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File 15019019766.jpg - (94.47KB , 894x894 , rarity-light-saber.jpg )
101863 No. 101863
What if ponies were Jedi?
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No. 101901
Is it even possible to magically control a lightsaber without using hands?
No. 101902
File 150195914211.png - (31.51KB , 321x322 , 5u5jfnt2bzwg.png )
Isn't that what 'the force' is anyway?
No. 101912
File 150199043942.png - (112.80KB , 400x400 , chariot-with-lightsaber.png )
Then why do Jedis always holds their lightsabers with their hands?
No. 101918
I guess Steam Twist is stumped by this logical inconsistency. Maybe he his faith in the Jedi """religion""" will begin to unravel and he'll realize that it's actually just a big joke.
No. 101924
File 150199418715.jpg - (64.43KB , 286x475 , image.jpg )
>Maybe he his faith
Yeah you know what I think I will "he" my faith, I just might "he" some other things too while I'm at it, also your grammar sucks :D
No. 101925
File 150199733183.png - (80.76KB , 500x522 , anakin-moral-code.png )
Who would win? :^)
No. 101929
File 150202067062.png - (154.89KB , 750x228 , 4745.png )
Because that's what they have?

You do know that the one mistake in his sentence in no way undercuts his overall point, and your insistence in refusing to refute it means that you agree with him, and are just pulling at threads to distract away from it.
No. 101930
1. This logic of yours that not responding to someone means they agree with you is completely retarded and I bet that if I were to share that logic of yours outside the Internet other people would think so too.

2. Even if your logic did make any lick of sense, no I don't know what "Maybe he his faith" is suppose to mean so how can I agree with something I don't understand dumb shit?
No. 101933
File 15020218434.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )
>Not refuting something blah blah blah
Allow me to give an example on how being a dickhead on basic misspelling/mispronunciation solves nothing.

>"Hey Steam, do you wand Mc Donalds today or Sushi"
>"Duuuurrrrrrr wand? I huuuurrrr can't eat my mystical magic making vibrating making me feel good device! Why did you say wand! Wand? Hnrrrrnnngggggggg"

See? Solved nothing.

>Maybe I don't have the mental fortitude to extrapolate information based off of one mistake grammatically

He obviously didn't intend to put the word 'he' in there, and everyone else can figure that out. The fact you are unable means you really should go back to some sort of basic elementary schooling.
No. 101935
File 150202225876.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )
This inability to understand things is actually quite a bit interesting to me. I would be fascinated to read an IQ test he takes. He reminds me of a more idiotic Karl Pilkington.
No. 101936
>Maybe his faith in the Jedi """religion""" will begin to unravel and he'll realize that it's actually just a big joke.

I have'nt come to see it as a joke but what is concerning for me is the fact that Jediism comes from a movie unlike other religions which have been around for hundreds of years so Jediism doesn't carry the same weight as other beliefs.

I was drinking sake last night asshole, I just now sobered up.
No. 101937
File 150203815847.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )
I've been drunk much, much more often than you, and I know that's not an excuse.
No. 101951
Then you've never had sake because this is the strongest stuff I ever had.
No. 101952
File 150204917164.png - (49.77KB , 404x254 , jivwyzhsdzb4.png )
Nigga are you trying to talk shit about alcohol to me?

You wouldn't know the difference between gin and vodka you fat little milk drinker.
No. 101953
You're too stupid to know the difference between fat and skinny, so I have little faith in you knowing the difference between alcohol and cat urine, so just shut the fuck up.
No. 101954
File 150205032592.png - (91.45KB , 219x422 , 364.png )
>says the guy with tits

You're certainly not skinny, and those aren't pecs.
No. 101955
File 150205135271.png - (205.11KB , 400x400 , 1494622176754.png )
Hold the fuck up, who's talking shit about liquor? Those are fighting words.
No. 101956
File 150205143829.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )
Sugar-tits up there says I don't know a diddly damned thing about alcohol.
No. 101957
File 150205155173.jpg - (71.08KB , 550x975 , image.jpg )
Okay look I'm gonna end this once and for all, I have about the same body type as the chainsaw guy from Resident Evil 4, sure he's no holocaust victim but he's not fat either by triditional use of the word, if you're still too stupid to accept this fact I can't honestly believe you know much of anything else.
No. 101958
File 150205161951.png - (21.24KB , 180x204 , Matador.png )
>Not fat

Right, I'm the dumb one here.
No. 101959
File 150205187349.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
is steam twist REALLY trying to argue about alcohol with tracer?


