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File 158328646717.png - (1.04MB , 1029x1600 , tumblr_omcug66wbl1vv1g70o1_1280.png )
277570 No. 277570
No. 277571
Probably pol DDOSing.
No. 277572
It's interesting how this happened the same day mods felt like reminding us TWICE that this backup site existed.
No. 277575
>most important day of democratic primary
>bunkerchan goes down "mysteriously"
CIA doesnt want bernie supporters speaking
No. 277577
bruh moment
No. 277580
More like incompetance.
No. 277584
mongodb is cancer
No. 277586
No. 277587
Vol of the bunker's lefypol,
It's a server problem that only space_ can fix.
The situation sucks, but it is what it is.
Space_, I'd expect, will be afk for a few more hours, possibly 12+ hours.
Sorry for the troubles.

Excellent response time from the GETchan mods.
The theme is nice af.
Everything related to the JS ecosystem is cancer. MongoDB is like a person choosing to become handicap to get better parking spaces.
No. 277592
Space_ is a retard.
Evidence : Spacechan
No. 277595
Can we pls find someone less stupid than space_ to run leftypol?
No. 277606
*X-Files music plays in the distance*
No. 277609
The man who holds the cash, holds the power
No. 277618
can we communally crowdfund leftypol with a democratically elected admin
No. 277649
is bunkerchan getting ddos perhaps?
No. 277651
i used to attend a local php usergroup meetup - years ago when mongodb was new. one of the dudes who ran it would come in and proselytize mongodb while wearing a fucking beanie hat with a spinner. He was a good programmer (great even) but fuck that put me off to mongodb ever since, nevermind the technical aspect. i am also drunk so disregard my anger, mongodb is a fucking meme. ty for your work on bunkerchan

we could set up some kind of crypto-based funding with public access to view billing and account balance. literally why has this not been done before hail cockshott and all that
No. 277661
leftypol.org is still up as well
No. 277662
prolly just too much traffic from burgershit elections

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