Q: Why does this chan exist?

A: Because it pisses people off.


Q: Can I post here if I'm not a leftist?

A: Different boards treat non-leftists differently. On /pol/, non-leftists are welcome to start up debate so long as they are not spamming or shitposting.
/GET/ invites all kinds of people to shitpost with them. However, be aware that /GET/ is almost entirely (if not completely) a community of leftists. Prepare to be laughed out of any given thread if you're an obvious stormfag or SJW shill.
/ref/ was created in part to get away from stormfags. They're generally not welcomed by the populous. Again, /ref/ is mostly full of leftists, but others are welcome apart from obvious shills. If you're looking for debate, go to /pol/. If you're looking to shitpost, go to /GET/.


Q: Do you support "national" socialism?

A: No, fuck off, efchan.
That means you too, Vausten.

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>you will never have the opportunity to fight in a crusade against Islamofascism




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I just want Spirit Shine and Iara


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Lol im not


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Death to fascism. Death to SJWism. Freedom to the people!

GG, no re.