No. 101960
File 150205198746.png - (146.37KB , 375x510 , 355.png )
Ahh, now I get it. I had to view the world through autism filtered glasses like Steam does.

I recall how you saw anyone with Autism as a drooling retard, even though you were wrong and you confused one thing with another, and that's why you were so offended when we told you the fact that if you had Aspergers you had autism. So because you were wrong on several different levels via your self retardation.

In this instance your definition of "Fat" is "Obese" which is not the case. I'm not saying you're one of those 500 pound (Well I can't not say it because you're too poor to afford a 10 dollar scale) lardasses that need an ECV to go everywhere, I'm saying you have an abundance of fat around your stomach that makes you overweight.
No. 101961
File 150205206482.gif - (495.86KB , 500x323 , 1423230188863.gif )
Also this, but he doesn't know I have a bar that dwarfs even the most successful of alcoholics.
No. 101962
File 150205430392.jpg - (97.40KB , 774x1032 , image.jpg )
Look stupid ass, this is what fat looks like!
No. 101963
File 150205439312.png - (239.16KB , 908x496 , 366.png )
>I was right, he thinks obese and fat are the same thing
No. 101964
File 150205441218.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
nice! i like me some bar time

>this is coming from person who refuses to weigh himself
you don't get to tell what is fat and what isn't
No. 101965
File 150205464293.jpg - (78.55KB , 677x960 , Hell yeah, motherfucker.jpg )
Yeah, I'm thinking of expanding it, actually. I'm running out of space.
No. 101967
File 150205610011.jpg - (185.79KB , 584x666 , bodyfat-chart-males.jpg )
No, that's morbidly obese, not merely fat.

Here's some pictures of men at various bodyfat percentages. And here's a typical BMI/Bodyfat% correspondence for adult males:

A BMI of 17.5 corresponds to 12% bodyfat (lower limit of normal weight)
A BMI of 25 corresponds to 21% bodyfat (upper limit of normal weight)
A BMI of 30 corresponds to 27% bodyfat (upper limit of non-obese)
A BMI of 40 corresponds to 39% bodyfat (lower limit of extremely obese)

Note that the guy at 25% bodyfat is overweight (i.e., he's fat).
The guy at 35% bodyfat is obese.
The guy at 40% bodyfat is morbidly obese.
No. 101969
No. 101970
File 150206155566.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
that's whats up

make it even better

welp, that ban evasion didn't last long

pipes pls
No. 101971
File 150206441496.png - (47.67KB , 260x188 , dfsgsdfg.png )
No. 101972
I'm at 25
No. 101973
File 150206457131.png - (174.80KB , 374x534 , 346.png )
How would you know, you don't have a scale to weigh yourself with. From the video I've seen I'd say you're at 35%.
No. 101974
File 150206669616.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
please pray tell explain to us how you came up with that estimation?
No. 101978
File 150206988495.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
even steam twist thought those posts were stupid
No. 101979
I have a mirror stupid! I compared my reflection to those pictures and the 25 is what I look like.
No. 101980
And I have your YouTube video. Easily 35%
No. 101981
File 150207091539.jpg - (125.48KB , 584x666 , image.jpg )
Okay at this point I can conclude you are purposely trying to upset me, what you just asked me is the equivalent to asking how I can prove the sky is blue, he provided pictures, I looked in the mirror and number 25 is what I looked like!
No. 101982
File 150207102094.jpg - (160.82KB , 672x886 , 1cf.jpg )
Mirrors are flat and tricky.

There are better ways then just using your eyes is what they are trying to tell you.
No. 101983
File 150207111873.jpg - (57.17KB , 486x556 , image.jpg )
Ah yes because I forgot that you have X-ray vision and can see through clothes.
No. 101984
File 150207114437.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
that's called anecdotal evidence, you fucking bell end. provide actual data of your weight.
No. 101985
File 150207140737.png - (742.18KB , 963x676 , Fatass.png )
Don't need it if I can see through the clothes.
No. 101986
>provide actual data of your weight.
Which even if I did it would be pointless because you retards wouldn't take into account things like hight, muscle or anything else other then fat that contributes to the weight, you'd just see the weight and conclude I'm fat.

