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File 149988893985.jpg - (74.46KB , 774x1032 , image.jpg )
100818 No. 100818
For those of you who don't know, "Totoro" is actually what the character's species is called while the character's name by his own admission in the movie is actually "Bleeeeeeegh", and since Bleeeeeeegh and Mikie kinda remind me of one another I decided to give them their own thread, so itt state all the things you like about Bleeeeeeegh or Mikie.
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No. 100819
The fact he isnt you
No. 100823
File 149989808152.jpg - (45.65KB , 474x475 , 13f.jpg )
wow, you really are obsessed about Mikie aren't you?
Just ask him if you can suck his dick already for crying out loud.
No. 100824
File 149989928772.jpg - (131.43KB , 768x1024 , 2cool4school.jpg )
Kill yourself.
No. 100826
Iv'e seen it , its pretty nice
No. 100827
File 149990353281.jpg - (69.88KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
>Kill yourself.
No. 100828
Take that walrus with you and go to hell, fucking sperglord
No. 100829
File 149990545078.jpg - (35.35KB , 500x346 , fuck your bad vibes bro.jpg )
Hey hey, knock that off.
No. 100830
File 149990834780.png - (219.13KB , 534x526 , 360.png )
Shit, admin's here. Run for it
No. 100831
But its good advice
No. 100886
File 150024454854.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )
>Knew Steam was wrong but didn't feel like looking into it
>Sufficiently drunk now
>Googled "My Neighbor Totoro"
>While the creature can only speak in roars, it's name is Totoro via the girl hearing that
>Steam is taking the literal interpretation of what the creature is roaring as if it's it's actual name
>That's like naming my dog "Bark"
>All sources name the creature "Totoro"
>I mean, the fucking name is in the fucking title

Way to go, dumbass.
No. 100897
Someone found it and named it.
Should be it's name, desu.
No. 100903
File 150026300380.jpg - (156.50KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )
No. 100904
File 150026521296.jpg - (106.06KB , 571x372 , seal_761728.jpg )
No. 100906
File 150028685682.png - (174.80KB , 374x534 , 346.png )
Downs syndrome.
No. 100907
You don't even know what that is, also I'd be reporting you right now if Mikie even gave a shit.
No. 100908
Mikie wont ban him for that, he will just ban him anyway because he has the same condition as Tracer wherby banning people gives them le boner :D
No. 100909
Holy shit, shut you whore mouth for a god damn minute
No. 100910
>waaaaahh help me people are being mean to me
>mods pls ban him he has insulted me waaah
That's not how this place works you retarded garbage
No. 100912
File 150030567139.jpg - (64.43KB , 286x475 , image.jpg )
>That's not how this place works you retarded garbage
>you retarded garbage

That's not how grammar works you retarded piece of trash.

Other examples of what would have made that sentence work better include:

1. You retarded piece of shit.
2. You stupid waste of board space.
3. You brain dead hunk of crap.
4. You failed abortion that nobody wanted.
No. 100914
File 15003062869.jpg - (101.23KB , 761x499 , image.jpg )
You retarded piece of shit.
You stupid waste of board space.
You brain dead hunk of crap.
You failed abortion that nobody wanted.
No. 100915
Shutting the fuck up is glutten free.
You should add it to your diet, fatass
No. 100920
Hunk is a word used to describe someone who is attractive and muscular though. Both of which, you clearly are not.
No. 100923
File 150031534873.jpg - (35.35KB , 500x346 , fuck your bad vibes bro.jpg )
hey guys, chillax.
No. 100925
This, you're scaring the children.
No. 100929
wew lads calm down
No. 100941
Thats a good thing, if we scare them they will run away and Wrima wont be able to molest them :0
No. 100943
File 150032801322.jpg - (203.21KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
Shut the fuck up you hunk of shit!
No. 100944
File 150032832991.png - (103.80KB , 298x356 , 353.png )
All in for banning Steam for his unwarranted hatred
No. 100945
I want him to stay.
No. 100946
File 150032882484.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )
Then I sincerely insist you teach him the proper ways to communicate like a proper orc should.
No. 100948
Orks shit red and blue on objects to give it supernatural abilities then chimp out for chaos.
No. 100949
File 150033377763.jpg - (7.41KB , 145x185 , FB_IMG_1494396136890.jpg )
No. 100950
File 150033388022.png - (960.34KB , 626x720 , 2-22.png )
Isn't this the friendly board?
No. 100951
File 150033396691.jpg - (18.29KB , 342x513 , FB_IMG_1486798313220.jpg )
Usually, but Steam Twist just brings out both the best and the worst in us.
No. 100952
File 150033522948.png - (238.23KB , 500x568 , 1495129930650.png )
what am I his mother?
No. 100954
File 15003416042.jpg - (109.78KB , 640x640 , image.jpg )
Oh my fucking god, did either of you even read the picture I posted or the post I was responding to? I was trying to prove that "hunk of shit" is a commonly used insult! What part of that did you 2 miss, did you both just forget English from smoking too much meth?
No. 100955
File 15003418046.jpg - (38.88KB , 342x513 , image.jpg )
Blow job face
No. 100956
You don't smoke meth, retard.

