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  Thinking about the so-called "SJW" movement, I realized there is a really good apparatus set up to swiftly move the talking points of politics. Part of this is because it is easy for centrist neoliberals to appear like decent human beings without actually doing good things for people, but the question remains: can we integrate or infiltrate this network somehow? And subvert it for recruitment or at least dissemination of our ideas?

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  Why do you follow such a terrible leaders as a political idol?
It's like you have flat earth syndrome and anything the us government or western media says are lies, like actual facts.

No. 774 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Why do you follow such a terrible leaders as a political idol?
It's like you have flat earth syndrome and anything the us government or western media says are lies, like actual facts.

149797826351.jpg - (14.41KB , 343x206 , 12197_538561262979751_4130125646765682633_n.jpg )
773 No. 773 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Comrades of all nations, it has become our duty to unity and destroy a great evil within Leftists groups: demagoguery.
Oscar Wilde's dandy style and his pompous dialectics is the perfect representation for the demagogue left.
To kill Oscar Wilde, is to renounce demagoguery that leftists have been using for so long. To kill Oscar Wilde is to expose to the world that Liberals aren't leftists. To kill Oscar Wilde is to make leftists anti-capitalists again. To Kill Oscar Wilde is to destroy 'wokeness'.
We all know that Americans don't understand the concept of Left and right wings, but that's ok, as long as they are part of the working class, and looking forward to help us achieve our Fully Automated Queer Space Communism.
Tag it on walls (be it concrete walls, or virtual walls), spam the shit out of it, comment all over the interwebs: PLEASE KILL OSCAR WILDE;
Spread the word, we need that motherfucker dead, ASAP as possible.

149789999279.png - (269.77KB , 852x480 , Kambodscha.png )
756 No. 756 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Whats the best Kampuchea
No. 759
149790164336.png - (400.24KB , 842x642 , DK vs PRK.png )
The PRK.
No. 772
This right here. Fuck Pol Pot, that fascist scumfuck.

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  There is no strong proof to blaming PKI And also there is no strong proof to blaming The new order/Soeharto regime in the killing of "the right wing general" in "the movement of 30 September"

This movement just I see from my opinion and proof from my socialist friends and also proofs I get from the government media and media of underground hammer and sickle in indonesia, of course I see the proof of government media and underground socialist media I viewly see that proof is objectively

The goal of the movement 30 September is just to repealed the communist party

But back in 1962 PKI Central committee is adopted Maoism as ideology of PKI

Popular media in this country statement Suharto regime was back up by KGB, oh wait wat...?
Yes of course the coup was happening in 65 and mao-kruschev split happened last year in 65
But wat a idiotic, the captured of Nederland Papua was helped by Soviet union
Why Soviet helped Suharto regime ?

What your opinion about this problem

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  Sargon of Akkad is our well known cuck, known for making videos namely attacking the leftist movement and Muslims, blaming everything on the left and supporting Nazis like Trump and Theresa May. His fans are even worse, with more than 60% of them being neo nazi. Many of his videos make him sound like an insane lunatic.

Yet he calls himself a leftist...

Do you guys think he's a leftist, or a fraud?

Here's a video with DemSocialist explaining in detail.

Now if any YouTube's here seen my record, I've constantly insult Sargon and his hypocrisy many times.
No. 753
Social-Democrats in USA supported USA in Vietnam war. And Sargon describes himself as Social-Democrat. So, dont trust social-democrats. Case closed.
No. 755
They also killed Rosa.
No. 770
Where did you get the 60% number for just wondering?

149792679420.jpg - (80.66KB , 625x387 , Wolfenstein Colossus.jpg )
766 No. 766 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi, I am a Leninist and just joined.
No. 767
Psst, no need for emails here.
No. 768
No. 769
Yeah, the only thing you need is a message.

14979102335.jpg - (45.28KB , 760x805 , IMG_20170619_212310_986.jpg )
764 No. 764 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi all
In Italy were I live the p.c.I. committee wasn't allowed to talk in a conference where the p.c.i. himself was invited.
It got prohibited by the center left part of the group because " the p.c.I. secretary already expressed his intent of not forming an alliance with the p.d."
What do y'all think of it?
Why is even the center left refusing to collaborate with us communist?
No. 765
Of course. The only ones the far left can trust are the others of the far left. Marxists, Anarchists, and all other communists.

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  Muh dick whities

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