You and I both know this is what you and Tracer are going to do so tell me why I should waste my time?
No. 101987
File 150207185335.jpg - (36.78KB , 680x471 , 1fd.jpg )
The fact you've been wrong 100% of the time.
No. 101988
File 150207193482.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
it maybe due to the fact that you usually say things that aren't entirely factual.
No. 101989
File 150207204110.jpg - (58.70KB , 711x396 , 1495016758128.jpg )
I give you permission to slap his titties into the shadow realm for such ignorance.
No. 101990
That's called an exaggeration you lying sack of shit!
No. 101992
Okay so your perception of me not saying something true prompts you to also say something that isn't true? What sense does that make exactly?
No. 101993
File 150207254198.png - (161.17KB , 989x808 , fluttercalm_by_illumnious-da532z2.png )
A nice mantra to have is calories in, calories out.

Drinking sake is calories in so they need to get out by some kind of exercise. It might not do wonders but it can help one self to think about what one is putting in ones body.
No. 101994
File 150207270523.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
the burden of proof is on you, buddy. since you claim to be in 35% area.
No. 101995
File 150207290561.jpg - (57.17KB , 486x556 , image.jpg )
I lift weights, do sit-ups and practice martial arts daily so yeah I'm clearly not exercising, I should do something about that.
No. 101996
I said 25! Also I'm going to ask you again, if I were to provide proof you would still believe whatever claim you want despite proof to the contrary, so why should I bother?
No. 101997
File 15020732519.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
you're basing no proof on your claims. again the burden of proof is on you.
No. 101998
File 150207336291.png - (418.15KB , 1280x720 , Fluttershy_excited_2_S2E07.png )
Well done!

How many hours a day?
No. 101999
I'm going to ask you again, if I were to provide proof you would still believe whatever claim you want despite proof to the contrary, so why should I bother?
No. 102000
File 150207383956.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
you're the one claiming you're 35% bruh
No. 102001
I wake up at 6:00am and after making breakfast I do my weight lifting and sit-ups until I have to go to work, I leave the house at 10:30am, I don't keep track of how long I work out aside from that, also my job requires a lot of fast paced movement and heavy lifting for 8 hours a day.
No. 102002
File 150207418689.jpg - (46.42KB , 426x600 , image.jpg )
Are you trying to piss me off? I said 25! What part of that are you not able to remember?

25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
No. 102003
File 150207424393.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
prove it then
No. 102004
File 150207435654.jpg - (75.05KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )
That has nothing to do with the question I asked! So I'll assume the question has to be dumbed down for you hold on.
No. 102005
File 150207450034.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
you're using that wrong.
No. 102006
if I provide proof you will believe whatever you want despite any proof to the contrary, so why should I bother?
No. 102007
File 150207466667.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
if you actually had an argument to supplement your cliams (which you don't) i'd hear you.
No. 102008
Not according to the definition I'm not, I asked a question on why I should provide proof if you'll just dismiss it, you answering "you need to provide proof" doesn't answer that question!
No. 102009
File 150207482934.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
>>102008 bruh you've provided nothing to prove your claim. I've been consistent
No. 102010
File 150207489117.png - (593.71KB , 1280x720 , Filly_Fluttershy_amazed_by_her_surroundings_S1E23.png )
Very impressive.

Maybe I should dop some weights in the morning.

Or maybe not because I would probably just pull a muscle.
No. 102014
Well I'm glad you've acknowledged that you're at least overweight.
No. 102019
I've been in these kinds of situations before, the earliest example I can remember is when I was a little kid and I came home and was accused of having clogged the toilet even though I wasn't there to have done it, and no matter how much evidence I provided, eyewitness testimony, video footage and photos all showing where I was, my dad still concluded "no you clogged the toilet now clean it up", Im wanting to know if you'll just do the same as him if I provide evidence, or if you'll take the evidence for what it is.
No. 102020
File 150207551150.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
>anecdotal evidence
No. 102021
File 150207566970.jpg - (46.42KB , 426x600 , image.jpg )
And Mikie needs proof of that even now, it dosen't fucking end, he's like a teenage girl judging other girls thighs, why the fuck are these guys so fucking fixated on my weight instead of focusing on me as a person!
No. 102022
File 150207573096.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
it was your claim
No. 102023
>Im wanting to know if you'll just do the same as him if I provide evidence, or if you'll take the evidence for what it is.