You sell it to get LOADSAMONEY.
No. 100958
File 150034508250.jpg - (16.04KB , 364x288 , FB_IMG_1483153906568~01.jpg )
I wasn't trying to refute your...claim, if you can call it that. I was just telling you that you need to COOL YOUR JETS.
No. 100959
File 150035010681.png - (201.66KB , 430x492 , 356.png )
That's right Steam, keep making fun of the Admin.


No. 100961
File 150035278193.jpg - (74.46KB , 774x1032 , image.jpg )
Let's change the subject and get back on topic now, have you ever noticed that Bleeeeeeegh from "My Neighbor Totoro" has that look on his face that says

"I got a vibrator up my ass and I'm quite enjoying it right now."

Also that pic you posted has the look on his face that says "oh yeah well I got 2 up mine, I win!"
No. 100962
File 150035408580.jpg - (68.55KB , 759x720 , 1497084936300.jpg )
Non sequitur much? Have you lost your mind?
No. 100966
File 150035783449.jpg - (77.95KB , 573x828 , image.jpg )
No I just thought the picture sucked.
No. 100967
No. 100970
Im almost tempted to get banned again just so i dont have to read his drivel.
No. 100971
As an added benefit, that would mean that we don't have to read your drivel.
No. 100973
Come to think of it, why have you given me the benefit of the doubt and not banned me on sight out of fact that you know, at some point, i am going to do something incredibly bannable most likely?.

I am curious :3
No. 100975
File 150036267134.png - (697.56KB , 1694x1690 , LMAO .png )

i been stressing the fuck out for the last couple of days and feeling depressed

but reading this thread has made me feel a little better

these posts are hilarious
No. 100976
Cheer up pippins
No. 100977
File 150037193734.png - (174.80KB , 374x534 , 346.png )
Yeah, that's not his name you dumbass.
No. 100978
What even is this thread, why are you awake.
No. 100979
File 15003821178.jpg - (93.91KB , 822x619 , image.jpg )
Mei (making Grinch face): tell me who you are, are you a big dust bunny?

The big Totoro: my... Name... Is... BLEEEEEEEGH!!!
No. 100980
File 150038393530.jpg - (15.83KB , 236x337 , image.jpg )
So Mikie Pie was Pippin all along, I knew it.
No. 100981
That's not how anything of that works, you idiot
No. 100982
Come back when you've grown enough brain cells to indicate which of my posts you're responding to retard.
No. 100983
File 150039675667.jpg - (64.43KB , 286x475 , image.jpg )
>That's not how anything of that works, you idiot
>how anything of that

You're suppose to say "any of that" dumb ass!
No. 100984
This apparently is the extent of your wit
No. 100987
File 150042112398.jpg - (1.66MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
This apparently is the extent of your dick
No. 100988
No. 100990
File 150042954430.jpg - (117.22KB , 752x1062 , 1498461235363.jpg )
>the character's name by his own admission in the movie is actually "Bleeeeeeegh"
Then why don't I get see anything about My Neighbor Totoro on the Google SERP for "Bleeeeeeegh"?
No. 100991
Proving once again , you literally have no wit.
No. 100992
Pretty sure Jedi's are all virgins.
No. 100994
File 150043665522.png - (174.80KB , 374x534 , 346.png )
>Character name

No. 100995
Dont feed him
No. 100996
File 150044050089.gif - (506.06KB , 304x253 , 15003197147.gif )
>Don't feed him

Someone has to keep him alive.
No. 100997
File 150044269031.jpg - (64.88KB , 941x539 , image.jpg )
>I'm Proving once again , I literally have no dick.

