Q: Why does this chan exist?

A: Because it pisses people off.


Q: Can I post here if I'm not a leftist?

A: Different boards treat non-leftists differently. On /pol/, non-leftists are welcome to start up debate so long as they are not spamming or shitposting.
/GET/ invites all kinds of people to shitpost with them. However, be aware that /GET/ is almost entirely (if not completely) a community of leftists. Prepare to be laughed out of any given thread if you're an obvious stormfag or SJW shill.
/ref/ was created in part to get away from stormfags. They're generally not welcomed by the populous. Again, /ref/ is mostly full of leftists, but others are welcome apart from obvious shills. If you're looking for debate, go to /pol/. If you're looking to shitpost, go to /GET/.


Q: Do you support "national" socialism?

A: No, fuck off, efchan.
That means you too, Vausten.

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Anonymous Comrade
Yes but the 'lefty' politics board appears to have been taken over by right wingers and people not actually talking about politics. But, whose to say that politics isn't random?


Anonymous Comrade
Thinking about the so-called "SJW" movement, I realized there is a really good apparatus set up to swiftly move the talking points of politics. Part of this is because it is easy for centrist neoliberals to appear like decent human beings w...


Anonymous Comrade
Because this is the random board, not the politics board, you sperg.


Anonymous Comrade
What do you internet communists think about Noam Chomsky and syndicalism, I wonder why there is little talk about either. Also, what is with all the anime? Anime is a capitalist creation and as such should have no place in communism; besides Japanese...


Anonymous Comrade
Communism is the only way