No. 102026
File 150207628047.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
I told you the burden of proof is on you.
No. 102027
File 150207681433.jpg - (90.72KB , 640x384 , image.jpg )
You have yet to answer my questing first


I have dumbed this down for you as much as humanly fucking possible, and I have been patient with you as much as humanly fucking possible!
No. 102028
File 150207696745.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
you're the one who made the claim not us

provide substantial evidence
No. 102029
>provide substantial evidence
I will once you answer my question

No. 102030
File 150207735630.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
provide it then
No. 102031
He can't really answer that in advance. If you present shitty """evidence""" that doesn't really address the point in question, then of course he will (rightly) dismiss it. If you present solid evidence, I'm sure Mikie will accept it.
No. 102032
This is what I was wanting to fucking here, but I want to here it from him.
No. 102033
File 150207800551.jpg - (1.15MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
No. 102034
File 150207804699.jpg - (1.25MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
No. 102035
File 15020781463.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
No. 102036
File 150207817564.jpg - (1.34MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )

And I can do 9 reps of 150lbs
No. 102037

No. 102038
How did you weigh yourself? I thought you didn't have a scale?
No. 102039
Great now fuck off and stop asking me my weight.
No. 102040
File 150207831652.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
No. 102041
I borrowed my landlord's antique scale.
No. 102042
And yet you claim you don't hate me.
No. 102043
>Height: 66 inches
>Weight: 240 pounds

Then BMI = (240 pounds) / (66 in)^2 = 38.7 kg / m² (obese but not morbidly obese)
No. 102044
File 150207861352.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
i dont hate you but damn you are amusing
No. 102045
You have gone far out of your way to egg me on and have done everything you can to do so, and you're going to feed me this bull shit that you don't hate me.
No. 102046
File 150207888047.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
No. 102047
And you decided not to factor in muscle, the very reason I told you how much I can lift and how many times.
No. 102048
File 15020800752.jpg - (211.50KB , 1012x1800 , msucle-mass-distrib.jpg )
Well then let's factor in muscle mass. In a study by Janssen et al. [1], the mass of (skeletal) muscle was determined for 468 adults. The man with the most muscle had 45 kg of muscle, and the man with the least amount had 20 kg of muscle. So let's be generous and subtract 25 kg from your weight:
That gives BMI = 29.8 kg / m², right on the border between overweight and obese.

[1] Janssen, Ian, et al. "Skeletal muscle mass and distribution in 468 men and women aged 18–88 yr." Journal of applied physiology 89.1 (2000): 81-88.
No. 102051
File 150208582851.jpg - (5.78KB , 184x184 , deal with it pikachu.jpg )
No. 102052
File 150208885135.jpg - (67.32KB , 900x900 , 64545.jpg )
No. 102053
File 150208995660.gif - (956.80KB , 500x418 , contemplative jazz music.gif )
No. 102057
File 150211491874.jpg - (31.54KB , 480x270 , 1491467308544.jpg )
It occurs to me that maybe I should explain my reasoning further. The idea is that the difference in muscle mass between the most muscular man and the least muscular man is the greatest amount of muscle mass that a typical man can gain by strength training.
No. 102058
File 150211775784.png - (605.50KB , 1095x765 , 08090890.png )
No. 102060
File PTSD.webm - (2.74MB )
I mean, if you have the time to waste sure.
No. 102061
No. 102062
File Deku_headbanging_to_Hero.webm - (3.82MB , Deku headbanging to Hero.webm )
>Steam is eight inches shorter than me, and weighs 40 pounds more, but he's totally not fat guys
No. 102063
No. 102064
File Ship_drifting.webm - (3.47MB , Ship drifting.webm )
>Steam thinks lifting 150 pounds 9 times means you're not fat
>Steam thinks 150 pounds is a lot of weight

You want to know what a lot of weight is?

240 pounds.