Well I'm glad you're being honest with yourself.
No. 100998
Those rules have been changed, the order now allows us to have sex under the condition we don't form an emotional attachment to the other person.
No. 100999
The character himself said his name was "Bleeeeeeegh", also how do you explain the parts of the movie where they refer to him as "a Totoro"? Clearly that's what his species is called, so to count that as his name is like having a Japanese friend simply named "Japanese guy".
No. 101001
File 150044518953.png - (604.25KB , 1000x537 , w3_1024x768-e1422149875318.png )
>also how do you explain the parts of the movie where they refer to him as "a Totoro"?
Japanese doesn't even have any indefinite articles. The English translation is non-authoritative.
No. 101002
What is that even supposed to mean? Are you like 10 or something?. Next you will be sticking out your tongue and saying "Na- na - nana- na" and doing that shit anime thing where they pull down the bottom part of their eye.

I know you are a man child but at least try to act the man part. Also , just a sidenote , Mikie has seen my cock and can confirm your picture is inacurate :)
No. 101004
File 15004458279.png - (588.17KB , 590x1077 , 1499837423471.png )
>Mikie has seen my cock
No. 101007
Well on Skype , not in le flesh. Because he wont visit Britbong land.

No. 101008
File 150046133049.png - (174.80KB , 374x534 , 346.png )
I'm the only one here bothering to provide evidence to back up my claims, that every source calls that character Totoro.
>There are three totoros in the movie (O Totoro, Chu Totoro and Chibi Totoro)
>Big Totoro
>O Totoro

Fucking nowhere does it say his name is an audible yell.

No. 101009
>Fucking nowhere does it say his name is an audible yell.

The character himself said it,

Mei (making Grinch face): tell me who you are, are you a big dust bunny?

The big Totoro: my... Name... Is... BLEEEEEEEGH!!!
No. 101010
Just die allready you autist ._.
No. 101011
No, he makes a noise. Perhaps he didnt have a name and just made a noise because he couldnt think of a name. If i were to say "Hello, my name is" and then sneeze, does that mean my name is offically Achooo?. No.

No i think what has happened here , is your downs syndrome/autist/aspie/retard whatever it is brain, because they dont work like normal people's brains, has taken the meaning the wrong way and you are convinced because you are not a normal straight thinking person.

Unless his name is listed in the films credits as the name you think it is, then his name is not Blleeeergh or whatever garbage you want to think it is.

I took the liberty of contacting Miyazaki himself to ask and his reply was

"Could you ask him to down a gallon of bleach for me please anon-san?"
No. 101013
File 150047112631.jpg - (51.04KB , 356x500 , me.jpg )
Steam Twist was a mistake
No. 101015
File 150048064291.jpg - (71.26KB , 700x466 , image.jpg )
Look you stupid fuck, this is what a Down syndrome person looks like, if your going to insult me at least use insults that make sense, Down syndrome is mostly a physical disability which I clearly do not have, the same thing with calling me fat, it pisses me off because its not fucking true,

I have even gone as far out of my way to try and prove the fat insult by trying to make something jiggle just to prove there's something there so that we can finally just conclude "I've been insulted and my feelings are hurt", and because I find nothing there I never reach that conclusion.

Why is it so hard for you to just use normal fucking insults, for example if you call me a retard, spic, dumb ass and so on these are things that are either subjective or non easily disputed, so why not use things like that?
No. 101016
Something is not wrong just because it doesn't makes sense for you. Oh yeah, almost forgot, you're a drooling retarded fuckup, that's why it doesn't makes sense to you.
No. 101017
No. 101018
File 150049304191.png - (174.80KB , 374x534 , 346.png )
No. 101019
File 150049325294.png - (174.80KB , 374x534 , 346.png )
>Down syndrome is mostly a physical disability
That one year of Psych in highschool is really showing here.
No. 101020
Your reaction to this post is the reaction my post was looking for, thankyou for going all defensive topkek.

