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File 149449445192.jpg - (73.24KB , 382x387 , ss+(2017-05-08+at+07_23_35).jpg )
253501 No. 253501
I was cleaning out my desk and found the 3 year anniversary GETchan medal.

Made me think of you guys.

What's poppin my dudes?
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No. 253502
Absolutely nothing. GETchan is kill.
No. 253503
I work at a fucking grocery store.
No. 253504
I quit my job at a grocery store a week ago.
No. 253506
For what purpose?
No. 253507
Many reasons. Mostly because I was sick of that shithole, though.
No. 253508
hmm, my oneechan took mine and put it in her house where all the other family trophies and stuff are and she doesn't know what I even got the medal for lol.

pretty sad. Would have been cool to see what the 5th year anniversary would be like with a non-dead GETchan. Also the anniversary of the June revolution.
No. 253510
File 149547030834.jpg - (47.02KB , 640x1136 , IMG_20170329_145815.jpg )
Give smittons a medal for being himself
No. 253511
I'm still a NEET.

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