That's a lot of weight.
No. 102065
File 150214829298.png - (537.54KB , 901x689 , 23232138960993.png )
i like this thread now
No. 102066
File Must_I_do_everything_myself.webm - (3.98MB , Must I do everything myself.webm )
>Steam blames cartoons from his childhood for "Lying" about how high-school would be like
>Steam blames 300 million people for the choices one mentally unstable person made
>Steam thinks Sake is a "Hard drink"
>Steam thinks the force is real
>Steam thinks magic is real
>Steam thinks a game console from 20 years ago is the pinnacle of technological advancement
>Steam sleeps with his dog
>Steam is so starved for attention he still posts here
>Steam unironically dresses up in "Jedi robes"
>Steam thinks his mustache doesn't make him look like a child molester
>Steam thinks Mike should hold his hand and babysit him so that anyone with a different opinion can be banned
>Steam thinks he'll ever be let back onto ponychan, despite the fact no one there wants him back
>Steam doesn't understand basic human empathy
>Steam thinks Tracer doesn't know anything about alcohol
>Steam thinks sage is an ingredient in holy water
>Steam thinks holy water is ingested
>Steam thinks reading a book will cure autism
>Steam thinks his mental disorder was cured by a Japanese guy
>Steam payed 600 fucking dollars for"Buster sword" lessons
>Steam blames literally everyone else for his own mistakes.
>Steam demands answers from others when he barely answers their questions
No. 102067
I never said 150 was a lot of weight, I said its the maximum amount of weight the weight bench came with, also I use to have friends that couldn't lift 150lbs once let alone 9 times, that being said I'm in shape more so compared to them and is what I based my perception of in shape V.S. not in shape off of. Also I was tought at a young age that muscle eats away body fat as you build muscle, if that's not true then what dose muscle get its sustenance from as you lift weights?
No. 102068
File De-de-de-de-ported.webm - (544.96KB )
>used to have friends

You know what, I actually believe this statement of yours right here.

>I'm in shape more than them
Yeah I mean round is a shape sure.

If that were the case, you have plenty of fat for muscle to grow then don't you?
No. 102069
>Steam thinks the force is real
What we the Jedi call the force is the life force energy that exists in all living things, we can clearly see that life exist, so you saying the force doesn't exist, you are basically saying living things don't exist.

>Steam thinks magic is real
So do other new age mystics.

>Steam thinks a game console from 20 years ago is the pinnacle of technological advancement
Damn streight.

>Steam blames literally everyone else for his own mistakes.
When people lash out at me, regardless of what I did if I'm not aware of what I did they need to fuck off or explain what I did to offend them in a calm and respectful way, failure to do so toward others with aspergers and you risk creating another Elliot Rodger, remember that!
No. 102071
File Physics.webm - (474.57KB )
I'm saying that lifeforms don't exude a force that has the ability to be controlled and manipulated through midiclorians, yeah.

>So do other new age mystics.
And you're just as retarded as they are.

>Damn streight.

>creating another Elliot Rodger, remember that!
Elliot didn't have Asperger so Ahuuuuuuurrrrr your point is invalid.

>Explain it to me
No point, drooling retards don't usually understand diddly, regardless of how eloquently spoken something is. It took 6+ months of us telling you how retarded banning porn was, and only because you might possibly maybe third degree responsible for people getting hurt only then do you decide the plan was faulty, but for all the wrong reasons.

>Steam thinks sage is an ingredient in holy water
It isn't.

>Steam thinks holy water is ingested
And it isn't.

No. 102072
File 15021568958.png - (70.91KB , 338x350 , vector__586___fluttershy__32_by_dashiesparkle-dan6.png )
I think this thread has taken a somewhat smug turn.
No. 102075
File 150216515980.jpg - (265.99KB , 960x720 , Illya3rei_06_11b.jpg )
Wirma, did you fail to notice this post or did you decline to respond simply because you now realize that you actually are fat and don't want to admit it?
No. 102077
I saw the post, and didn't feel like responding, also fuck you!
No. 102078
File 150216846368.png - (200.47KB , 500x705 , how-did-my-father-die-he-went-batshit-well-thats-2.png )
So you understand that, even with the extra muscle mass, your weight still means that you're fat?
No. 102079
Also why do you assholes care what I fucking look like? Why can't you focus on me as a person instead of on how much I weigh? Why is that so god damn important to you?