>getting upset at the internet

When will you downs ever learn :^D ?
No. 101032
File 150051571666.png - (166.85KB , 500x650 , wirma-picardia-overweight.png )
>I have even gone as far out of my way to try and prove the fat insult by trying to make something jiggle just to prove there's something there...
This has been explained to you many times. You need to fucking weigh yourself to determine is you are fat or not.
No. 101037
>is you are fat
*if you are fat
No. 101041
File 15005749951.jpg - (139.99KB , 1280x1280 , image.jpg )
I knew what you meant.
No. 101042
File 150057520285.jpg - (69.88KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
>is you are fat
No. 101045
Unjumble this anagram for fun

Kili yousrelf
No. 101051
File 150057715387.jpg - (69.88KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
>Kill yourself
No. 101058
Nope i was an anagram of

Liki sleyoufr
No. 101066
File 150059536688.gif - (494.59KB , 500x282 , 1460865302977.gif )
>I knew what you meant.
Then why have you still not gotten a bathroom scale to weigh yourself?
No. 101071
1. I make little to no money as is, I can't afford to be blowing cash on something as stupid as proving a point to you.

2. I know you guys well enough by now to know that no matter what my weight is your going to say I'm fat regardless whether it turns out to be 20lbs or 200lbs you're still going to say "ha ha your fat as fuck".

3. Whatever I happen to weigh you're not going to take into account any muscle mass


Or hight or anything, so why should I bother?
No. 101072
File 150060088994.png - (742.18KB , 963x676 , Fatass.png )
>I make little to no money as is, I can't afford to be blowing cash on something as stupid as proving a point to you.
But you can spend money on reverse blade anime swords. Can't be spending 10 bucks on actual information, huh.

>I know you guys well enough by now to know that no matter what my weight is your going to say I'm fat regardless
He wants to use a calculation to determine your body mass index. It uses your height and weight to determine if you're overweight or not.

>any muscle mass
>This video again
>Tiny arms, huge torso
Yeah, you're fat buddy.
No. 101073
>Accurately calculating anyone's bodyfat
Pick one. It'd be more accurate to guess it by observing how light rays bend around him.
Wirma should just post belly or man tiddies.
No. 101074
File 150060802274.gif - (1.96MB , 500x282 , himawari-fatty.gif )
>I can't afford to be blowing cash on something as stupid as proving a point to you.
It's for your health. If you don't measure, you can't tell when you're getting too fat. Obesity has many adverse health outcomes.

>Whatever I happen to weigh you're not going to take into account any muscle mass
>[BMI is inaccurate]
Of course BMI isn't perfect, and it may falsely show you as "overweight" if you're very muscular. But if you're in the "obese" or especially "morbidly obese" category, then you're definitely fat unless you've been guzzling illegal anabolic steroids. And Wirma said that he's poor, so he can't afford a more accurate measure of bodyfat percentage. BMI is better than trying to subjectively eyeball it, especially for someone like Wirma who lacks good judgement.
No. 101075
Posting YuruYuri has adverse health effects.
You're giving me diabetes right now.
Stop it.
No. 101076
>Yeah, you're fat buddy.

Explain to me then how I'm able to do 9 reps of the maximum amount of weight the weight bench came with if I'm fat, you fucking retard!

No. 101077
Strength is not an indicator of health or bodyfat.

You'd make a good sumo wrestler, but you are still on the chubby side, hun.
No. 101078
File 150061212680.jpg - (83.71KB , 1200x819 , pull-up.jpg )
You can be strong but also fat. They are not mutually exclusive.

How many pullups (NOT chinups) can you do? How fast can you run a mile?
No. 101079
He looks like a child molester
No. 101081
He probably is one.
No. 101084
File 150063359128.png - (146.37KB , 375x510 , 355.png )
Good thing I didn't say anything about bodyfat when referencing the BMI, huh

Explain to me how being able to lift 175 pounds 9 times automatically means you're not fat, when you clearly are overweight.

>Looks like
Yeah, just looks like.

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