12KB , 728x800 , 132720877002.jpg )
Fuck off or I'll ban you too.

Communism is dead. You're in my neck of the woods now.
No. 277396
>threating to ban me
are you dumb or something
No. 277397
communism is eternal
No. 277398
File 157688061212.gif - (0.97MB , 500x281 , Bonk!.gif )
No. 277399
No. 277400
File 157688107226.jpg - (168.61KB , 849x1200 , 41980160_p0_master1200.jpg )
stop making me like yui
No. 277401
File 157688122637.gif - (139.71KB , 162x120 , 132720761108.gif )
You'll never stop liking Yui.
No. 277402
File 15768814078.gif - (423.06KB , 500x500 , Yui_Maid.gif )
What is there not to like about Yui?
No. 277403
Oh, it's so great having last50 again.
No. 277404
File 157688172241.jpg - (154.00KB , 551x551 , 1550365495648.jpg )
some tripfag on leftypol used to avatarfag with her and i was rather against that sort of stuff on imageboards, so seeing a yui posted on chans kinda started to piss me off
also the posts seemed rather pretentious while being mostly just repetitive, so the avatar made it look like the poster was just attention-whoring and pretending to effort post by hiding it behind long winded paragraphs of nothing

but now that i started to post tomoko i understand why someone would do that
No. 277405
File 157688197390.gif - (1.16MB , 457x268 , yuitomoko.gif )
> pretending to effort post by hiding it behind long winded paragraphs of nothing
Of course, Yuiposter was a Hegel fan.
No. 277406
File 157688254660.gif - (2.41MB , 640x360 , succ.gif )
i've seen hegelians post and talk, and they can be a bit much at times, yet always at the least interesting, but yuiposter was the only one to just annoy me
i don't even think that i cared much about what they posted about, just the way it was the same thing repeated in several paragraphs just felt so spammy
maybe i'm wrong though and it was just the avatar and tripping that made me perceive it negatively
No. 277407
Welp I guess that spammer got the 4 GET on Bunkerchan not that I can even tell if he got it with the site flickering faster than a pulsar. Can't be helped with that timing lel.
Oh Hai Mein-Senpai, how are you doing today?
That image is scary
No. 277408
File 15768826778.jpg - (4.00KB , 190x190 , 1575780648057.jpg )
glad we found a place to stay for awhile. was really starting to panick
No. 277409
> 5:55:55 PM

I'm fine. Slightly buzzed on moscato. How are you, friend? Have you finished your holiday shopping?

Who is this demon who misuses our lady's visage?
No. 277410
I didn't even notice the time GET, lel. Maybe this is the universe's IOU for the stolen 4 GET.

I'm doing fine though, been just playing vidya games today after running around doing chores, I haven't finished everything though gotta get some bath stuff for my grandma and some cards but that's it. What are you celebrating with that moscato?
No. 277411
I just sold my soul ,I think
No. 277412
Nothing at all. I've had it since September or October and wanted to finally drink it. It's making me hungry, though. I've been full most of the day since I overate yesterday and I've been trying to wait til tomorrow since my pants are tight but idk now. All I had was a few scrapple patties for breakfast.
No. 277413
>my pants are tight
I am having lewd thoughts
You planning on doing anything fun tonight in order to get the most out of it?
No. 277414
File 157688375364.png - (707.90KB , 871x1080 , ah.png )
Just shitposting on the internet. Now I want Taco Bell.
No. 277415
Well, the site will be up soon.
No. 277416
Just like my dick.
No. 277417
Shitposting is fun.
No. 277418
No. 277419
everyone gangsta till the south american picks a sniper rifle on halo
No. 277420
Email me, babe.
No. 277421
seems like bunkerchan is not coming back till tomorrow morning.

Does anyone want to know what I've been doing the last hours.
No. 277422
No. 277423
Watcha been up to today?
No. 277424
I've been dancing to "girls just wanna have fun"
No. 277425
Was not expecting that answer honestly.
No. 277426
Is there something wrong with it?
No. 277427
I took a nap and had a whack-ass dream, then I made cookies and hot chocolate to cool off a little. Now I am just kinda idling around figuring out what I want to do with myself.
No. 277428
Just Wendy's my shit up, fam.
No. 277429
Who's Joe Wendy?
No. 277430
No I just wasn't expecting it.
I'll frosty your chicken fingers.
No. 277431
A sexy redhead.

It was a chicken sandwich and I already ate it.
No. 277432
Since the Bunker is down, let me post this here.
Jimmy Dore live streaming now.
No. 277433
File Nai_Nai.webm - (2.80MB , Nai Nai.webm )
Bed time for me. Hopefully Bunkerchan is up and running again soon. Nai Nai, all.
No. 277434
sleep snug
No. 277435
File 157689106750.gif - (556.84KB , 480x270 , 7X0L.gif )
>that face
>that reaching hand
nai nai nii-sama
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