Also I diet and exercize every fucking day, I look in the mirror and see progress being made only for you guys to tell me I'm fat, why dose any of that make sense?

Also this whole thing came up because you guys judge my looks in my videos instead of listening to what's being said in the fucking videos, you don't have to do that, you can fuck off and go eat a dick!
No. 102080
Why do you fucking care?
No. 102082
Obesity has many health complications (e.g., increased likelihood of diabetes). You should try to lose fat to be healthier.
No. 102083
I diet and exercize every fucking day, I look in the mirror and see progress being made only for you guys to tell me I'm fat, why dose any of that make sense? Also again fuck you.
No. 102084
>only for you guys to tell me I'm fat
It's not our *opinion*. It's an objective medical fact that you are outside the the healthy limit of bodyfat percentage.
No. 102085
So why should I continue to diet and exercize if that does nothing?
No. 102086
>I look in the mirror and see progress being made
That's not a valid measurement. You need to weigh yourself to measure progress.
No. 102087
>So why should I continue to diet and exercize if that does nothing?
Exercise is orthogonal to losing weight. You should exercise to keep your muscles (including your cardiac muscle) in good condition.
As for dieting, you need to diet better. How many calories do you consume per day? If you don't count your calories, you should start doing so.
No. 102088
But I also build muscle on the weight bench so if I'm also gaining weight from muscle increase, how the fuck can I use a scale to see how much fat is lost?

Also tracer wouldn't answer my question so I'll ask you, what dose muscle get sustenance from to build up when working out if that sustenance doesn't come from your body fat?
No. 102090
>what dose muscle get sustenance from to build up
Dose? Did you mean "does"? If so, the answer is protein. When you're lifting, I'd recommend that you aim for around 75--100 g of protein daily. Whey powder is a cheap and easy way to supplement your protein intake. This leaves plenty of room for you to eat at a calorie deficit and lose fat. And yes, you'll burn fat to fuel your metabolic activities including building muscle.
No. 102091
>But I also build muscle on the weight bench so if I'm also gaining weight from muscle increase, how the fuck can I use a scale to see how much fat is lost?
Given your current weight, you should be losing fat at a higher rate than you're gaining muscle. As long as you continue to lift, you can be certain that a decrease in your weight is tied to losing fat.
No. 102093
Now I'm confused, both tracer and Mikie said that weight lifting doesn't burn fat.
No. 102094
It depends on what you eat. Lifting itself doesn't directly burn fat, but it does burn calories. If you stuff your face, you're not going to burn any fat. If you eat at a calorie deficit, then that deficit needs to be made up somewhere, and it comes largely from burning fat.
No. 102096
File Strong_independent_skier.webm - (3.46MB , Strong independent skier.webm )
Want to gain muscle? Eat protein.

Want to lose weight? Do cardio.

Want to do both at the same time? Pfffffft
No. 102156
Hmm, Wirma kinda has the same body type as Donald Trump.
No. 102160
No. 102162
Why do you have the same reaction regardless of whether people compliment you or insult you?
No. 102163
File 150240999235.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
because everything he says contains zero substance pertaining to anything

it's just a regurgitation of the same washed out nonsense

business as usual for him
No. 102165
Hey Mikie, how's the hangover? I hope you're feeling better now.
No. 102166
yeah for the most part it seems

No. 102169
That's good to hear!
No. 102171
No. 102176
Wow, what a well-reasoned refutation of his main points!
No. 102177
File 150241736366.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )

You're certainly the saltiest person I'm aware of.
No. 102179
File 150241758734.jpg - (99.28KB , 1280x720 , image.jpg )
Lol okay I got to admit that was funny.
No. 102181
File 150241776120.jpg - (116.95KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
1. Americans have no worth to me.

2. I no longer love my fellow bronies, in fact I hope they all die.

3. If I see what someone says as an insult I'm going to take it as an insult by default regardless of motive.
No. 102277
File 150249649710.png - (233.05KB , 463x440 , 1255543.png )
No. 102278
>Americans have no worth to Wrima.
>Wrima is an American.
>Therefore Wrima's self-worth is zero.
No. 102279
File 150258315726.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )
Welp, guess he finally killed himself.

Nice knowing you /luna/
No. 102280
Gee, I hope he didn't choke on holy water...
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