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149988893985.jpg - (74.46KB , 774x1032 , image.jpg )
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For those of you who don't know, "Totoro" is actually what the character's species is called while the character's name by his own admission in the movie is actually "Bleeeeeeegh", and since Bleeeeeeegh and Mikie kinda remind me of one another I decided to give them their own thread, so itt state all the things you like about Bleeeeeeegh or Mikie.
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No. 101079
He looks like a child molester
No. 101081
He probably is one.
No. 101084
150063359128.png - (146.37KB , 375x510 , 355.png )
Good thing I didn't say anything about bodyfat when referencing the BMI, huh

Explain to me how being able to lift 175 pounds 9 times automatically means you're not fat, when you clearly are overweight.

>Looks like
Yeah, just looks like.

150047059593.jpg - (8.11KB , 257x196 , images.jpg )
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Happy Birthday Wrima
No. 101022
No. 101083
Huh, TIL that it's actually spelled "Wrima" and not "Wirma".

150044513985.png - (253.59KB , 850x750 , spidershy.png )
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What do you think of spiders?
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No. 101006
150044814056.gif - (249.67KB , 177x300 , tumblr_o87iv8GUuV1r0l45no1_250.gif )
I like them. They're pretty darn cute and mostly harmless if you don't react so abrupt and scared of them.

No. 101069
Biders is cute
No. 101082

150017863592.png - (3.18KB , 259x194 , images.png )
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So let me get this right...

Wrima has a beard.
He believes in a religion and god that is not real.
He hates America.
Is clearly mentally unstable.

Why does he not join Isis?
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No. 101025
Does Peru have it's own Isis?
No. 101027
No, but they have the Shining Path.
No. 101080
And Guinea pigs

150057736546.jpg - (6.03KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )
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So it turns out Spirit wasnt dead after all. She had some bad stuff going on and wasnt the dead. She contacted me like she allways has, im hoping to get her to come visit.

She posted on the old Luna and efchan is kill so.

Anyways, Iara also contacted me and talks. It must suck for you guys not having a qt asian medic and a sweet snail trains as friends, so i just wanted to point that out do you could feel bad. :3

No but in all seriousness im glad theyre both alive :c
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No. 101065
150059533210.png - (407.75KB , 502x738 , 352.png )
She was posting on Discord for a while brah
No. 101067
Yeah, i think everyone does lol. Problem is i dont own a pc , the ps4 cant use discord. My phone probably can but i never bothered to check or dl it , but then given my enchant for being banned from everything anyway, i doubt i'd have lasted any amount of time on anyones server anyways.

I just keep in contact with em both via ye olde email. Although Iara has come back to /get/ last few days which is cool. I'd like to try get Spirit to post here now and then, probably wont but ..
No. 101070
150059795828.png - (151.75KB , 496x442 , 357.png )

150058424698.jpg - (40.30KB , 620x350 , image.jpg )
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Who here smokes crack?
No. 101062
150059500299.jpg - (119.35KB , 928x1233 , 1499602320055.jpg )
Nobody here is going to sell you crack, Wirma. Go home.
No. 101068
Your mum

150049793514.jpg - (14.97KB , 267x189 , image.jpg )
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>VHS release

Tracer Bullet (making Grinch face): tell me who you are, are you a big dust bunny?

Mikie Pie: my... Name... Is... MIKIEEEEEEE!!!

Tracer Bullet: AHHHHHHH!!! (Giggles)

Mikie Pie: my... Name... Is... MIKIEEEEEEE!!!

Tracer Bullet: Totoro? That's it, I bet your name is Totoro isn't it?

>director's cut

Tracer Bullet (making Grinch face): tell me who you are, are you a big dust bunny?
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No. 101050
Have sex with the pips
No. 101052
15005771904.png - (376.83KB , 1130x768 , 7978987965765765.png )
...well i think that's my cue to leave.
No. 101054
150057743089.jpg - (5.52KB , 300x168 , images-1.jpg )
Get back here

150047129939.png - (738.53KB , 1200x1400 , f3xlkl07ss8w.png )
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Zeke is a smelly poo face fart.breath xD
No. 101021
Mikie is a vagina puff wee head
No. 101028
15005052286.jpg - (61.46KB , 685x474 , op still sucking cock.jpg )
No. 101031
I cant help it, i just love the taste of spooge

miyu-kuro-mana-xfer.webm - (2.84MB )
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What is happening in the below YouTube video?

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No. 100985
Especially butt "repe".
No. 100989
The REPE, REPNE, REPZ, and REPNZ prefixes also check the state of the ZF flag after each iteration and terminate the repeat loop if the ZF flag is not in the specified state.
No. 100993
Butt who was fone?

150025978282.jpg - (99.28KB , 960x540 , 145422809649.jpg )
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I claim this board in the name of the Khan.

praise tengri
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No. 100940
150031937961.jpg - (71.26KB , 776x795 , FB_IMG_1496770898012.jpg )
No. 100960
150035055017.jpg - (278.93KB , 1319x1715 , __d_va_and_jack_o_guilty_gear_guilty_gear_xrd_and_.jpg )
Who ordered the 220 pounds of Mongoloid Mongoboo meat?
No. 100964
150035551033.jpg - (182.69KB , 407x441 , benin.jpg )

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