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Bunkerchan is back!


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File 157686450753.jpg - (59.54KB , 372x337 , animes.jpg )
277322 No. 277322
You know the drill by now: Movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.
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No. 277508
;_; I keep forgetting to add my flag, and King-sama went to the trouble of adding it and felt bad for having forgottern.
No. 277509
>WaRnInG iT's LoLiTa CoMpLeX!1!1!
It absolutely blows my mind there are shithole countries **and a few shithole states in burgerstan** where you can actually get thrown in the partyvan for drawings right now
No. 277513
File La_Patata_(Definitive_Edition)_compressed_into_a.webm - (7.10MB , La Patata (Definitive Edition) compressed into a.webm )
Posting la patata because it has to be uploaded at least once to GETchan's servers
No. 277514
File 157692705730.png - (4.39MB , 2500x2967 , Rodina Pregnant Part 2 by GY.png )
since you're asking so nicely
i keep forgetting too
don't worry about it
as long as we do remember and appreciate it, it should be fine
people care about the most ridiculous things in an attempt to make themselves feel morally superior
i suggest daydreaming about a time we get to take revenge on those who wronged us in the most colourful ways you can imagine

kinda cool how the card is looking so far, quite a few entries
also looks like i'm gonna getting comfy here, the bunker still isn't back yet, feeling bad for poor space_
No. 277515
i was talking about flag in that post and i still forgot, darnit
No. 277517
It's from the booru right? I remember seeing it there.
>i keep forgetting too
>forgets it
>also looks like i'm gonna getting comfy here, the bunker still isn't back yet, feeling bad for poor space_
Yeah espacio_ said yesterday that it should have been onlie this morning, let's hope he finds a way to fix it.
Also when we get back, king make colgate the default css of the board I like it and besides, youtsuba is an option so people who like it more can choose
No. 277518
File 157692853460.png - (1.50MB , 822x1079 , d57cb8c057b0897b5288eb17e480d656a4e9b330.png )
So cold...
No. 277519
File 157692917429.png - (153.47KB , 636x708 , sip.png )
it's on the booru, yes, but probably "hidden" because downvoted
and yeh, i read that it should be back about now but i guess it's bigger trouble than anticipated
glad we have this place for now
have some tea
No. 277520
File 157692944197.png - (1.32MB , 1003x1415 , fa9b1aa8f00ed7c8955a15b68f114f14b688f422.png )
Still not lovin' tea
No. 277522
File 157692987766.png - (14.56KB , 266x220 , 1455964749787.png )
time 4 coffe
No. 277523
File drink-mo-wata.webm - (6.61MB )
time 4 water
No. 277524
File 157693237169.png - (502.26KB , 1004x653 , rodina nwio.png )
>it's on the booru, yes, but probably "hidden" >because downvoted
I can see it at least (pic related)
>glad we have this place for now
coffi tiem
No. 277525
File 157693339470.png - (122.90KB , 283x576 , 423t25h.png )
herbata jest bardzo dobra dla twojego zdrowia
just put sugar in it or something
No. 277526
File 157693391282.png - (75.17KB , 894x868 , me selling my soul to freech.png )
I did something stupid and wanted to share it
No. 277527
File 157693527415.jpg - (133.35KB , 717x1000 , 0f96d18457fb2781eee8b0b2b7650f7e.jpg )
I see Bunkerchan is still down

Anyways, how ya'll mofo's doing


No. 277528
Post vid
pretty well
btw there's a special spoiler tag for nsfw
No. 277529
I'm fine

>Post vid
It's cringy and has terrible video / audio quality.
Do you really want to see it?
No. 277530
File 15769356954.png - (500.44KB , 960x1280 , 53032086_p3.png )
>btw there's a special spoiler tag for nsfw


No. 277531
>Do you really want to see it?
No. 277532
File flossin_for_freech3.webm - (16.12MB , flossin for freech3.webm )
No. 277533
File 157693713479.jpg - (20.83KB , 400x400 , nice.jpg )
No. 277534
We had Colgate 3 as the default theme for the board until around the time /leftytrash/ came over. Updating the Lynxchan software kept breaking the CSS, so we just switched to Yotsuba instead. It also puts us more in tune with the other boards anyways since we won’t have an exclusive theme.
No. 277535
>We had Colgate 3 as the default theme for the board until around the time /leftytrash/ came over.
yeah I know.
I was the second one to complain in the CSS change thread in fact jej
>Updating the Lynxchan software kept breaking the CSS, so we just switched to Yotsuba instead.
oh, thought you changed the theme because it might break the CSS not because it already did, my bad.
No. 277536
what's going on there?
doing alright here, could be better but i'll have to work on that
No. 277537
>Be me
>go to Freech.net to ask them to stop attacking bunkerchan.
>Rodent (the guy behind it) sais that he will stop if I flossed to "girls just wanna have fun"
>I did it >>277532
>he stopped his attack
>10 minutes later
>Space_ makes a tweet saying that bunkerchan will be down till tomorrow morning (changing servers)
No. 277539
not to berate you, but you should leave that kinda stuff to the people in responsible positions, basically space_ as the owner, for your own sake
No. 277540
bunkerchan is back
No. 277541
bunkerchan is back
No. 277542
It's down again
No. 277544
And now it's up again
No. 277545
File 157694632139.jpg - (30.79KB , 500x367 , up down up down.jpg )
and now it's down again
No. 277546
something feels off
might just me being depressed
No. 277547
And it's up again.
No. 277548
What do you mean?
Still down for me
No. 277549
Am I the only m0d who can't access the /GET/ mod panel?
No. 277550
File 157695014630.jpg - (605.48KB , 1081x922 , 1576885005907.jpg )
It's down again.
No. 277551
File 157695046128.png - (191.66KB , 594x718 , 892470.png )
beats me, not one of you guys

imma stay here until things work for sure
i'll assume it will be like that for a while longer so i wont bother
just kinda sad we can't get the GETmas card finished up in the bunkers
No. 277553
good morning comrades
No. 277554
Works fine for me right now.
No. 277557
It's fixed
No. 277559
File 157696840273.png - (30.28KB , 277x287 , 158021.png )
i guess everyone went back
No. 277560
I'm still here, well, I'm in both places at once. I am a dimension spanning being.
No. 277561
I'm having trouble posting.
No. 277562
Bunkerchan's still 50% there for me, it's there but half the stuff is missing or broken, the flags are just JPEG file symbols and I think gifs and webms are broken.
No. 277563
File 157699959850.gif - (760.88KB , 400x400 , 1505599659652.gif )
it still feels a bit lonely here though
would like to just post with everyone like before
hope bunker will run normally soon
No. 277564
it's "normal" for me
No. 277565
Same. People ignore my posts most of the time anyway.
No. 277566
have some notice from me, i'm sorry i have nothing better to give
No. 277567
No. 277568
File 157733689364.jpg - (230.37KB , 600x450 , fBDnQv.jpg )
I might post some drawings here and there for GETchan and Bunkerchan.
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